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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Making the list, checking it 12 times!

Packing has been an adventure of "where should I put this?" or "which trunk/box/crate should this be in, so that 1) I remember where it is packed and 2) it is a logical place but most importantly 3) it is accessible!" A few boxes and small suitcases with my things are all that remain to be put into the truck and trailer...I think!

Today is my last full day here on the farm and there are lessons to teach, horses to work, the usual fun stuff to do - turnouts, feeding, it will be a busy one! The best part of all - it is WARM!! We are in the mid-20's right now and that is fantastic!!

 Being away for a full month means that the refrigerator must be cleaned out! The house needs to be set into "winter mode" - thermostat down a bit but not too much! The cats will be looked after by mom, but they too need their feeders filled and boxes cleaned. The vacuum needs a trip around the house, the bathrooms need to be cleaned one last time and the trash and recycling need to go out.

Adrienne Lyle shared a photo of what Wellington currently looks like - so before everyone gets excited about perfect weather - just remember no place has ideal weather all of the time!

So on that note - it's time to head out and prep the footing for the day's working horses and students!! Have a super day and happy riding!!!

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