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Friday, May 30, 2014

Bon Voyage Wallace WF!

Lacey has a new family and career! Good luck big girl! We're so happy that she has a promising future and good owners! Congratulations Lacey!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2 Show Coats for Sale!

We're cleaning closets and have 2 ladies show jackets for sale!

First up is a vintage Ladies Pytchley Hunt Coat in Navy with a Grey pinstripe, blue fox head buttons (spares are sewn into the lining). No rips, stains or damage and just back from the dry cleaners! Nearly new and ready to go in the show ring ASAP! Fits like a roomy 12L but the size tag is worn through. I'll check around and have various size people try it on to get a consensus...

Pure wool, made in England, navy with grey pinstripe, blue fox head buttons (spare small and large sizes sewn into lining) - No wear, stains or damage! Nearly new and just back from the cleaners!

New price $395.00 - for sale for $275.00

Next up is a Riding Right Navy Dressage Shadbelly in a 16L. (for comparison)
Navy, 100% wool exterior, yellow points, brass colored buttons. Worn less than a dozen times - just back from the cleaners! No damage or wear to the fabric - buttons on sleeves could be replaced as there are scuffs (see first photo). 
New price $885.00 - for sale for $600.00

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Woot! Woot! Congratulations Sara & As You Wish WF!

Big CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Sara G. and her As You Wish WF (aka Kitty)!!! They were on the USEF Network last night in The Devon Horse Show Hunt Team Class! They placed 3rd out of 16 teams and were the leader for their team! Way to go Sara & Kitty!!!! You guys rocked the Dixon Oval!!! Well done!!!

Here's what Sara had to say about the day - "What a night, what a night, what a night! Kitty started out a bit excited with all the atmosphere but walked into the Dixon Oval like she owned it. My hunt teammates and I had a great round and wound up 3rd out of 16!! Thanks to Lauren and Nina for having me on their team and to Sue for helping us put it all together! Also, thanks to everyone at home and ringside who cheered us on! " 

I'm checking USEF Network to see if the On-Demand videos is updated with the class - I'll update when/if it is added! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

What to do on the middle Saturday in May...

Go to the Preakness of course! ;)

Way to go California Chrome!! What a race! 
Congratulations to all of his connections! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Featured Multi-Discipline Sales Horses of the Week

We have several horses for sale in the $5000-$15,000 range that are best suited to careers that are outside of the dressage arena. They are good dressage horses and enjoy their training but would be wasting their talent over fences -

First up is our broodmare Wallstreet Rose by Wallstreet Kid x Flashpoint xx by Flaming Rock. She is a 1999 15.3 hand black mare. Her damline is notable for producing 1.40m jumpers in South Africa. "Gretta" has only produced First Premium and Premier black foals with a sizable amount of chrome for us when bred to chestnut sabino stallions. She was trained through 2nd level dressage and evented through Training - but has not been ridden consistently since coming to us as a 6 year old. Gretta can be sold with a breeding to any of our current roster of stallions for an additional fee. Gretta is sound, sane, an easy breeder, super mother and a very easy keeper. Her price is $5000 negotiable.

Westerleigh WF is a stunning hunter prospect. "Joy" stands a solid 16.2 and is simply gorgeous. She is a sensitive ride - so she will need a confident and experienced rider for a while longer. New video footage and photos will be available next week! It is a flat out waste for her to be a dressage horse. Priced to sell at $20,000. 

Next up is Wallace WF. "Lacey" is a 2005, 16.3 hand dark bay mare by Waldaire x Aly Alice xx by Aly North. She has schooled banks, ditches, water and hacked in the past. She was schooling Third Level when I went to FL, but would really rather have a more laid back lifestyle. She likes to jump and is confident and forward in the open. She can also be sold with a breeding to any of our "A" line stallions or Dressage Royal. Her 1/2 brother Artesian WF was a successful FEI dressage horse and junior Hunter.

UPDATE - Lacey is SOLD! Congratulations to her new owners!!!

We have an impressive and powerful son of Wallstreet Rose as our next listing. "Hansel" is by Waldaire and stands a solid 16.2 with a glossy black coat and beautiful face. He is a bit quirky, so best suited to a professional or experienced amateur at this time. The more he jumps, the better he is undersaddle, so he is not for sale as a dressage or recreational horse. Call for price as it will be negotiable to the right home. He is currently going nicely under saddle with a professional in the irons.

Our former 1* eventing star Avebury WF is also for sale at this time. He had a very good career under Ryan Wood and trained through Intermediare II with me. "Dillon" is a 2001, 16.3 hand grey gelding by Adamant out of Dynasty by Dekor. His full brother was a successful FEI dressage horse. Dillon is not for a novice rider as he is quite powerful over fences and quick. He is coming back from holiday while I was in FL, so he is not fully fit to begin competing immediately. He was approved and fully licensed as a breeding stallion and has been a very good producer for us. There is a limited amount of frozen semen that could be purchased for an additional fee.  Dillon is priced to sell at $15,000.

All of the above horses can be seen by appointment. Additional video footage can be found for all of them on our You Tube Channel by doing a simple search for them by name.

There are 5 young horses (5 or younger), that are also showing signs that they too have a higher than average amount of talent over fences. Wilson, Aloysius, Wendolyn and Windrose are priced at or  above the $15k price posted at the top of this blog.

Waverleigh is available at $7500 as she will need the most time to grow and develop - in spite of being a coming 4 year old. Groceries and time will see her grow into her lanky frame. She is a full sister to Westerleigh (listed above). It is our assessment that she would be best suited to go on as an event horse - she is bold and independent and very brave in new situations...very much like As You Wish (aka Kitty) in personality and temperament.

All of the listed horses are currently barefoot. Please contact Anne to discuss the horse(s) further. Any outside commission(s) are the responsibility of the purchaser. Prices listed above are applicable through June 1, 2014 and subject to change based on training progress.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Things are ticking along and it feels more spring like!

FINALLY! It is warming up enough to say with confidence that it is SPRING! Woo hoo!! (if it feels like I am celebrating too enthusiastically - well, let's agree that it was a shock to come home to weather that was cold on the Florida scale of temperatures!)
But all of that is quickly fading from memory - it was above 80* yesterday and a fabulous day to be outdoors and enjoying training time with the horses!

Oreo is hard at work!
Spring has a few changes coming to the farm - among them we're actively looking for buyers and agents for our current inventory of horses! There is a wide range in ages, training and sizes - which a very good thing for the prospective purchaser...lots to choose from and with prices starting under $10K for select horses and suitations, this is a super opportunity to acquire a nice horse at a reasonable price. A few of the horses would be best suited to careers outside of the dressage arena...they are too talented over fences to be "wasted" as strictly just dressage horses. Contact Anne for more information and pricing. That being said, the horses are enjoying the new exercises learned and polished down at Catherine's stable! It is a daily joy to feel the improvements that her system accomplishes each and every ride! 
Dream Girl

Speaking of riding - there is a position still available for a dedicated, responsible working student. Message Ellie for more information.
New Cover Art!

I'm going to cut this blog short - there are horses to work!
~ Happy Riding!!~

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A bit of better weather is upon us!

 Morning greeting from Roscoe the cat! If you have never been to the farm, Roscoe is our senior skittish barn cat who is celebrating his 20+ years with us this spring! The weather is improving, the horses are going better than ever and we are enjoying each day to the maximum!

We have had a number of inquiries about our current Sales Horses. Please take a moment and peruse our website. There is a hard copy list that I can send out by request, so if you would like a .doc version, it is available. If a horse is listed as "call for price"- do not assume that means the price is sky high, merely the horse is at a point in it's training that the price can not be posted with any clarity. We have quite a few that fall into that group, so please just go ahead and ask.

Speaking of the website - If you find any discrepancies, please, please, please email Ellie and let her know which page(s) and what you have found. Broken links, missing images...I'm sure there are errors and mistakes, so don't be shy, please let me know!!!

Here is a snippet of lunging footage of Westerleigh WF (Waldaire x Southern Leigh WF) from the other day. She is in the process of returning to full work and additional footage will be added shortly.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring is almost here. Maybe.

 Rumor (aka the weather people) keep insisting it is Spring up here. Most afternoons around 4PM I start to believe them! ;) Just kidding. Sort of.

The faint signs of spring are beginning to pop up around the farm - the tulips have popped up and are thinking about opening. We had a few daffodils and the trees are quickly pushing out leaves, so the forests are thickening up in a hurry. The horses are shedding like crazy, so perhaps we will soon stop having nights in the low 40's!
Who's the good boy who comes to the gate when I whistle?
McDreamy of course! 
The horses are all back in the groove of the light work schedule and going really well! It has been incredibly rewarding to be able to get back on them with so little fuss and quickly get to utilize all the tools and skills I learned down in FL!!!

The youngsters that were roughed out while I was gone are quickly catching back up to where they were prior to my is Westerleigh having a bit of lunging time with Felix...

Wyatt and Wendy had a slight break to get used to things like turnout! But they are back in full work and better than ever! It was such a fantastic opportunity to be in full training with Catherine for such a long period of time but it is nice to have taken a deep breath and now say, "OK, time to relax a bit in our new skills and show off how good it REALLY can be when we're confident and mellow at home!" Which means a horse show (or 5 or 6) will not be far behind! (or at least if I have any say in the matter!!)

Speaking of showing, cross some fingers and toes for me. I'm off to see my surgeon and would dearly love to hear that all the pain and swelling is some sort of an allergy to my sock on the left foot. 
However, the fabulous crew at Rothman will know better than I what's going on! As soon as I get some definitive answers - watch out people! Wyatt and I will be hitting the local recognized shows with big plans in the works! A bunch of the youngsters will also be heading out to get their mileage at smaller shows too!! I can't wait to get out and about to get ready for the bigger shows later in the season!!!!! In the meantime, the old guidelines of RICE are hard at work in the evenings and whenever I'm not on a horse, so we'll think good thoughts, right? After all, this is one fancy horse to keep chillin' on ice while my leg holds back her training and show exposure!!!
Dream Girl WF