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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let the packing commence!

The process of transferring part of our barn is in motion! Piles are being made, tack is clean, horses are in modified work due to the ridiculous cold weather (aka "Survival Mode") and the paperwork is in hand.

If you have never packed your horse and all the necessary equipment for a lengthy stay somewhere other than show weekend, here is a rundown of a few of the "necessary items"-

Where would I be without my Stubben?
-Bandages and protective boots
-First Aid (medications, wraps, emergency supplies)
-Saddle pads
-Spurs & Whips
-Spare equipment (halters, lead ropes, bridle pieces, reins)
-Mucking equipment
How to get this packed up?
-Hay, Grain & Salt
-Screw eyes and snaps
-Fans & extension cords
-Horse shampoo and other cleaning supplies
-Clippers, clipper blades, clipper wash
-Tack cleaning supplies
-Towels & rags

-Riding clothes (breeches, boots, helmet, gloves)
-Regular clothes
-Warm clothes (base layer, Smartwool socks, jackets, vests, parka, gloves, hat)
-Shower stuff
-Household items
-Sheets, towels, pillows
-House/barn warming gift(s)
-Kitchen 'must haves'
-Computer and other tech gear
-Cameras & Lenses
-Membership cards
-Mobile office supplies

Anyone else catch how much more stuff is required for the horses? LOL There is a logic to have as little change for them as possible...vs. me - well, I can find a store and pick up groceries and whatnot that might be forgotten! There is a feed store vey close to Catherine's stable, so acquiring the horses' preferred feed shall not be too much trouble.

Before the packing can really get started there is the To Do List -
-Truck and Trailer get vetted by a top mechanic
-Vet appointment(s) for the horses - vaccines, health check up, paperwork
-Reservations for travel

Aside from joking about shopping, this is a grand adventure that would not be possible without the support of those who have made it possible to do what I love - THANKS
Mom and Dad!

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  1. Safe trip, Ellie. Try and save time for updates from warm Florida.