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Friday, August 31, 2012

FINALLY!!!! (whew!)

So the BIG revisions are well started on the website!!! I have the stallion pages still to go and then some riding horse photos to add to individual pages...but it is the SALES PAGES that have gotten the biggest overhaul!!

CHECK it out!! What do you guys think? Does it work better???

I knew scrolling so much was getting to be a real pain in the neck but the idea of highlighting and deleting so many hours of hard work was off-putting to say the least!!! 8-o

So some feedback on the changes would be much appreciated! If you all say it's terrible - I'm ok with it and can revert back to the old system. If you all like it - that's awesome!!! It's much less labor intensive this way - only 1 page per horse to update, instead of 2-4!!! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I know, I know... I had promised to get the Sales Pages updated last week! Things got a little bit hectic as we upgraded our security system!!! The signs will go up over the weekend (Happy Labor Day btw) but we're looking forward to the added peace of mind that 24/7 video surveillance gives us and the animals! I'll post photos of the nifty infrared camera and the signs when they're up! But here's a sneak peek...isn't the yellow flashy???? :-D But the Sales Page updates will go up in the next 24 hours - lots of photos to resize, pages to edit and then everything has to be uploaded to the server and activated.

And it feels weird to be all set to push the "Publish" button when there are no photos on my screen...very weird! Ah well, the day beckons with a clear sky and nice temperatures!

Oh and this is an ETA - A big shout of "Holy Cow! Thank you!" to all our Facebook FANS! We cracked the 11,700 mark this morning. I'll do a more formal post later (with photos and a big fuss) but there is some attrition from time to time, so it's safer to do that sort of thing closer to 11,720 or so. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Schooling photos! A Clinic Date!!

So I'll start with the definite Clinic Date! We're going to have a Long Lining Clinic here on Saturday September 22nd!

The fees that are on that linked page will remain the same. Food availability will depend on the number of attendees, but there should be some soup or something tasty and homemade to munch on at lunch. Please bring your favorite chair.

Artie (L) Cat (R) 

As You Wish playing show hunter
Monika & Daylily (L) Smart & Karyn (R)

Wylie playing show hunter
The Master of All He Surveys

Karyn & Wilona
Daylily, Wilona, Artesian
Bill is out and about on the golfcart!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clear skies! Nice temperatures! Long lining anyone?

It must be getting closer to fall! :) We've enjoyed a glorious few days with nicer temperatures and sunny skies! 

So since fall is approaching (I think it's here really), who would be interested in a long lining clinic?

We can free up a Saturday in September and set a date. If you have a Saturday that works best - speak up now!!! Send an email, comment below - let us know what works and we'll do another day of helping people to learn this valuable skill!

Monday, August 20, 2012

More Schooling photos!

As an FYI - we are changing the pricing on our website in the next 24 hours and doing a massive overhaul of the entire site. The prices will be switching from a "range" to a firm, no haggle price that does not include a commission for your trainer. If you are interested in a specific horse and not interested in waiting until Wednesday, please contact . Please check back on Wednesday for the updates and use your refresh button as the changes might require a bit of extra effort on the part of your computer. Thank you!


Pat's Cat on the long lines


Daylily on the long lines


Jill & Rigitta, Daylily in the background




Friday, August 17, 2012

Schooling photos!

The horses are going great! My ankle is feeling a bit better thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, so it's full steam ahead! :)

Artesian & Monika
Wall Street & Francisco
Monika & Tasker

Wolfgang & J.

Don William
Adelaide & Karin

Monday, August 13, 2012

So Proud of Wizard!

So this is not a 'formal' video by any means, you will get a good idea of Wizard's talent as an upper level horse hopefully from these clips from last week -

Now you all will see me chatting with mom at B as we go through the test. And then I did start my 4's rather late. The mistake in the 3's was my fault, not his...but it is a nice idea of what he is up to these days. :) 

The plan is to keep working away at polishing the test and getting more expression in everything and then to find some shows as soon as he is legally old enough to show that level!

Sorry that you guys have to click on the link. Blogger is not accepting the embedded code that is cut and pasted directly from YouTube's video embedding link. Hmmmm.

11,300 FANS, some schooling photos, a few changes on the website!

Maybe I should start labeling these sort of posts as "Catching Up" or "Weekly Wrap Up" or something...any suggestions?

The Farm Page continues to blossom and gain fans around the globe. Jordan leads the way with several dozen new fans coming to us from the Middle East. France, Argentina, and a few Western European countries also contribute a few more each week. Thank you all for the support, the comments and the LIKES! We really appreciate the time that you take to include our farm in your daily interest list! THANK YOU!!!

Here are a few snapshots of some of the schooling this week -

We also had our AWR/NASPR Inspection on Saturday. Congratulations to all the participants! Here are a few snap shots from the day - 

There will be a major change on the Sales Page of our website later this week. Please check back as it affects the pricing of several of our offerings. 

And as a slightly different offering, I'm going to link to some articles and images that are giving me inspiration to persevere through this latest setback with my leg. It could be worse, right?

A super Eurodressage article about working with someone else's horse and making something of it. 
This is a Moth Mullein flower that grows next to the upper stallion paddock. 

We've had some stormy clouds roll through from time to time! Who can resist getting the camera out?

Not much more needs to be said, right? Here is a big inspiration to get better ASAP! 
And for all those who wonder why Charlotte wears a you go!

This Preying Mantis is one of several that is inhabiting the bushes near the tackroom. We need to prune them back (they're overtaking the entire space) but there are dozens of these charming insects living there. Later in the fall that project will happen!! These guys deserve to have a safe haven!

We've had a break in the heat and humidity, so the sunrises are lovely again! :) Nothing better to start a day out the right way but having a glorious bit of bright sky as an omen of good things to come! Speaking of starting the day, I've enjoyed going back in the Voices of the Chronicle of the Horse and reading the blogs that are there. Catherine's pieces are particularly interesting (perhaps it's the double Aries thing), but this one is one of the best I've read thus far...I too have my morning rituals and preferred way of going about doing the various things that make up the day here on the farm. 

So Happy Riding!