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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Closing Date for our February 6th Dressage Show is Approaching!

Tick tock. The closing date is Tuesday! We have a nice stretch of good weather (forecast of 55* on Wednesday!!!!) so that means lots of opportunities to practice or just flat out get on your horse!

Join us for Florida North #3 and practice your dressage test(s) for the upcoming year!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Zip Zip Zip! Time is passing! Vrrroooom! Spring is just around the corner!

When I woke up this morning, the alarm was 15 minutes away and even though it is freeze your-bippy-off cold outside right now, I can't wait to get out and work with the horses. The day is supposed to get up near 40* and the indoor is nice and toasty out of the wind. Add in wonderful horses and good people to work around and that make for a pretty special day!

On the farm new front, we are roughly 1 month out from our next schooling dressage show. Another Tara Ziegler clinic will follow shortly after - date TBA later this week. And then it's just 7 weeks until show season is upon us for real. (insert mental image of a bouncy happy dog boing boing boinging in place) Show season! Yippee!

As a side note - the horses are going really well and we can not wait to start showing off how much they have progressed over the winter!
This photo makes me think - Sun's out, guns out!
Oz is always ready to show off!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Florida North Dressage Schooling Show #2 - Saturday February Sixth

Due to the weather pattern and a few other events in the area, we are rescheduling the Florida North Schooling Show to Saturday February 6th. We have a super awesome experience judge lined up and will be making more official announcements later in the week.

We are hoping to schedule Tara for another Gymnastic Clinic in February (13th or 20th), so check back for confirmation on that!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Thank you to all the TZ clinic participants!

Big shout out of THANK YOU to all the riders, owners and supporters that attended the awesome Tara Ziegler Clinic yesterday!! It was a blast to host and we are looking forward to doing so again in February - weather permitting! Thank you all so much!

Speaking of weather - we seem to be having a blast of actual winter weather for the next few days! As it is January, any and all complaining will end there...we were due for some cooler temperatures!

Bill (aka Dad) was out mowing the yard yesterday!!