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Monday, July 22, 2013

Clinic Reminder!

We've had quite a few people contact us about signing up for the upcoming Dressage Seminar! Which is FABULOUS!!!! But we need to have some paperwork appear in the this is the gentle the Event Page on Facebook.
reminder to get your forms and fees sent in at your convenience. You can also sign up on

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Woohoo! Super Clinic! Super Schooling Show!!

When I was debating what to say about the past few days, I decided to use a photograph to speak for me! Here is a friend's daughter on her pony and her expression sums it up best -
Talk about joy and happiness to be on a horse! :) 

Karin and Adelaide has much improved tests! Jen and GiGi also were knocking out more accurate figures! Both riders and horses have been working hard and improving dramatically - we're so proud of you guys!!

Now some of you might be wondering why mom is on Wendy (aka Wakanda) in the photo below. Plus, they're in a snaffle. Well, it was a bit beyond hot up at Straight Forward Dressage and I got overheated and was under the weather (perhaps 'knocked flat' would be a better way to put it?), so mom rallied and kindly showed her for me. The purpose of Wendy going back to Blue Goose was to get a bit of mileage and relax a bit more in the show arena...and having mom at the wheel guaranteed that! They got a 75.63% and 75.94%!

Thanks Mom!!! :)

Oh, did I say anything about the clinic with Catherine? I guess not!! Whoops! Hmmmm, how to best sum it up? Well, it was a bit warm. The horses were fantastic and I had super lessons that focused on securing their relaxation into the work and staying on my seat with better connection. Oh, did I say horseS? I guess I had neglected to mention that I took 2 to see The Big Boss - Wyatt and Don William. They were fabulous!!!! Wyatt is really coming along and we have things to work on but there is a whole new level of cooperation and expression coming into the work. :) She was pleased, I am pleased and he was proud to go into the new setting and do a top effort! I am over the moon. This was Liam's first time working with Catherine and, yet again, I had a fabulous lesson with tons of input from C about what we need to work on to help develop him into a top horse! It is/was/always will be fabulous to hear positive things about our homebred horses and have a trainer/rider of Catherine's caliber say encouraging things about their talent and potential. It was especially nice to have the reinforcement of liking the Dressage Royal blood since we have a few more of his babies coming along!

So it's been a good couple of days! Remember to hydrate, stay out of the direct sun (if you can), ride early or late and be sensible about the HEAT!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy, busy,'s summertime!

There is a whole bunch of stuff going on each and every day beyond the horses in training, barn chores that need to happen on their schedule and the miscellaneous things that go into keeping the farm ticking along smoothly!! But more of that later! Here's what's on tap for next week -

 Monday has a big day of training for Wyatt and Don William - they are off to a Catherine Haddad Staller Clinic at Straight Forward Dressage. Advance thank you's go out to Ange and her staff for allowing us to come to her facility to train with Catherine! Auditors are welcome for the very reasonable fee of $20 (bring your chair!). We're hoping to see a bunch of students there with their pens and paper taking lots of notes! The clinic starts at 2 and goes until 6pm. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday is a busy day for Watermark horses and students - there is a schooling show at Blue Goose Stable in Cochranville! Wakanda is going back for more mileage at Third Level, Daylily is going for some off the farm schooling, Adelaide and Karin are coming, GiGi and Jen will be there...lots of friendly faces and hopefully a good breeze to help us all stay cool!!

Due to the predicted heatwave that's going to peak on Wednesday, there will be evening lessons only (thunderstorms permitting). Thursday will also be afternoon and evening lessons - same rule applies for t-storms.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

August 9th-11th Dressage Seminar

We are pleased and proud to offer a 3 day Seminar with Head Trainer and USDF Silver Medalist Anne Rawle August 9th-11th.

The emphasis of the Seminar will be:
Understanding and Developing the Young Dressage Horse
Improving Your Lateral Work
Riding & Executing Better Tests
Teaching and Counting Flying Changes
The clinic is open to riders of any level who are open to learning. Each rider will be asked to provide a short biography for both horse & rider that will be printed in the program in order to give everyone present a bit of background information.

Each day will begin with a full demonstation from USDF Gold and Silver Medalist Ellie Rawle, followed by a series of lessons followed by a light lunch with a discussion group and visual presentation. Additional demonstration rides will be given by our staff as the weather allows. The schedule listed below is a rough outline and subject to 
change and/or revision.

To sign up for the clinic, please download the Waiver and Clinic Form , fill them out and send them to Ellie. Space is limited and will be filled in the order in which completed forms and fees are received. Clinic Fees must be paid in full 7 days prior to the clinic date. No checks will be accepted after July 30th. Thank you for your 
Auditors are welcome at $20 per person per day. Please bring a chair as seating is limited.
Food and drinks will be provided to all participants and auditors.

We are open to hosting outside vendors or service providers during this time. If you would be interested in having your business represented, please contact Ellie to arrange for space.

Fee/Clinic Information:
Single Ride/day - $120
Two Rides/days - $110 per ride
Three Rides/days - $100 per ride
Auditors - $20

Stabling is limited but available on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs and possible arrival and departure times. Day and overnight spaces are currently available. 
Schedule (subject to change)

7:15 First Demo Horse

8:00 First Lesson

1:00 Lunch is served

2:30 Afternoon Lessons begin