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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ah - Tuesday!

Livin’, learnin’ and lovin’ every second of this opportunity!!!

Tuesday brings more without stirrups work and a big smile to my face! After a somewhat abbreviated ride on Wendy this morning, I had an amazing lesson on Wyatt. Just so everyone does not think that it is all about Wyatt 110% of the time - there were lots of horses that were being shown to clients and lessons were the name of the game before the sun got strong, so the main arena was a bit crowded and she was my “warm up” horse today. We worked on having more activity from the hind legs, straight and correct flying changes and spent a few minutes working on my position (practicing what I had focused on in my lesson yesterday) - that was enough to call it a day with her and enjoy a nice hack around the property. 

(I forgot the cord that connects the iPhone to the computer, so they’ll have to be added later - sorry!)

Wyatt’s lesson focused on more work without stirrups (such a relief to just be without them!!!!). We did a bunch of transitions within the trot and canter itself with my seat being the primary aid controlling the tempo, balance and forward energy - not the reins or my legs. 4’s, 3’s, working pirouettes in the canter and developing more cadence in the trot without rushing - all controlled by my skeleton in the saddle. 

Both horses are so responsive and attuned to better riding. I am humbled and ashamed that I have not been honoring the contract with have with one another to be fair and honest in our dealings. They are very tolerant to have politely listened to me for so long and then graciously step it up to the next level the instant I start to ride more correctly. Horses are truly amazing!

Life in the stable continues to be an ever developing pool of knowledge and skills. Everyone is extremely friendly and kind and willing to share their life path of how they got to be where we all are at the moment. It is quite fun to be meeting and discussing horses with people from all over the country. 

So there is a bunch of grooming that will happen this evening. Beauty parlor time for Wendy!!! Her mane is a scraggly mess and too thick, so there will be some proper photos of her shortly! Wyatt will also be getting a few touch ups - a properly trimmed tail for one thing! :)

Stay warm and safe in the North! It looks/sounds like Mother Nature is really giving it to you all!!!

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