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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hip hip hooray!

Time to celebrate and get clicking through the website!!!

The computer issue(s) that have plagued me since March are resolved! Uploads to the server at Network Solutions are zipping along - which means pages are becoming current. Check out the newest listings, updates and revisions!

Now as I typed that, I remembered that I have to OPEN the files on the server, so that means an hour or two of going through the file list and doing that...but...they are there!!!!!! Ugh. Not quite done! :D

Monday, July 6, 2015

3 shows in just 3 weeks?!? Wow! Things ARE busy!

We've had a busy few weeks for the farm - and it's not looking like it will slow down much either! No complaining as we've got such super awesome students and really nice people coming into our lives with all these adventures taking place! The schoolmasters are quite busy these days - sharing their wealth of knowledge, so if you have been meaning to get some lessons on trained horses, don't delay! Call or email to schedule your training times ASAP!

Wyatt (Weltmeyer x Savannah WF by South American Way/Abundance) has made his official Intermediate B debut at both recognized and schooling shows with little fuss. He's as cool as the other side of the pillow and thinks all the hard stuff is quite fun! A bit more fitness and confidence should see him knocking out bigger scores shortly!

Wakanda (Waldaire x Abracadabra WF by Again and Again) has also come out at the same level. She has gone to her first schooling show at WindurraUSA (home of Olympian Boyd Martin) and did her classic mellow warm up and lovely test for a 65%. She is only hampered by her rider's inability to remember the test (that would be me) - so look for bigger, brighter and better scores from her as well.

There are quite a few other younger horses getting their miles logged in as their training progresses, too. They should be laying rubber down getting their initial travel experiences out of the way soon - so that means showing is not far away either for that group! :)

Wyatt at Blue Goose
Speaking of schooling shows, Planation Field is now offering dressage schooling shows!! On the Tapita footing in the big ring!!! First one is the 15th of July, so get your entries in QUICK!!!