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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just a reminder to those with offspring by any of our stallions (past or present) - we'd love to know what they've been doing this year! Any show results, photographs, bragging - we're all ears and would really appreciate hearing what you all have been doing!

Wyncote WF in VA
Welliengton in KY

Wrosey in VA (for sale btw)
And for our students - we would love to share your successes with the world! Any photographs, show results and scores - let's do some year end bragging! :) 

Email photos and results to

Friday, November 29, 2013

The 50% off sale has started! Buy now and save BIG!!!

Black Friday is HERE! So let the savings begin...

There are 5 stallions with 5 50% Off Breedings! 

Avebury, Showtime, Dressage Royal, Wizard and Waldaire!

Adamant and Again & Again have 2 LFG breedings available at 50%!

The way it works - email with your local time. We'll get back to you with your "rank" on the stallion's list and any applicable contracts. Once payment clears and contracts are received, the doses will be transferred into your name at SBS!

So the nitty gritty of who can ship where -

Black Friday 50% Super Sale Black Friday 50% Super Sale
Five 50% Off LFG Breedings available from the following stallions:
Avebury WF (USA, Canada, EU) - sale price $600
Showtime WF (USA) - sale price $400
Dressage Royal (USA, Canada) - sale price $1900
Wizard WF (USA, Canada by request) - sale price $400
Waldaire (USA, Canada, EU) - sale price $450

Two 50% Off LFG Breedings available from Adamant and Again and Again. (USA only) - sale price $800

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Deals!!

We have some Black Friday Deals that need to get some attention!

First up is the 15% Discount on our entire stock of In-Stock Frozen Semen. Any Order placed between 8AM November 27th and 5PM December 1st is eligible for a 15% discount on the order total. Shipping and handling charges are billed separately by SBS.

Contact for more information and forms. 

Also, as the Holiday Season approaches - here is a great gift idea for the dedicated rider on your list! You can purchase your loved one some riding lessons! 

For every 4 lessons purchased, get a 5th FREE!!

 Email or to make the certificate personalized! 

And don't forget - there are still a few Club Memberships available so as to keep trucking along in the training process this winter! Good footing, friendly faces and, most important - you are out of the weather! Normal ring fees are $25 per horse per ride, so this would be a super way to get lots of riding in for not as much $$$.  

If you purchase a WF Membership on Black Friday, save 10% on the total!! 

So to recap - we're offering 
A Black Friday 15% Discount on all Frozen Semen Orders (11/27-12/1/13)
Gift Certificates for Lessons and Lesson Packages (Buy 4 get 1 FREE)
WF Membership is 10% off on Black Friday (ends 11/30/13)

More Holiday Specials and Events will be added! Check back!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Putting together a list for our friends!

Ok, we are big fans of the Stubben saddles, specifically the Genesis Special D. Over the past few weeks, we have had a few friends and acquaintances contact us about helping to re-home their saddles that aren't a necessity in their world (sold the horse, horse outgrew it, etc.)

So here goes - (list will be updated as photos and real email addresses come in)

1. 17.5" black with black panels Genesis Special D with a custom pencil knee roll. 29cm tree, BioMex, long billets, extremely good condition.

Contact for details and price. 

2. 18" black with black panels Genesis Special NT with detachable knee rolls (3 sizes). 32cm tree, long
 billets, barely broken in, BioMex. 

Contact info will be added ASAP.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some training news, some editorial opinion...Yup, it's a Tuesday!

Wilona & Sara G. 
Yesterday we had a lovely affirmation for an upstanding professional in the world of top ranked show hunters! Our Wilona (Waldaire x As You Wish) was participating in a clinic with Sue Sisco and Sue requested that the horse come to her for both training and competition. Not just to be ridden in her show stable, but to come as a horse for her to show personally!! What a compliment!! We'll keep you posted on what the owner decides, but either way - it's very, very exciting to have a nice opinion of a youngster coming in from such a good rider/trainer/coach!!! YAY Wilona!!

Now onto the editorial part...
Andis 2 speed clippers

Last year I got a big education from Wilona's owner on how to do a better job clipping the horses. She came over and generously helped me clip 2 of the horses that were in heavy work and gave me a big education on what kind of blades to use, her preferred clipper brand and WHY! Now with many years in the hunter world - she knew what she was talking about!!! So, I practiced on a few horses to help speed the removal of winter hair and called it 'good enough'. 
That brings me to Fall 2013 and the onslaught of the hairy beast parade. Our horses seem to think we have a rough winter ahead and have been packing on the dense coats like you wouldn't believe. With so many in full training, I have given my beloved Andis clippers a real workout! But the coats look fantastic and they are a joy to introduce to the first timers. I've done full body clips on 12 and trace clips on 5 so far and have a handful left to go. Only 2 of the horses needed some light sedation to finish their legs and up around their ears - which if you have worked around horses with clippers means a lot!! The Andis are quiet and very easy to operate - I'm a big fan!! 

Some examples of the aftermath!  

Oh and one other bit of training news - our Dolce Elise (Dressage Royal x Savannah) has begun the starting process! For those that remember Able Spirit - she is a true testament to her granddam! We'll keep you updated on how she does! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

More loot for Sara & Kitty! :)

Kitty rockin' her Level 3 Clean Sweep Champion ribbon!

That's right! Kitty and Sara were 3 for 3 double clear rounds today in the Level 3 Jumpers! 

Every so often...

Every so often the light is just right and there is a great photo op to start the day!

My inner artist (the one with the fancy education and degree to back up any grand thoughts) thought this was a better than average shot -
In a gallery setting, I would call it Crepuscular to draw attention to the light. Here at home, it's Avebury is Ready for the Day! Not nearly as hoity-toity and identifies the horse in the image...but the light was awesome yesterday!!! :) 

Thanks to all our clinic attendees and participants! It was a pleasure to work with you all! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Are you feeling the Winter training blues?

Are you not looking forward to training your horse(s) this winter? Is your footing going to freeze and become unsafe with rain/snow/sleet? Why not consider our WF Club Membership? It will allow you access to our insulated indoor ring with improved footing and new lights so that you and your horse are toasty warm and able to make progress all through the winter season!

- Unlimited Arena use by appointment between 11AM-7PM (so as to avoid lesson conflicts)
- Indoor arena has new improved footing and lights and receives daily maintenance
- Club members save $10 per lesson with WF instructors
- Waiver and Coggins must be on file
- $300 per month for Family Membership
- $250 per month for Single Rider Membership
Contact for more information

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Big Thanks going out for an awesome clinic!

Beautiful Hilltop Farm
I'll just start with a big shout out of THANK YOU to Hilltop Farm and their staff for allowing Catherine to have a(nother) clinic at their fabulous facility! It's such a privilege to work with a trainer/rider/coach of her caliber and to have the opportunity to do so in such a fabulous environment is priceless!!

The Big Boss aka CHS arrives in style!

Catherine arrived in her wonderful Theault Morpheus horse box! It's just a wonderful vehicle - handy, compact and so safe for the horses! What a sweet ride!

I can't be the only one who's excited to see Catherine's Horse Box!

A day of wonderful lessons started not long after! Most of the riders did a fair amount of canter work - pirouettes, changes and becoming better at setting the horses up for success in the learning process. Everyone left the arena more confident and happy with their path towards future success. I, for one, am ecstatic as several horses presented some of the training conundrums I've encountered and there are now new tools for the toolbox of helping them to understand what is being asked of them more clearly.
Wyatt being fabulous!
 So that's my clinic report! I'll fill my students in on some of the more technical aspects when you all are here for lessons! :) Thank you Hilltop! Thank you Catherine!
Working on a better connection in the canter

Setting up another pirouette under Catherine's watchful eyes

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big Congratulations are in order!

Let's give a big "YAY!!" for Sara G.'s success at Plantation Field yesterday! Sara was one of our dedicated working students several years ago and has gone one to become a teacher. She still rides quite and wanted to squeeze in an event before the season wrapped up here in PA for the winter. Since Kitty loves to event, it seemed like a grand idea to let them go have some fun together!

They knocked out a 35 in Dressage (with a rider error), had a single rail in Show Jumping (small rub at the last fence) and then rocked around the stiff Cross Country course. Sara said the first few fences might have been at Advanced speed but then Kitty settled beautifully and was just a blast to ride - banks, ditches, water - no problem!!

So if you see Sara out and about foxhunting with River Hills or at any of the local shows, please give her a big Congratulations as this was her second cross country outing, first dressage test and second show jumping adventure with Kitty! It was a real treat to have such an experienced rider take our girl out and about!!

Thanks for the great riding Sara!!