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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go Team Avebury and Attention Breeders!

Our eventing stallion Avebury WF has been doing quite well in his second year of competition undersaddle with Ryan Wood! He is competing regularly at Preliminary and continues to show much promise for the upper levels.

So as the daily schedule at Phillip Dutton's barn is fairly tight and we can not steal him for breeding duties several times each week - we are offering Avebury for breeding in 2011 by Frozen Semen ONLY. The semen was frozen at SBS and of good quality. There are 2 options for mare owners:
1) buy frozen by the dose
2) buy a LFG contract and receive up to 6 doses in 2011

We are receiving positive feedback about Avebury moving up to Intermediate in the not so distant future, so while this slight change could be viewed as an inconvenience - it is really for the big fella's benefit to stay at True Prospect Farm to focus on his career as a competition horse.

But in case anyone is concerned that he is becoming too fit or has had a personality is a snapshot from Ellie's phone at Paradise Farm Horse Trials -

He is as wild as always! :)

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the entire staff at Red Oak Farm and True Prospect Farm for doing such a wonderful job caring for our stallion! You guys are the best! And Ryan Wood gets loads of credit for presenting his hard work so beautifully week in and week out - you guys are a great team!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Breeders! Happy Riders! Happy Horses!

Every few weeks we get lovely emails from the girls at Madeira School in VA who are working with our horses.

This morning's email was even more touching! Artesian WF (Again and Again x Aly Alice xx - full brother to Amelia WF) is with a young lady who is quite obviously the light of his days. Artie is a bit of a licker and loves to give kisses and it makes us very proud to see our FEI horse brightening another young person's days!

Alexis WF (Adamant x Dynasty WF - full sister to Avebury WF) is also down at Madeira and enjoying her new lifestyle as a show hunter. Here are some snapshots of Lexy getting ready for a lesson, getting a spa treatment and working hard as a lawnmower! She looks super Clara! :)

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for the horses to end up with such loving and caring situations!

Long distance XOXOXO's go out to Artie & Lexy! Good luck in the rest of the show season to the horses and girls!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Website Revisions! Sales page additions!

With some of the breed registries in Europe having done a late winter season licensing, there have been some new additions to Dressage Royal's page! His grandson (by UNO Don Diego) won the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing a few weeks ago! The full story can be read HERE. Congratulation to the owners and breeders of ERA Dancing Hit!!

Our broodmares that are carrying 2011 Foals are getting closer to their respective due dates, so the Foals of 2011 page has been updated with a bit of information.

Speaking of foals, as I am laid up in the house for a bit longer, I went ahead and picked up the trail and am continuing to plug away at the Chronicle of the Horse Foals Page. You can access it via our Foals page to see what the COTH community has on the ground as far as sporthorse foals thus far and what everyone is expecting! If you would like to add your baby - please just send the images and information to and it is a great help if the images are no more than 250 pixels wide. :) Thanks in advance!

Congratulations to our good friend Sara Gartland! She won a new pair of boots in the Tredstep Contest! (see below for more information)

We do have some big news to announce on Monday, so check back after the weekend for the latest news from our corner of PA!! :)

Have a nice weekend!

Help support our good friend Sara!

Over the years we have had a number of working students. Most of the time they become like a member of our family and here is an opportunity to support one of our best - Sara Gartland!

Sara had ridden a number of youngsters for us as well as being an accomplished event rider on her own time! Here she is with 'Always A Lady' by Abundance at Plantation Field last fall competing Advanced!

Sara is entered into the Tredstep Contest on Facebook, so if you have a moment, please LIKE her photo of XC on Lady and help her win some new boots!

Thanks for your support!! Good luck to Sara & Lady in 2011!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Don William WF footage!

Ryan Wood sent a couple of video clips of Don William WF (Dressage Royal x Savannah WF) - our 2007 gelding schooling cross country today!

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Our sincere thanks go out to the staff at Red Oak Farm for doing such a nice job with the big fella - he looks great! And the videos are super!!! Thank you so much!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Young Horse Brags Ahead! Warning!

Ahhhhh...there really is nothing better than getting phone calls and emails from happy owners and riders! We had a lovely bit of communication with a successful equestrian out in California who has recently taken possession of a Waldaire youngster! They are very pleased with his grounded nature and calm temperament! So much so that they are planning on breeding one of their upper level eventing mares to the big man in the future! Way to go Wally! Nothing says I really like this stallion more than a rider who is so pleased with a youngster as to breed one of their riding mares to him! :) We will update with photos and videos when they come in to us!

Speaking of videos, here is our Alexis WF (full sister to Avebury WF) with her junior rider at a recent Melanie Smith clinic - Lexy is still a bit green but enjoying her career as a hunter and we can't thank C.Z. enough for keeping us updated on their progress! Good luck and please keep sending videos and photos! We love seeing all your success with Lexy!

And last but not least...Warrick (2006 gelding by Waldaire out of Happening Baby xx). He is shown HERE doing the Beginner Hunters with a Junior rider up. Congratulations to Trish and best of luck in the Baby Green Hunters this spring! Thank you so much for sharing the video with us!

So if you have a youngster by Waldaire (or a not so young horse by the big guy), Avebury WF, Dressage Royal or any of our retired stallions, please do not hesitate - we love to keep track of what the horses are doing in their lives!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woohooo! Congratulations to Ryan Wood & Avebury WF!!!

Photo proofs are up on Hoofclix from Paradise Farm Horse Trials!

Please note the air Avebury is catching over those fences!!! Wow! And the recently posted clips from Show Jumping Warm Up and Cross Country show how bold he can be!

Many thanks go out to all the staff at Phillip & Evie Dutton's Red Oak Farm for all their hard work preparing Avebury! The impeccable turnout allows our fellow to sparkle that extra bit and we can't thank you all enough!!

So on the tail of that profuse thank you - CONGRATULATIONS Ryan and Dillon on your 6th Place today at Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials!!!!

Proof links to follow in a day or so...but in the meantime YAY for Team Avebury!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Videos from Aiken!

Thanks to Ryan Wood for doing such a nice job riding our horses!

Here are videos of Avebury WF in the XC phase and SJ warm up from Paradise Farm Horse Trials.

And this is some dressage footage of Don William WF at Phillip and Evie Dutton's Red Oak Farm in Aiken. Liam will be 4 in May 2011.


The last of the traveling photos are up!

So the photos of the great adventure to warmer weather are all uploaded to Facebook! I'll stick a few of my favorites up here but please check out the whole album as there are lots of fun shots from Aiken and Wellington. It takes up too much space to load them all here, so enjoy them at your leisure HERE.