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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Little Bit Sideways...

I'll be honest - the website is getting away from me. It is an ever starving beast that needs to be fed - every - single - day. So with that in mind, it is getting some much needed attention and each sales horse's page is being updated and changed. Dramatically. I am waffling a bit on a few last details of the layout but as soon as I can firm up concept to reality, it is a done deal. No more scrolling. No more endless pages of images. No more 50,000 images per horse. So perhaps this paragraph is an apology for the changes that are going on...

Speaking of changes - we will be offering a Training Day on Saturday November 16th from 9AM-3PM. We will be going over our training system for young horses through Grand Prix. I promise there will be a ton of flying changes shown throughout the day - how to teach singles, simple, name it, we will be happy share our knowledge with the public. Limited stabling available by request for the day. Lessons will be $75 for a 45 minute session. Auditors $20, please bring a chair and dress for the weather.

And now for the "fun" part of the blog I was looking forward to typing...
You all know that I will rave about how awesome life has been to me - I grew up on a farm, have really supportive family and nice horses to ride...well, my appreciation for all of that has been intensified in the past few years as another generation is coming on line as riding horses. I've grown up riding sons and daughters and brothers and sisters of previous horses, so there is a strong element of "family" in my background as a rider, not just as a lucky person living on the farm. (in a nutshell)

For example, I had an awesome ride on Daisy (aka Dream Girl) yesterday. She's a full sister to Liam
(Don William) and out of the same mare as Wyatt. Wyatt is out of Savannah who is a daughter to Prissy (aka Able Spirit). Daisy is a livelier, more elastic version of Prissy with a better engine and not so broad in the saddle position! There are some other conformation improvements but the same feeling is there from the rider's perspective. There has always been an element of "star quality" with this family...they are special and they know it! That high regard of "Self" has been one of the best qualities to come down from Prissy and Daisy has it in spades!

There's a bit of what made us love the big bay mare so much...she was a really strong competition horse with an extremely prolific show career and fabulous mental focus. Her descendants are giving us every indication of being as good, if not better, than she was. The bigger the audience, the better she would perform!

But that's just one of the superstars that we're working with at the moment - there are many, many more that are intriguing as there are some that are more like Again and Again, Abundance, Adamant, Dekor, Atreo, Waldaire, Alacazam...which is a very good reason to scoot away from the computer and get to the barn to RIDE! So bear with me while the website gets the revisions finished. It should be done as soon as I finish clipping the riding horses! Hopefully!

~Happy Riding!~

Monday, October 28, 2013

Three Days Left! Show news!

So I'll start with the big news - Congratulations are in order for Sara & Kitty (aka As You Wish)! They rocked the Level 3 Jumpers at Fox Crossing on Sunday!! Clean rounds, fast jump offs, no rails...just what an experienced team likes to do!

On the deadline front - time finalize your frozen purchases! The Frosty Inventory Sale ends 11/1/13, so there is not much time left to save $$$!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The wave of videos begins!

That's right - we're going to see if there is a way to max out what a You Tube Channel can support! Keep a close eye on our Facebook Page for the latest uploads or subscribe to our Channel - then you won't miss out on the latest additions of our Sales Horses videos!

Speaking of Sales Horses, the website is about to have a major overhaul. So keep your eye on that as well for the new format and layout as there are big changes afoot!

First up is As You Wish's cross country school over at Fox Crossing the other day with Sara G. in the irons. She'll be out and about at some local competitions - so stop by and say "Hi!" to the bay mare in pink!

Then there is our Dream Girl with Melissa having a "hunter" school on a brisk morning. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Some schooling photos and reminder about our Frosty Sale - just 10 days left!

First - if you want to save a bundle on some frozen semen - check out our Frosty Sale that runs through the 31st of this month!
Second - enjoy some snapshots of the horses schooling! :)

Happy Sara & Kitty

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

**Frosty Inventory Sale**

Fall weather is upon us! Buy now and save $$$ on our in-stock frozen semen inventory! 

Save 20% on all in stock SBS stored doses!~Adamant ~Again and Again ~Avebury WF
~Dressage Royal ~Showtime WF ~Wizard WF

That means Adamant and Again and Again are available for $440 per dose! Showtime and Wizard for $200 per dose! Waldaire for $360! Avebury for $280! Dressage Royal for just $1000 per dose! Quantities are limited! Buy now and SAVE $$$!

Storage fees, shipping, packaging and handling will be billed directly to purchaser by SBS. 

Paypal accepted. 

Contact for contracts and payment options.

Payment must be received in full by 11/1/13.