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Monday, March 30, 2009

Chris & Amante at their clinic!

Mom's student (and our good friend) Chris participated in a clinic at her barn over the past weekend with her youngster, Amante...

They've been partners since he was just a wee-laddie and look at how her baby boy has grown up and is doing big things with his momma!

They have a lovely counter canter -

Don't they just look great together???

Three cheers for Chris and Amante!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Wizard is doing great!

Since it is my birthday today, we took the afternoon and went to visit Oz at Roddy'! He is doing great! WTC (knows his leads) and just being a star about keeping his mind on his work rather than the ladies. He officially turns 3 on May 20th, so he is just ahead of the game! Good boy Ozzle!

Video link -

So without further ado - photos!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Exciting Day!

My little boy Wyatt pulled out all the stops this morning! :)

We have been polishing First Level Test 3 for a few weeks...smoothing out the transitions, making accurate figures and precise corners and everything is exponentially better every time we go through the test. Great progress, right?

He motored through that test again this morning - not perfect but certainly acceptable for the first horse on a brisk spring morning after being in all night. Mom then read Second Level Test 1 and we went through that test, too! Again, not a big deal - no big hiccups, no resistance or problems. (YAY) *does happy dance*

So then we went through Third Level Test 1. I did simple changes rather than flying changes and the collected trot was not 'really' collected but more of a big, forward European style show trot...he was an angel. Now Wyatt turns 5 on April 28th. We've never even practiced those test patterns. So those run throughs were cold, no prep, without any real planning...what a wonderful horse he is!! He's a marvelous, fun, kind horse who adores doing test patterns. Whodathunkit? Some days he is Mr. Grumpy Pants when we first start out but we march down the centerline and the sun comes out from the moment we turn at A! He is a fascinating horse and such a star!!! YAY for Wyatt! So of course, he got some extra carrots and curry time - he loves to be groomed...especially in front of his turnout buddies who watch him standing in the cross ties! I believe he mocks them the whole time I am with him. Such a character!

On another interesting side of the horse world of Watermark Farm - Mom spoke with Roddy yesterday.
Little Wizard WF is fantastic!!! After just a few rides 'Oz' is walking, trotting and cantering and beginning to trail ride with confidence. His hormones are not an issue (always good news with a young colt) and he is focused and obedient with a rider! We are taking the cameras and camcorder over to see him go on Tuesday, so just a few days until I get to see my baby boy all grown up with a rider!! :)

So don't laugh...I was all excited to blog about Oz this morning and then Wyatt and I had such a special ride...bummer for Oz, I guess! LOL

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As photos!

Here is a link to Tawna's baby photos of Whreflection by Waldaire!

Is she not just too cute???

Monday, March 16, 2009

Congratulations to Dorit & Hermann Kothe!

The link above has a lovely article on the Dream of Glory x Ritual mare from Dorit & Hermann's breeding program, Daianira, making her Grand Prix debut. With the long list of successful competitions already behind them, it comes as no surprise...

This link - will give you some of the highlights of her 5 year old year!

Congratulations to the Kothe's!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

As You Wish WF Update!

Sally just called!

Kitty got a 34 in Dressage, had a clean stadium & clean cross country. Sally had high praise for her composure, improved technique over fences and was thrilled with their 6th place finish! Their division was quite large, so as it was Kitty's second time out, we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments together! The first place horse finished with a 29.5, so Kitty was 3.5 points out of the winning position...not too shabby for her 2nd outing at Novice!

It is worth mentioning that it was pouring rain throughout their day, so the call was fairly brief - with several more horses to ride Sally has had a long day! She had a total of 9 horses that day and won a Preliminary division, had a 2nd and a 5th in another and then Kitty...a very successful outing for Team Cousins.

Congratulations and thanks to Sally, Nat and the rest of Team Cousins for their hard work! Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you in a few days back here in PA!

New website for Hengstation Kothe!

Dorit & Hermann have redone their website! It is wonderful and has many photographs of the most illustrious Dressage Royal youngsters undersaddle!

Please take a few minutes to look it over and enjoy the new information on this lovely stallion's offspring!

These images are of Desperado OLD and Nadine Plaster of Pferd24 at the World Championship for Young Horses in Verden, Germany. They are the WC Five Year Old.

This is Scarlett (x Werther) as a foal -

And then as a mare completing her Mare Inspection

Darrantino is enjoying competition success in Holstein under rider Lena Knaup -

This is Doringcourt competing down in New Zealand -

Damsey has had a successful start to his riding career as well having competed at the WCYH and the Bundeschampionate each year for the Leatherdales.

This is the Danish stallion Uno Don Diego...he is another wonderful example of the type and quality of Dressage Royal's offspring.

A First for Waldaire!!

Tawna and I just got off the phone with big news!

Wally has a new daughter!!! The most important details are that she is healthy, strong, correct and, oh yeah, A PALOMINO!!! New Baby is out of Chloe - a cremello Saddlebred, so the only color New Baby could be is PALOMINO! She has a stripe and three socks, so the chrome fairy paid her a visit. This is Chloe's first foal - she has adjusted to being a mom with style and is very proud of her creation...if you would like to take a peak go to and click on Camera 1. If the video player won't load, use IE to download & view (Firefox wouldn't cooperate for me).

Photos will follow as soon as I get them!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HOY Awards

This is the time of year that is somewhat like Christmas!

Watermark Farm has received two more HOY Zone/Region Awards from the PHR!

Waldaire is now the recipient of 44 HOY/USDF All Breeds Awards thus far in his career and one of our broodmares was Reserve Champion Mare for Dressage Breeding!

2008 was quite a year!

Photos of some of the horses from today!

Mom was able to get some time in behind the lens of the camera today!

First up we have Wyatt & Ellie (who didn't put on camera-friendly colors for a chestnut!). He is progressing nicely in his training and is a blast to ride - just in case you were wondering, the glasses are to help keep the bugs out my eyes as we cover so much ground! :)

Christine was here for a lesson after having been snowed in or plagued by too much office work for a few weeks...Callie was a star! It is great to see how much she has matured and how happy she was to be in front of the camera...such a ham!

And up next is Alexis with Sara! Sara has taken the time to clean her up a bit - notice the nice mane and how spot-free she is! A far cry from the shaggy girl in the western tack at SHTI a few weeks ago! Good job Sara! But when we get another warm spell, the tail will be tackled next! And as a point of reference, Sara is 5'6" and Alexis is the same height as 'big' brother Atreo. *sigh* She should mature to a healthy 17.2-3 in the end. It is a good thing she is so sweet and cooperative!

Mom got some photos of Tasker doing his piaffe today. However, he lowered his quarters beautifully yesterday (when there was no camera, of course!) and was a bit too tired to produce anything that was truly 'blog worthy' today. *sigh* As Rome was not built in a day, we'll take it easy on the amount of piaffe, passage & tempi's for a few days and aim to shoot again early next week. He is a funny horse who thinks these 'tricks' are cool...such a character with a great sense of humor!

More photos will follow as the weather & time permit...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lovely Waldaire Mare for sale

I just spoke to Lisa M. a few minutes ago and she wanted to let me know that her Waldaire/Equuleus mare Walden is for sale. Walden is a lovely dark bay, 10 years old and has had a career in the hunter jumper rings.

So if you are in the market for a nice horse with a superb tail & show mileage, fire off an email and I will connect you with Lisa & Walden.

These are some photos of the lovely lady from last summer... Walden was the first 'grown up' Wally that I was lucky enough to ride! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Need a photographer for your baby horse photos?

I had a lovely chat with our good friend (and most excellent photographer) Bill Alphin yesterday just before I hopped on Dillon. It was great to catch up with him and I am putting a (small) plug out there in case anyone would like a professional to come in and shoot their wedding, horse event (show, inspection, etc.) or when their babies arrive this spring. He is a super nice guy and does lovely work...

So his contact info is available through this link - and on the Links page of the website. If you do decide to get in touch with Bill to shoot for you, please use me as a reference.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breeders Stimulus Discount & Reduced Stud Fees

With the tough economic times our country is facing, the initial cost of purchasing a breeding can be quite daunting. We are offering 12 discounted breedings available immediately on a first-come-first-served basis...

- 6 Waldaire breedings on sale for $600.00! (With a LFG & includes the $200 non-refundable booking fee)

- 6 Avebury WF breedings on sale for $450.00! (With a LFG & includes the $200 non-refundable booking fee)

In addition to the 12 discounted breedings, we will be extending our 20% Early Booking Discount until May 1, 2009.

Big News for As You Wish!

Sally called yesterday between horses...

She'd just finished cross country with Kitty, who had a clean cross country at her first Novice, a rub in stadium and very good dressage test!!

While we don't know the final score, dressage score or placings - this is great news for the AWR, Team Cousins & Watermark Farm! Sally said that she was a excellent all weekend and handled the busy show atmosphere like a pro. Kitty's joy in this new career is evident with each stride she takes and especially over her fences!

Congratulations and many thanks go out to Sally, Nat & the rest of Team Cousins!

Photos to follow ASAP!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wizard WF has gone to be started!

Little Oz got a quick brush and dust removal and then eagerly climbed into the trailer to begin a new phase in his life today. He has gone to Sport Horse Training Inc. for a few weeks to learn all about being a riding horse with 'uncle' Roddy. Oz has been bored with being out in the pasture, bored with being in the stall, bored with being groomed, just bored bored bored with this life of not being a riding horse. Even though he won't be 3 until the end of May, it is time to be more busy...he loose schools and jumps really well, lunging is no biggie and wearing tack has lost its novelty as well. So that leaves being a riding horse on the 'To Do' list for the spring.

As You Wish WF's (Kitty) photo finally arrived from Full Gallop - courtesy of HoofClix photography...

I think it is safe to say that she loves to jump and Baby Novice is no big deal! :)

On the weather front, we survived the blizzard that brought in the month of March. It was near 40* today and hopefully the snow will all melt tomorrow. Perhaps we will be riding in the outdoor over the weekend??? YAY in advance is the best way to express how I feel about getting back outside!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Young Horse & Competition News

I was doing a bit of surfing today on the web (it is bloody cold out with a wind chill of 12*) and I found a bit of Sally's schedule with our mare Kitty! They are competing this weekend at Jumping Branch Farm (March 6-8th) at the Novice level. I will keep you posted with how things are going as Sally usually calls after every phase! Fingers crossed and lots of good luck vibes go out to Team Cousins!

The link to the competition is here - so if you are in the area, please keep an eye out for Sally & Kitty!

Speaking of competition & Kitty - I am still waiting on the delivery of the photos from Full Gallop. Apparently the package has arrived in NJ but that is not Watermark Farm. As soon as it arrives, I will scan it & post the lovely shot! :)

Kitty is also entered at the March 15th Sporting Days Farm Event. The website is here - and I will post more when the times are listed.

On the home front, we are busy getting the young stock ready for their spring show debut here in PA as well as some of the FEI horses heading south to Morven Park's April dressage show. The recent snow and frigid temperatures do make showing seem like a faraway dream in many ways. Supposedly, the temperatures will climb towards 50* later this week. We shall see.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Waldaire turns 20!

March has arrived with a blizzard warning for this evening!

Waldaire is celebrating his 20th birthday today!

We had a lovely ride in the outdoor. You all must excuse my lack of fancy was 32* and incredibly damp.

However, that does not excuse my elbows being out and other bad habits.

Please focus on how handsome Wally still is and how happy he was to be outdoors!

There is a bit of young horse news to report but it is not going to go here as today is Wally's big day...