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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesdays are Terrific!

Daffney with her new toy


What a great day!!

I had a wonderful ride on Wendy! She’s really coming along nicely and getting softer in her back each and every ride. The lateral work is coming along beautifully and the changes are smoother and more uphill all the time. Such a good girl!!

Wyatt’s lesson with Catherine was stellar!!! We worked on fine tuning the half pirouettes, a more open poll and forward connection in all of the work and then making precise flying changes with perfect balance! Loved every second of it and then got to really turn him loose in the trot tour work for the PSG!!! No more use of the brakes - it’s all about getting the hind legs in gear to get the energy up and out in front of my leg and seat! Color me happy and paint a rainbow with a pot of gold! All that power and correct work is really coming together!!! (I think in the end he will outshine his grand dam - as I know a lot more than I did in 1996 and am not so overwhelmed by the complexity of the work!) 

But so everyone does not think Florida is truly perfect 110% of the time - I got stung by a wicked hornet today when I was putting Wendy in her stall. WHAM! Right on the outside of my shoulder! Thanks to Austin’s mad skills with a can of Hornet Spray - I think it will be safer tomorrow but OUCH! it stings tonight!

  These 3 very different flowers were about 2' apart in the grass near my horse trailer. It's starting to look a lot like spring here. The neighbors have called in some gator wranglers to attempt "Boots" - but so far no luck! 

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