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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Aiken Adventure has begun!

Avebury WF & As You Wish WF (both by Adamant) depart early this morning for the warmer weather down in Aiken, SC. Avebury will be out and about competing with Ryan Wood ( probably best to keep an eye out for the crew from Phillip Dutton's barn and then you can find Ryan and the gorgeous grey stallion!

As You Wish and Ellie are staying with the world's most patient coach ~ Sally Cousins while in Aiken! They will be doing the early February Sporting Days and Full Gallop Horse Trials and then returning home for a few weeks...but not to fear, I95 will be a familiar route as they will retrace their steps back to Aiken for another competition spell in March.

So if you are in the area and would like to meet the horses (or their riders) please swing by...

Photo, video and commentary will be added as time permits. Rumor has located WiFi at the laundromat in town, so stay tuned...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big THANKS to...

A big shout out of THANKS goes out to Steph at Cross Roads Tack Shop ( for repairing our ancient Oster body clippers! "Kitty" got a super trim today in preparation for her trip to Aiken!

It wouldn't have been possible without the help of Chris & Steph, so many thanks all around!!! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wilona WF video from today

So here is today's video footage of Wilona & Roddy -

An Exciting Moment at Watermark Farm for Breeders and Fans

Our homebred approved stallion Avebury WF is going to Aiken, SC! He will be in full training at Olympian Phillip Dutton’s stable. His competition schedule has already been carefully planned by the experienced event rider Ryan Wood ( who has been schooling "Dillon" since September. In early October, Ryan presented "Dillon" for his permanent stallion licensing and passed with flying colors! We will keep everyone apprised of their activities. And as Ellie is competing As You Wish WF in February and March, she will try to take plenty of photographs and video footage, so we can all enjoy ‘seeing’ their adventures!

Avebury WF will be unavailable for fresh semen collections from February 1-April 15, 2010. High quality SBS frozen semen will be available for any mare owners looking to breed for early 2011 foals. There is also an ample supply of EU Frozen Semen available for export.

So with heartfelt thanks to the entire staff of True Prospect Farm we will say ‘Bon Voyage’ to Avebury as he makes his way south!

Wilona WF snapshots from 1/19/10

So we zipped over to Roddy's Sport Horse Training, Inc. today to see Wilona go...she is a star! Another super Waldaire filly with the same grounded, sensible nature and willing attitude under saddle! As You Wish (my event horse) produced an outstanding filly with this lovely lady...she is just super plain and simple!

We are so lucky to have Roddy start our youngsters - but it makes the whole experience extra special to have him praise the young horses every time for their good natures and sensible outlook on life...thank you Roddy for doing such a nice job with another of the babies!

So she will come home tomorrow! Her space at Roddy's will be taken by Waterlily (Waldaire x Lily by Again and Again) and I will try to be more conscientious about going over for photos and videos this time!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wizard WF snapshots

So everyone can see what I am so excited about!

And as an FYI - I'm a leggy 5'7" and he measures just over 15.2 hands. We expect him to get a few inches taller in the end but obviously takes up my leg with no problem.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tentative Ryan Wood Clinic on Sunday 2/28/10

So, Ryan is available for another Jumping Clinic on Sunday February 28th! Is anyone interested? All levels of riders are encourage to attended - whether as auditors or riders!

If you would like to ride, please contact Ellie ( ASAP so we can book the day with Ryan while he is up North from Aiken.

Fees & Information:

Group lesson fee - $60 per horse/rider
Semi-Private lesson fee - $85 per horse
Private lesson fee - $125 per horse
Auditors - $25
Hospitality Fee for riders- $15 (food, drink, facility)

Group lessons can be up to 6 horses/riders and will run for approximately an hour and a half at that size. Semi-Private lessons are for 2 horses/riders and will be one hour. Private lessons are for a single horse and rider combination and one hour.

Auditors are more than welcome as this is a great opportunity to learn more about Ryan's teaching style and philosophy. Please bring a chair as current seating is limited and dress according to the weather conditions.

Videos from 1-14-10 at True Prospect

Here are some videos of Ryan with Ruben (Rosentau x Sabrina WF) and Avebury WF (Adamant x Dynasty WF) from the 14th.

Ruben Part I of 2 -

Ruben Part 2 of 2 -

Avebury Part I of 3 -

Avebury Part 2 of 3 -

Avebury Part 3 of 3 -

Thanks to Ryan ( for taking time out of his busy schedule so close to departing for Aiken to fit the boys schooling sessions. Good luck down in Aiken and enjoy the warmer weather!

Friday, January 15, 2010

What a super day!

So it was a balmy 45* today on the farm and the lovely temperature must have been a signal to the horses - they were all spectacular! Now, I could bore you all with descriptions of how each horse went from the moment my foot went into the iron to the dismount at the conclusion of every ride...but that is plain silly!

The highlight of my day was Wizard. No exaggeration or fluffing here...he is one of the nicest horses I have ever been allowed to throw a leg over. Ever. I'll start with the mundane-only-a-rider-notices-these-things description. His saddle position is ideal. There is a lovely, well defined neck out in front of you with a strong set of hips behind your seat. His barrel is neither too wide or too slab sided - it curves in just where your leg needs to be without being a hip dislocating spread. It just plain fits. His mouth is soft and responsive without any trace of fear or fussing. A light leg aid evokes a subtle lengthening of the frame and stride without a change in the tempo. When you ask him to move off into a trot, he has a built in metronome and settles into a steady one-two, one-two tempo with no loss of rhythm or power as he balances around a is all automatic. His canter covers plenty of ground without any extra encouragement from the rider and there is no sense of 'uh-oh, here comes the wall' - again, he just prepares himself for the curve, shifts onto his hindquarters and continues on at a steady pace. The canter itself is very powerful from behind with a clear 3 beat rhythm and it is easy to sit. Downward transitions are just like the upward ones - no big deal. His back is soft from the moment you settle into the saddle. He is light off the aids and has a responsive mouth. His walk is ground covering and has a clear rhythm...just like his other gaits. Honestly, he is one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) youngsters I have thrown a leg over.

I guess it is safe to say I am a fan. But it is a delight to have just ridden a young stallion who has a sunny nature, exceptional rhythm and balance combined with a very active hind leg! And it was just our first ride together.

Wizard is a superb reason for hoping tomorrow would hurry up and get here! (I can't wait to ride him again) What a super horse he is!

Thank you to Roddy for starting him last spring, Ryan for hopping on him a couple of times in the past week and to mom and dad for allowing me to ride such a lovely horse. I would be remiss if I did not thank Waldaire for passing along so many of the qualities that have earned him a treasured space in my heart...but his son is something to be so very proud of!

Wizard WF at True Prospect

We were able to squeeze in an afternoon with Ryan Wood over at True Prospect Farm yesterday! It was a treat to take Wizard, Avebury and Ruben and enjoy the beautiful warm weather...even better was being able to shoot some photos of Wizard out in the open!

Thank you's go out to Ryan for making time for them as he are packing to go to Aiken for several months with the rest of Phillip's barn! Good luck and have fun competing!

So without further ado...Wizard and Ryan (who is 6'3" BTW)

Videos of Avebury & Ruben will be uploaded overnight tonight - it is time to skedaddle to the barn and enjoy the lovely warm weather!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Videos have been added

So there is some footage that has been added to the farm You Tube channel!

Ruben WF (Rosentau x Sabrina WF) -

This video was shot over 2 different rides - the 7th & 11th.

As You Wish in the Ryan Wood Clinic -

Kitty is really coming along nicely. Apologies for not tracking her with the camera and did what she could!

and Wizard's 4th ride with Ryan -

This is the young stallion's first jumping experience and he is beginning to relax down into the bridle.

It will become pretty apparent that the video camera has 'chilly' moments from time to time. Because I'm filming and not trying to chop and change the footage, the focus will go all wonky every once in a while from the cold.

It goes without saying that we are very grateful that Ryan is able to take the time to work with the horses with his busy schedule.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ryan Wood Clinic photos

First and foremost - thank you to all our clinic participants and Ryan for a super day! Everyone did a super job and it was a treat to have so many nice horse and rider combinations during the day.

Oreo was quite happy to be in charge of crowd control as the Assistant Trainer. (typical kitty)

Thank you again to everyone and we hope to see you all in April when Ryan returns from Aiken!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wizard WF and Ryan Wood footage

So Ryan has been very generous with his time - he hopped on Wizard and had a lovely first ride!

It has been several months since Wizard was ridden - a nagging abcess has delayed his training - but please take a moment and watch his lovely sense of rhythm, balance and self carriage. He is still growing and we expect him to mature to 16-16.1 hands.

(Ryan is 6'3" FYI)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ryan Wood Clinic Times for Sunday the 10th

10:50 AM - Semi Private – (BN)

Karin R. & Bounce

Sarah T. & Luna

12:00 - Semi Private - (Training)

Christy W. & Doey

Ellie & Kitty

1:15 PM – Semi Private - (BN)

Janet S. & Ziggy

Frances & Kiddo

2:30 PM – Group (BN)

Christy & Dee

Emily & Gelfling

Anna A. & Baloo

The day should wrap around 4 PM. If you are auditing, please dress warmly.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It may have been 28* today but...

The competition season is fast approaching!

Kitty and I will be venturing down to Aiken for a bit!!! Entries have been sent off for us to compete at Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials on the 6th of February and then Full Gallop on the 10th.

Her dressage is really coming along quite nicely and the new dressage tests are more like dressage it should be interesting to see how it goes in just a few weeks!

Thankfully, there is a clinic with Ryan this weekend and then I will have Sally's input in the days in and around the two events!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tentative Ryan Wood Clinic Schedule 1/10/10

Wow, hard to believe that January is well started!

As we have had a number of inquiries about the upcoming clinic schedule, here is a tentative list -

Ryan Clinic Preliminary List

9:20 AM - Semi Private – (BN)
Anna A. & Baloo
Ellie & Wendy

10:50 AM - Semi Private - (Green-BN)
Ellie & Lacey
Sarah T.

12:00 - Semi Private - (Training)
Christy W.
Ellie & Kitty

1:15 PM – Semi Private - (BN)
Janet S. & Ziggy
Frances & Kiddo

2:30 PM - Group # (4 riders @ E-BN)
Christy & Dee

Waitlist – Christine & Buck

If there is additional interest, some of the Semi-Privates can be made into Group lessons.

Parking will be on the street for trailers. Auditors are welcome (please bring a chair). Food & restroom on premises...aka my house. Please dress warmly.

There are a few people waiting to see what their work schedule is, in which case the clinic should start at 8:30 with another Green/BN lesson. The day should wrap at 4 PM.

Final times will be posted here as well on Wednesday night.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our website has had some revisions!

The farm website has some new additions on the Client Sales Page - and the Services Page ( has also been revised to reflect the rising cost of feed, hay and bedding. Regretfully, the cost of living increases are impacting our boarding fees but it is the cost of owning a horse in 2010 with shavings and fuel prices on the rise. There are also some new revisions to the various stallion pages - we're hoping to help mare owners simplify the stallion selection process with a Three Keyword descriptive process for our stallions progeny.

On a positive(and WARMER) note, we said Bon Voyage to Adelaide yesterday morning - she is off to spend some time with Sally Cousins down in Aiken. Good wishes also go out to our longtime working student and friend Sara G. as she departed for the warmer climes in South Carolina!

Stay warm you guys! Have fun and best of luck at the upcoming events! I'll post photos and updates as they come into us here on the farm!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Second Reminder for Ryan's Clinic on the 10th!

Second reminder to get your paperwork in for the clinic on Sunday the 10th with Ryan! We do have a space available in the Training height group and 2 in a Baby Novice group still available. There are also 2 private lesson spaces up for grabs or those can be combined into a semi-private or group if enough people would like.

Times will be posted on Wednesday evening for those who have been asking about auditing and a schedule.

If you have been debating either attending on horseback or auditing, please feel free to email any questions or contact Ryan directly ( and we'll all be happy to answer them as quickly as possible!