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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ponies! Client horses! Our horses! Oh MY!

January disappeared in the flashiest of flashes. February is almost 1/2 gone now too! Yikes!

But that brings up good things - the WF horses are doing really well in their training! We have sales horses in for clients and some very exciting prospects of our own to market in the mid levels of dressage. And school show season has begun!

Thank you to Darcy and her crew for running the Snowflake Series so close to our home base! It was a treat to take Kathy's Bickerdike Cracker Jack to his first show today! He earned a pair of 66% in Intro B & C, so we'll be moving along into some harder tests. Thank you to Kathy and Madeline for their support and grooming help today! Thanks to Linda, Mom and Melanie for the moral support and ground crew operations! An especially large thank you goes out to our Purina representative- Barb Goss - she comes out every few weeks and checks over our herd of horses, weighing, making feeding recommendations, offering input and her expertise...well, I think Barb is great! She came to the show today and was part of the cheering squad for Jack! So a big round of Thank You's to Purina for helping the horses (and ponies) perform their best!

Linda brought Wendolyn WF for her first show and they did really well! Scores were in the 60's with a full 5% improvement from the first test to the second! Congratulations!!

On the congratulatory front, we have a few clients with foals on the way for 2017! Confirmed so far -  Dressage Royal x Belissimo in TX and Waldaire x TB in VA! The tricky part of selling frozen by the dose - getting word that there is a baby on the way is like a nice surprise gift! You never know when word will arrive that there is a foal on the way!