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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Videos! Milestone Fan count!

Videos are up!

Wall Street WF 2/28/12 p1 -

Wall Street WF 2/28/12 p2 -

Sadly winter seems to be coming back for a visit today!

But take a minute and check out the new design of our Facebook Page! Pretty spiffy, no? We just hit 6100 Fans, so a shout out of THANK YOU goes out to all our friends, followers and supporters! You guys are the best!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Wall Street WF photos & videos!

So 2 videos from today's ride are uploading to YouTube but here are the photos and yesterdays ride!

Lexy says hi!

Wylie shows off her profile!

And YES that is a real, genuine BLUE BIRD!!!!! In February! In Pennsylvania!!! :) Who needs Aiken? says Me to Myself? :-)

I'll add the videos from today's ride in the morning. The computer is having a hernia uploading check either the Farm Channel, FB or here for the updates!

Happy riding!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another super educational day with Stubben!

I'll rewind for a second...we've been blessed with a lovely month of weather! There is no escaping the fact spring is coming - the pastures are greening, the trees have big fat buds, the daffodils are up almost 2", the horses are shedding like crazy...all signs point to SPRING!

To say the the indoor is warm is a bit of an understatement!

Dolce Elise WF was in for a trim and quick photo! She has grown!!! She'll be started undersaddle later this year and is shaping into a lovely prospect!

Now, it was somewhat short notice but we had the incomparable help of Stubben N.A. on site for fittings yesterday. I am still very much in love with my Genesis Special and have great plans for the upcoming year competition-wise. With all of that in mind, some of the horses are shaped slightly differently than Wyatt, so we did a few checks with their needs in mind and have a plan set for the upcoming months. (and I'll fill you in as we go along!)

So if all goes according to plan, we shall have Stubben back here on the farm for fittings in late March. If you would like to have your horse checked out by a certified fitter and try a few saddles in test rides - please email Then you'll be on the list and we can coordinate the day and learn about all the customizing options that Stubben has to offer! If that is too long a wait, please just pop me a note and you are more than welcome to try my Genesis Special D on one of our horses to see if you like it, or not. No pressure. No fuss.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dressage Royal has some bragging to do!

This is a bit of video of Damsey (Dressage Royal x Ritual x Grande) a 2002 licensed son of Dressage Royal -


And this is Doringcourt (Dressage Royal x Glueckspilz x Diaden) a 2003 licensed son in New Zealand as a 7 year old -

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Featured Stallion **Avebury WF**

Avebury WF is the product of over 40 years of selective breeding here at Watermark Farm. He is a wonderfully kind stallion who is highly athletic with a generous nature. Each and every day Avebury charms us with his beautiful form, powerful gaits and high trainability. His temperament and behavior is unmatched.

His performance career has had many highlights including the 1* in June 2011 at Virginia Horse Center. To date Avebury has had very few jumping penalties - whether on cross country or show jumping. He also spends his time at the one day competitions sleeping in the sun, tied to the trailer!

Avebury has produced outstanding foals from a variety of mares. His daughter, April Moon, scored well at her foal inspection and has sold to a show home with a Junior rider as a four year old. Son Aloysius WF was Reserve Site Champion with a score of 8.8 (beaten only barn mate Dolce Elise WF's 9.0). Aloysius is ready to begin his undersaddle training and just a stunner in terms of movement, personality and talent.

Avebury is available via high quality, proven Frozen Semen in 2012. There is also a supply of frozen available for export to the EU. He is EVA and CEM negative. Avebury's stud fee is $350 per dose or $1200 for a LFG. All semen is stored at SBS and available for shipment.

Contact us today to breed to this talented stallion!