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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

**New* New* New* Lots of New Prospects!**

Big opportunities ahead! 

***New Positions Available!!***

- 2 stall openings available March 1st for Full Board ($1150 each, includes Light Training package)
- 1 Light Training & 1 Full Training Package with Ellie 
- 3 Light Training Packages with Anne 
- 2 Working Student Positions available March 1st - offsite housing only! Please send resume to and read this article first. 
- 1 Groom Position available. Please contact for full details. 

Link to full description of Services Offered

Monday, February 23, 2015


A big shout out of CONGRATULATIONS to Susan Sisco and Jedi G. on Wilona WF winning the Hack today and was Hopeful Hunter Champion at Progressive Show Jumping in Aiken, SC.

Wilona WF
(Waldaire - Adamant - Volturno)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1/2 Price Lessons this weekend!

With Anne!!!

That's right! You can work with a FEI trainer with boatloads of experience of sitting at "C" for just...

Private $50
Semi Private $32.50
Group of 3 or more $25 per person
On a schoolmaster $62.50 (private) $45 (semi) $32.50 (group of 3)

Contact to schedule your lesson!

Monday, February 9, 2015

YIKES! There is trouble afoot!!!

Ok, from time to time, I do a post that is more from my heart than a strictly news/event/result/brag type of thing. This would be one of those, so if that isn’t of interest, please just continue on with your perusing of blogs or other media sources...

We are offering a few of our horses at drastically reduced prices. This is from no fault of their own - merely buyers who committed to purchasing “as soon as funds were available after January 1st” and have broken off contact with us. Which is just poor manners - but I digress. We need to reduce inventory - especially those horses who prefer to jump over fences rather than stay inside a 20x60m arena full time. These are very nice, talented, athletic animals who do not want to do dressage 365 days a year. They are wasted in a dressage stable*** but have good fundamentals and a solid beginning of over fences training at a minimum. 

So, gather your ethics and contact Anne Rawle ( or on her cell (484) 880-0779 and start a dialogue about which horse might suit your hunter, jumper or eventing needs. Further information, show results, etc available by request as they are not all young horses with no records. 

For the record, I can not jump due to a car accident that happened in 2010. I had had some vague hopes that things would get better with time and carefully conditioning - but it is not. Hence the shift in 2011 away from eventing, fox hunting, show the babies, etc - it’s not because I am chicken (which I have also heard through the gossip mill) but because I can not tolerate the pain that comes from my body weight being on both feet on the landing of a jump or rambunctious green bean hopping around. So it’s not for a lack of appreciation of a good jumping creature - I just am not able to do that anymore and walk after dismounting. So why keep squandering talented horses? The time to find them new riders and owners is NOW. 

We have bred enough over fences talent and scope so as to have excellent uphill canters and powerful hindquarters in our horses for one tempi changes, full pirouettes, piaffe and passage - which sometimes manifests in a horse that prefers to jump for a lifestyle vs. just doing flat work. It makes them happy and we are trying to honor their preferences and suitability as riding stock by finding matching training situations.