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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let the packing commence!

The process of transferring part of our barn is in motion! Piles are being made, tack is clean, horses are in modified work due to the ridiculous cold weather (aka "Survival Mode") and the paperwork is in hand.

If you have never packed your horse and all the necessary equipment for a lengthy stay somewhere other than show weekend, here is a rundown of a few of the "necessary items"-

Where would I be without my Stubben?
-Bandages and protective boots
-First Aid (medications, wraps, emergency supplies)
-Saddle pads
-Spurs & Whips
-Spare equipment (halters, lead ropes, bridle pieces, reins)
-Mucking equipment
How to get this packed up?
-Hay, Grain & Salt
-Screw eyes and snaps
-Fans & extension cords
-Horse shampoo and other cleaning supplies
-Clippers, clipper blades, clipper wash
-Tack cleaning supplies
-Towels & rags

-Riding clothes (breeches, boots, helmet, gloves)
-Regular clothes
-Warm clothes (base layer, Smartwool socks, jackets, vests, parka, gloves, hat)
-Shower stuff
-Household items
-Sheets, towels, pillows
-House/barn warming gift(s)
-Kitchen 'must haves'
-Computer and other tech gear
-Cameras & Lenses
-Membership cards
-Mobile office supplies

Anyone else catch how much more stuff is required for the horses? LOL There is a logic to have as little change for them as possible...vs. me - well, I can find a store and pick up groceries and whatnot that might be forgotten! There is a feed store vey close to Catherine's stable, so acquiring the horses' preferred feed shall not be too much trouble.

Before the packing can really get started there is the To Do List -
-Truck and Trailer get vetted by a top mechanic
-Vet appointment(s) for the horses - vaccines, health check up, paperwork
-Reservations for travel

Aside from joking about shopping, this is a grand adventure that would not be possible without the support of those who have made it possible to do what I love - THANKS
Mom and Dad!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Woot! Woot!

CHS and Manestream Hotmail at DAD '13

The best part about Dressage is that you never stop learning. Ever. Some people go back to the academic world and further their degree certification in Business. While others go back and expand their knowledge in Healthcare and Nutrition. Riders and Trainers at the top levels of sport have an amazing amount of knowledge that the share with others under their tutelage. I will continuously say how fortunate I am to have been accepted as a student of Catherine Haddad Staller several times over the past few years.

These photos are of the beautiful Pinnacle Farm in Califon, NJ where Catherine had her summer base. I was fortunate to spend a week learning more about her training system and stable management after DAD this fall.

Her riders helped emphasize the importance of being physically fit! A strong core is the root of our strength as riders as well as the ability to isolate and utilize individual muscle(s) and body parts - all of which plays into being more effective and kind riders! 

If your aids are not activated in contradiction of one another, the horse can 'hear' what you are asking them to do! Putting it another way - don't kick/squeeze/pull all at the same time! 
You'll confuse the horse!

Wakanda showing 3rd level at Blue Goose over the summer
Working with Catherine at Hilltop with Wyatt
So with most of a fall and part of a winter of planking and crunches and some training of different horses under my belt, Wyatt and Wendy (aka Wakanda) and I will be heading to sunnier weather to study with Catherine some more! 

I'll be a little bit north but it's the biggest 'name' in the area!

I had thought about having a 'Loxahatchee Or Bust!' sign to hold up - but haven't had time to make it - plus I am too excited to wait any longer to make the big announcement!!! I'm going back to Grad School in my chosen field of study - Top Level Dressage!!! Woohoooo! :) I'm so excited!!! (and grateful! and fortunate! and blessed!! and excited!!!!)

That brings up teaching - if any of my students want to snag a lesson before I leave - get in touch ASAP! The trailer is getting cleaned out today and I'm starting the packing process! I'll be home in the beginning of March to resume teaching with a whole new box of training tools to share with everyone.

I will be blogging about my daily adventures and what each horse does - with photos of course! Videos will happen as I can find a warm body to hold the iPhone! It's going to be a struggle to remember everything that I learn each day without a journal in hand - but I'll do my best to share what I am learning!!

Check back here (or on FB) for other farm news to be added frequently as I have to report back to my full time trainer/breeder/owners of the horses - Anne and Bill Rawle! They will be manning the homefront and keeping business rolling while I am away...and to say I'm eternally grateful to have this opportunity is a massive understatement! (can't stress that enough!!) I am so, so, so lucky to be able to leave home with our horses and go study with a Master for this length of time.

So on that note - it's time to get to my crunches and planking! Stay warm, stay supple, stay focused!

~Happy Riding!~

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some loose ends...

OK - we have some loose ends to address!

On the available positions front - we've had some awesome applicants so far and are looking at making decisions as to who to bring on to the team in the next 7-10 days. If you have been thinking of applying, please get in touch with either Anne or Ellie as soon as you can. We are looking forward to an outstanding 2014 and offer sincere thanks go out to all of those who have applied thus far - you guys are not going to make this easy for us!

A local person has contacted us as she has a Stubben Genesis (#C966229G) for sale. According to the note I received - 17-17.5" seat, black, long billets, Biomex and obviously well cared for with a 29cm tree. Please contact Marty for more information and pricing. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Several Positions Available!

Competition season approaches!

I need a WS who is comfortable grooming, tacking up, leading my horses, walking them quietly, cooling out, bathing, putting them back in the stalls/paddocks and help with the mountain of tack that needs cleaning. There are more than 15 horses in full work at the moment on and more youngsters rarin’ to join the ranks of horses that work for a living. The day would be expedited greatly if I could have a trusty soul to tack them up and cool them out for me - in a nutshell. 

So that brings up the topic of compensation - after all - nothing in this world is free! ;) I am a USDF Silver and Gold medalist who can teach you how to have a better, more effective seat and not work so hard while doing dressage at any level. There are several schoolmasters here on the property that can help teach you to be a better rider also. The barter system will be hard at work - lessons on trained horses in exchange for your toiling away at the more mundane chores. 

The job is part time - mornings preferably, say 9AM-2PM 5 days a week. I can teach you on your own horse or on one of ours.  If it is one of ours - all the tack (saddle, bridle, etc) are provided as well as instruction from the moment you settle into the tack. We all answer to Mom as the Chief Trainer and Owner of all Horses but I am asking for additional help with her blessing. Your lesson would come after my own list of horses for that day is completed. 

I'm open to talking over what hours/days/responsibilities you have and what you get in exchange. I'm a safety first kind of gal - so don't think you'll be riding without a helmet...cause it's not happening! ;) 
The position opens immediately. 

If you are interested - please send me an email and we can discuss the interviewing process. If you are not local to the area, housing can be discussed but you have to have your own car and insurance. 

If this bit of text seems familiar - this is the same ad that I ran last February! But as a footnote - we are mindful of the weather and the horses' current level of energy combined with safety. Translation - if it's a frigid and they are full of beans - the workday will be adjusted with everyone's safety and long term well being the most important detail. There is a definite master schedule for the horses but there are no heroes among us! Live to do it again the next (warm) day! 

We are also looking for a second working student who is at least a 2nd Level rider with a good seat, kind hands and a sense of humor with young horses. This position includes competition opportunities, housing and other incentives. An eventing and show jumping background with a comparable skill set is more than acceptable. Inquire for more information. 

With the competition season just around the corner, we are also looking for a groom's position to be filled. Grooming, clipping, handling the turnout schedule, blanketing - you would become an important cog in the wheels of the bus that gets us where we have to go. 

A familiarity with operating a broom, a hose, keeping the barn tidy, cleaning get the picture! We want the place to be standing tall when our clients come in the door. That all being said, we have full time stall help, so that particular 'dirty job' is not part of any of the available positions. 

Please inquire for more information. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

New contracts are up! Webpages are updated!

All of our 2014 Stallion Contracts are uploaded to the website! Each stallion's page is current and ready to begin the new breeding season! There have been changes to some of the stud fees and per dose pricing on Frozen - so be sure to read carefully.

Check out all of your options to breed your own champion!
- Custom foals are available for purchase/request until April 15, 2014.
- Embryo sales are available until June 1st (reservations must be made by 3/1/14).

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Early Booking Discount is ON now! Save on your LFG contracts!

It's that time of year again! Time to think about the upcoming breeding season and pick the sire of your next champion!

From January 1-15th, we are offering a $50 discount on all our LFG contracts! Have a good look at our Stallions Page on the website. All of the contracts are there for your downloading convenience!

A few of our Frozen Stars -

...and there are several more on the way for 2014!

Any questions -