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Friday, August 21, 2015

Show results! Show mileage! Out and about reporting!

 Wendy (aka Wakanda WF) has been our ambassador for the Pony Camps at Cold Spring Farm LLC for several weeks now. She has learned all about mini-horses, costume races, giant soccer balls, a pony cart and ponies in general! She is now extremely bomb proof and calm about all of the chaos that can come with 20+ small humans and their activities. Wendy is fully trained through the Intermediate Level - she just needs a confident rider to finish all 15 one tempis! Piaffe and passage are solid! She is for sale to an approved show home. Contact Anne for pricing and info.

 Don William and Daylily went to Blue Goose's Flamingo Show a few days ago with good rides at Third Level for both horses.
Liam is for sale and very appropriate for a confident AA rider with his exceptionally kind nature. He is very tall - so his gaits are on the big side but very soft and easy to sit.

Two pretty faces! Liam and Stella

 Whodini, Wylie and Wilson went to Fox Crossing's CCHSA show a few weeks ago. Wylie was Champion of her division (again) continuing her pattern of being a good obedient horse no matter what discipline is on the day's agenda! Wylie is for sale - contact Anne for info and pricing.

 Whodini was very, very good also - going calmly around his courses and handling the footing like a pro! He's ready to go on in whatever discipline his new people choose to pursue.

 Wilson went to the Leslie Ducharme school of showing! He hung out most of the day, watching and learning that all the things at a show (dogs, strollers, food trucks, traffic, etc) are no big deal and wrapped up his adventure with a good showing in a hack class out on the grass!

Thanks to Melissa and Sara for the great riding!