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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday and a whole lot of work to do!

It was a very foggy start to the day here in Loxahatchee! High humidity, thick fog, sweating horses and riders with pretty poor air quality made for tough training for both horse and riders!

I watched Catherine school Mane Stream Hotmail through most of the Grand Prix work and tried to focus my eyes on his frame, the straightness of the work and the quality of the connection of the hind legs. They are a really fun pair to watch as the consistency of the work is so high and then the light year of difference of "really good" vs. "incredible" and the way in which Catherine helps Hotmail to become that much more special! Such a treat!

Then it was time to tack Wendy up and have a warm-up ride before my lesson on Wyatt. We worked on straightness, alignment, connection from the hind legs to the poll, respect of the aids and the lightness of the bridle. Such a good girl! Great push from behind! Better elasticity and reach - all the things that we have been working on are paying off! At the moment, I am planning on trying out one of the 3rd Level tests to see how that goes tomorrow with an eye towards the school show here at White Fences next weekend for her.

And on to Wyatt we go! Lots of half pass work, bunches of flying changes, tons of pirouettes and then putting it all together for the canter tour of the PSG. I am currently struggling with the actual test. Riding the movements is not a problem, schooling the pattern goes ok, but ask me to ride each stride with focus and attention...that's where it is getting a bit rocky for us. Catherine was super helpful and Meredith's husband James shot a bunch of photos, so I'll upload them to FB tonight to share with everyone. In the meantime, the house is quiet and we have a bit of a break, so I'm going to catch a quick nap before the fun begins again at 4 with the start of evening stables.

Check back tomorrow for photos of The Boss on The Peach!! ;)

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