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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clinic Times for Ryan Wood on Sunday 2/28

For privacy reasons, the list below is incomplete. If you are looking for your time and it is not listed - I am complying with your request to not have your name listed. :)

7.30 with Adelaide
8.10 with Ruben
8.50 with Wendy
9.30 with Sarah T.
10.15 with Ellie and Annie
11.00 with Sandy W.
11.45 with Wylie
12.25 with Wilona

Coffee, tea and hot chocolate as well as light breakfast items will be available in the green house near the indoor with the restroom facilities.

There are afternoon lessons, please contact for more information & times.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Avebury WF placed third!

Here is a link to photos - from Hoofclix!

Avebury finished on his dressage score of 31 points and had a double clear stadium and cross country. Ryan was very pleased with his steady approach to all the fences and obstacles on course but it was his outstanding temperament that was a highlight. "Dillon" spent his days calmly tied to the trailer and hanging out just like any other show professional! Thanks go out to Roddy Strang of Sport Horse Training, Inc. for his assistance with Dillon and additional thanks go to Ryan and the rest of the crew at Red Oak Farm for doing such a lovely job preparing & presenting Dillon so nicely. :)

Our southern source for photos will be back in the area later on today, so I will edit and post those ASAP, as well as the larger versions of the Hoofclix favorites!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Avebury WF at his first competition with Ryan!

Avebury is currently competing at the Paradise Farm Horse Trials down in South Carolina! According to Ryan he was very obedient and steady through his dressage test - which has them ranked 4th out of 20 competitors with a score of 31.

I have enlisted the help of some friends who are currently down in Aiken to get some photographs, so those will be added to the blog as soon as the camera makes the return journey! :)

Eventing is awesome because there is live scoring available, so please feel free to check for the latest results!

First Reminder for the 2/28 Ryan Wood Clinic

Just sending out a first reminder for the upcoming Ryan Wood Clinic next Sunday (the 28th).

There is a snow plan in place with an alternative site. Please contact for more information.

All the forms & fees are available here -

Hope to see you all there!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A relatively peaceful journey home to PA

The blog is going to be a tad out of sequence as the hustle of packing to depart Aiken interfered with finding WiFi every day to keep everyone up to speed. If you would prefer to read a more organized account of what transpired, please go to the Facebook Fan Page for photos & a more cohesive tale...otherwise, advance apologies for my disorganized state with this!

So bright and early Sunday morning I packed up Karin's mare's things and began the 650+ mile journey home to PA. It was a quite pleasant in that traffic flowed smoothly and I made it in just under 11 hours. Crossing into PA though was quite a rude surprise with the plowed snow in each side of the road being taller than the horse trailer & truck!!!!

Here are some photos from this morning after the trailer was unpacked. I don't think we'll be moving it anytime soon with the assistance of the Big Blue Tractor!!

Special thanks go out the Mom & Dad, Sandro, Pat & Ric, Gay and the other folks who made my absence from the farm possible!! Thank you's also go out to Julia, Randa, Ryan, Emma, Kelly and the rest of the crew at Red Oak for taking good care of me & the horses while we were down there! Good luck with the 2010 Season!

Looking ahead to the coming weeks - our event horses will be busy logging in some show miles under the tutelage of Ryan Wood ( If you are going to Paradise Horse Trials next weekend, please do keep an eye out for Ryan riding our Avebury WF. He will also be piloting As You Wish WF & Avebury WF at Sporting Days, Full Gallop and Pine Top in March before both horses will return to PA.

Friday, February 12, 2010

More schooling photos

Today was a bit of dressage for Kitty with Ryan and some light jumping for Dillon. Both horses were very good with Ryan and had some fun on this chilly Aiken day.

To everyone back north - please be safe and take care if you venture out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So a bit of disorganization made me forget to post these

These are some photos that were forgotten! Poor Kitty! Poor Ryan!

(I am very sorry)

When I say it has been a bit crazy busy down here that is a huge understatement.

Of course no day is complete without some Avebury photos...

Just a quick update

I am in a bit of a rush as there are lessons with Sylva Martin all day today and I want to audit. Some of you might be wondering why I'm not at Full Gallop today and I'll get to that another day. Suffice to say the horses are fine, the weather is chilly and I'm going to take advantage of some learning opportunities while I am here.

In any case, here are some photos of Ryan and Avebury from yesterday...

And everyone up North - please be safe in this wretched weather. It is a mess out there.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Whew! What a weekend!

The hustle and bustle of Aiken seems to never allow for a bit of down time to catch up on catching everyone up on what's been happening down here! But being so busy is a very good thing! :)

It was a bit rainy on Friday, so taking photos of Ryan and Avebury was a bit tough...that being said, I was lucky enough to get some good shots of them schooling. Ryan is sponsored by The Outback Trading Company (based in Oxford, PA) and he was wearing his OTC rainproof jacket. It looked super and he was nice and dry, and well, I wasn't, so the camera did not stay out long!

On Saturday Sara & I hacked out Kitty & Frank and then went over to Boyd Martin's so she could get her Abundance daughter Always A Lady cleaned up for dressage and stadium at Sporting Days Farm. While she was busy scrubbing and braiding, I was fortunate enough to get to shoot photos of Ryan and Avebury schooling in Boyd's super outdoor arena. There are a ton of photos on the Facebook Fan Page, so I am just going to put up my favorites here -

Once Avebury & Ryan were all finished, Sara & her mom and I all went to Sporting Days Farm. No sooner did we pull in the parking lot than I saw Elly Schobel's truck and trailer! Elly and I met at the Raleigh CDI back in 2002 (or 2003) and have been good buddies since. She was there to do a dressage demo on her young Grand Prix stallion Oyente (translates to The Listener) and the nice folks at the office needed a 'translator' to explain what Elly was doing. When she was finished over in the presentation area, she did go over into the dressage warm up and I managed to snag a couple of photos of his lovely piaffe. :)

Then it was time to help Sara warm up Lady. She is such a good egg - I got to stand at the side of the warm up and shout nit picky instructions at her and feel ever so official...LOL. But all of Sara's hard work has paid off - she had a lovely smooth test and was quite pleased with how the ride went.

Lady is by Abundance and very much like several of the others I've been lucky enough to ride - so coaching a rider on her is sort of like settling down to have a chat with an old, trusted friend when you both have the leisure to do so. :)

Laura Vander Vliet is also down here in Aiken with her barn and I shot some photos of her Advanced horse King Billy doing his show jumping. He is a very, very good jumping horse! Laura ended up winning that division on her other horse and King Billy was second! Congratulations Laura!

Shortly after Laura went Sara had a good show jumping round and we went and walked our respective cross country courses. Then it was time to go to the barns, settle the horses in for the night and be organized for competing on Sunday! Here's Lady doing her SJ -

THEN (is this a long blog post or what????) it was finally Sunday and competition day for Miss Kitty, Lady needed to do her XC and Sara's cob Frank was heading out for his second recognized Beginner Novice. So here are photos of Lady & Frank with Sara -

Kitty and I had a better dressage test than I had been expecting. She is still a bit excited to be down south and part of the Preliminary cross country course was directly behind the dressage warm up...that made her a bit 'up' if you know what I mean. But she was as obedient as she could be given the circumstances with moments of very soft and responsive work in the warm up and test. Consistency is something that we will continue to work on in the coming months. As she was well aware of what happens at these competitions, stadium was a bit of a challenge for me as a rider. Given the winter weather we've been having, I probably needed a few more jumping lessons in order to be able to help her out more. Our over eagerness cost us 8 penalties with 2 rails down but it is always good to get a feel for what you need to work on for your next competition when you are just coming back from a break! Cross country was a super ride - great course, nice rolling terrain and one very quick bay mare having a marvelous time! I apologize for not having any photos of us - it is very tough to ask another person to shoot when they have their own horses to compete and care for...but Sara assured me that Kitty is bold and confident in her jumping! She and her mom were taking bets to see if I lapped the horse in front of us on XC - that horse was a having a more cautious round and Kitty was in the zone of being an event horse. LOL

Sara and Frank didn't have stadium and cross country until almost 5 pm. I was a bad friend and did not stay to take photos of those phases as I needed to get Kitty settled back in the barn.

So today is for cleaning tack, doing laundry, organizing everything that was thrown about during the weekend and, of course, catching all of you up on what's been happening down here!

Thank you to all the organizers, sponsors, volunteers and support staff that made this fun weekend possible. And of course thanks to the Gartland's for their help with Kitty, Sally for her patient coaching and to Mom and Dad for allowing me to ride such a fun horse!