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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Riding Fundamentals Clinic (2/3) Tentative Times

Riding Fundamentals Clinic Times (Tentative list - please email/post below to confirm your time is OK)

9:00 Demo
9:45 Melanie & Will
10:30 Jill & Booie
11:15 Paula & Lily
12:00 Sara & Amelia
12:45 Fiona & Johnny
1:30 Pat & Beau
2:15 Anne & Lou
3:00 Lauren & Savannah

Email to confirm or to start the swap process! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Not swan moments but a few snapshots...

Dolce Elise WF
Wallstreet Rose WF
I went out with the big camera hoping to get to all the big pastures to get some nice snapshots with their new big bales. *sigh* Then the rain arrived. So apologies for only shooting the pasture closest to my home...perhaps tomorrow will be drier????

Windrose, Waverleigh, Southern Leigh and Wallstreet Rose snacking on a few o f the loose pieces
Wallstreet Rose on her way to the water bowl

Wendolyn, Amelia, Dolce and Abracadabra sharing the big bale.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Warmer weather has arrived!

The magical number was reached in the indoor yesterday! It was well above 30*!!! Finally!! That means today is most definitely a riding day! Lots of lessons to teach, anxious horses to put back to work and fun will be had!

Tomorrow's forecast of a wintery mix will throw a monkey wrench into our trailer in students, but we will get the horses that live here fully back in work - provided the driveway is not a sheet of ice! ;)

We are supposed to be in the 60's on Wednesday, so that will be a fun day with plenty on the "To Do List"!

So grab your helmet and a good sense of the ridiculous - it's a beautiful day to go out and RIDE!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interested in fitting a saddle! Time to check out THIS video!

Stubben just released a new saddle fitting video starring our fabulous fitter Keith Brooks!!! Check it out HERE! The video focuses on fitting a saddle for a Thoroughbred and all the features that make a Stubben so unique!

Oh wait,  you aren't interested in Stubben? Or you don't have a TB? Hmmm, well, then you will miss out on learning more about general saddle fitting. Perhaps Catherine Haddad Staller's videos on Stubben's Genesis Special will agree with you more -

Video 1

Video 2 

Video 3

A big shout out of THANK YOU goes out to Stubben NA for their awesome saddles, informative videos and fitters!

Some snapshots from around the farm

Let's just agree that the weather has been terrible for a week. No debate. No discussion. Just take me at my word - when the high is 22*, not much is getting done beyond the basics of feeding, watering, delivering big bales to the pastures, limited turnouts and repeating through the list as necessary.

There have been some pretty sunrises to look at, so enjoy the images -

So this is looking a tad better - at 30* we RIDE!!!

The mares got several big bales this week and some of them are beginning to resemble the square shape! :) 

In any case, we're supposed to get quite a bit warmer this week! So it will be time to dust off the horses and go for a ride! Remember our Riding Fundamentals Clinic is on the 3rd, so if you are interested in riding, we have just 2 spaces left. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Swans! I see Swans!!!!!

Ok, there are some breeders that are blessed with young horses that are gorgeous as foals, spectacular as yearlings, two year olds and when the young horse is ready to start its undersaddle education, it is still gosh darn gorgeous!!! Well, we are not usually so fortunate. Occasionally but not often! Therefore, the principle of the Ugly Duckling Will Become A Swan is in full effect and steadfastly clung to by all who live here.

Yesterday the mares in the big Hill Pasture got another large square bale - 7'x7'x3'. They chowed down as if they are completely deprived of all sustenance - never mind the previous bale is still there in a heap that reaches their fetlocks - and then turned to catch the last of the afternoon sun.

Our 2011 filly Wendolyn WF (aka Lynnie) has been a nice looking youngster since she was born - pretty uniform, no hideous growth spurts and she has maintained a good topline. Her older sister Windrose WF (aka Bailey), well, not so much. She has been more growthy and gangly - not hugely unbalanced looking but a tad awkward nonetheless. Anyhow, I was halfheartedly watching the NFC game and looked up at the TV and in the window behind the screen caught sight of a nice black mare sleeping in the sun. I thought it was Lynnie and snagged the big camera, a memory card and headed out to snap a few images.

Imagine my surprise - it wasn't Lynnie! It's Bailey! The swan! I see the swan under all of that mud!!! Yipppeeee!

So take heart folks! It does happen! Really!

The 2009's are looking really good as well, so I will get some new images of them this week as well - it's too cold to do a ton of riding, so indoor projects will be the focus this week.

Check back! And if you are in a warm location - Happy Riding!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Big Sale on all remaining Ortho Flex and American Flex Saddles!

Ok all you conscientious saddle owners! The time is right to add to your collection of equipment!!!

I got the scores for my USDF Silver and Gold Medals in these saddles and most of my CDI mileage as well. (Well, ok, not these saddles that are currently for sale, but the same models and manufacturer.) 

I am selling the remaining American Flex UK Dressage Saddles for $850. I paid $3200 for each one that is left and just (frankly) need to raise funds for other life expenses. The other saddles in our inventory are listed with their final prices. 

The selection is as follows:
1 17 Len Brown Original Monoflap Dressage. All suede, latest panels that he designed ($600)
1 17" UK Dressage Classic. Fair condition (wear on flaps, etc). 
1 18" Ortho Flex Dressage - has new panels, light use, good condition. ($1000)
2 17" UK Dressage in Black - both in good condition. 
1 18" UK Dressage in black - excellent condition. (link to photos to be added)

All saddles must ship with insurance and sales are final. Paypal is accepted. If you have a FedEx account, that facilitates shipping/billing/insurance as it is billed directly to you. 

Additional photos will be added by request. There are lots of photos on the FARM PAGE on FB - just keep clicking More Albums and they will come up in the summer/fall of 2011. 

New Dreamcatcher videos!

Sorry for the dim lighting! We haven't seen the sun in ages! But there is a glimmer of hope for it putting in an appearance today before the snow arrives!
That glimmer of color in the sky means there is a sun rising somewhere and breaking through the clouds too!!! :)

Happy Riding!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Going for what you want. Really.

I had an awesome, super prestigious, very cool job offer a few weeks ago. It is a really cool job and it was offered to me not once, but twice! Travel, social, horse related on a high level, just a huge honor to be considered for this position...just WOW! How fun to leave my life here on the farm and see what else there is out in the big world?

That offer made me take a step back and reevaluate what my goals really are. A lot of musical therapy was put to use. Plenty of P!nk! Lots of Mumford and Sons with Imagine Dragons for giggles and lighthearted fun! Some not so fabulous movies were also watched. And it was in the midst of all of our first session Winter Series Clinics where I was doing the demonstration rides that the big lightbulb switched on.

Anywho, I was wrestling with myself and mulling over the job and what to do with a great deal of angst when our Flying Change Seminar took place. I rode Wyatt as the first demo horse and while he loves an audience, nothing is more exciting than Home with People That are Different. So there was extra snorting, animation and brilliance mixed into some pretty nice flying changes and lateral work. If nothing else Wyatt loves an audience to see how fancy he is! (vanity is not lacking in this horse) Wizard was the second demo horse. He is less of a showman - more reserved and contained but very aware that he is being scrutinized as he works. We did some simple changes, changes on a 20m circle, changes with a bit of half pass before and after and then counting changes on a line.

Wizard was a bit testy as it was chilly and he had some big ideas of how the day should be going and mom called out "do your ones!" as we wrapped up a line of two's. So I figured, "What the hell! Why not!" and turned up the next long side on the 2nd track and settled into the rhythm of ask for one, now ask for the other. Repeat. The changes were perfect. Relaxed. Straight as an arrow. Obedient. Uphill. And he was happy. I was shocked and forgot to keep asking after a few and he was unfazed and so calm. It's been 7 years since I sat on a horse with that sort of relaxation and ability.

After that I think I did some stretching work, cooled him out, helped with the lessons that followed, hemmed and hawed with some close friends about how much I was struggling with the job offer and retreated to my house to think.

This is the point when the not-so-great movie comes into play! While watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 - I had an epiphany. I do not have forever and unlimited funds to traipse off and leave my horses while I do other things. I am going to be 37 this year. My 2006 stallion thinks ones are easy. He is cooperative and uncomplicated. Wyatt thinks passage is just nifty and is really fun to work with on the other "tricks". There are bunch of other horses here on the farm in full work that just need polishing and they will be every bit as brilliant as the current Big Two (some might even be better if I make the commitment to them too). My USDF Silver and Gold Medals were won a decade ago. My ankle might be screaming with pain today but I liked doing ones again! I've been showing at the FEI level for 25 years. How can I do anything but work harder, study longer and ride these horses better while it is still physically possible?

So that's where I am. No longer passive and waiting for things to change around me. If I want to be a Grand Prix rider, it is about time that I dedicate myself to that purpose with a strict focus and sense of humor. No more excuses. No more distractions and allowing projects to come between me and the Big Goal.

There I said it. I want to go back to being a Grand Prix Rider.  I will not be accepting the job of being the Region One Young Riders Chef d'Equipe in 2013. It is an honor to have been asked but I am not ready to be that person yet. Perhaps in the future. Maybe.

There is a definite Part II of this decision and I'll get to that in a few days. It has quite a bit to do with having done these Clinics, how awesome the horses are and how limited our time is on this earth. That means you will need to come back and check the blog for the next chapter in How to Get Back to Where You Want to Be!

In the meantime, ask yourself - What do you really want to do with your current horse? What do you want to accomplish as a rider? Be honest!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

February Clinic Schedule and Information

So we have our last clinic in the first Clinic Series today! It's the Flying Change Seminar! Yippeee!

And that is also exciting because Series II is just around the corner with our Riding Fundamentals Clinic on February 3rd, Demystifying Lateral Work on the 17th and the Flying Change Seminar on the 23rd! Mark your calendars!!!

Some things worth mentioning -
   We recommend riders audit the first 2 clinics (at least, riding would be more beneficial) if they are interested in working on their changes as there are many subtle training tools that go into building a clean single change and it is too much to cover in a single 45 minute session for most horses.
   We are offering a $10 discount for each clinic session to any/all TB's (OTTB or just full xx blood) for this series. Anne has a solid foundation in transitioning the TB from racing horse to Grand Prix, so this an opportunity to help encourage better dressage scores for our equine friends that were bred for more speed than their warmblood buddies.
   In case of inclement (seasonal) weather - we will push the clinics back 1 week. However, that being said - the Series must wrap by the end of the first weekend in March, so check back often for updates!
   For those interested in using a WF horse for the clinics - we are happy to provide a trained FEI horse for you to learn on, however, they are not machines and can take great exception to a strange rider at times. It would be beneficial to your learning experience to ride them a few times prior to the clinic(s). Contact to discuss which horse suits your riding style and schedule best.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Sales Horse Listings!

The website has some new additions on our Sales Page!

We have quite an inventory of horses that have a clean change, nice forward gaits with good minds and plenty of talent to advance with the right training! With a bunch of young stars advancing in their initial training this is a super opportunity for good riders to acquire excellent partners for their own careers!

Some of the horses that seem to prefer a jumping based career (hunters, jumpers or eventing) are available at a reasonable price! Don't be intimidated by "Call for price" - it may mean that this is a high quality animal that does not mesh with our training program (FEI Dressage) and we would like the horse to have a good home with the correct training focus for their talent!

Our young stars are also available at fair prices prior to starting. For those that are beginning their undersaddle programs - do not expect the listed prices to decrease with additional schooling.

New video to share!

So here is a bit of video of Dreamcatcher's first solo ride - 

Lots of firsts for that bit of video! First time going around with the doors open! First time trotting with a rider! First time going without Sandro walking alongside! And it is the first time he is having to pass 2 horses tucked in the corner to the right of the camera! 

Such a good baby!!!!

I am tweaking few of the webpages in the coming days, so if there is a Sales Horse that is of interest and the listing is not there - don't despair! Either contact or check back for an update in a few days!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Farm equipment that's for sale


10' Disc


5' Ford

5' Ford mower

9' Bush Hog

9' Bush Hog

Call Bill (717) 529-2848 for more information and pricing. 
10' Cultamulcher/harrow

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flying Change Seminar Reminder!

Just a reminder to get in touch if you are interested in riding in our Flying Change Seminar this Sunday the 13th. The demonstration will be quite lengthy, so there are limited riding spaces. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wow! What a fun weekend!!!

A big PA sized THANK YOU goes out to all our client participants and auditors! The riders rode like a million bucks! The horses were fabulous! The auditors asked great questions! Hopefully everyone was warm enough and learned a lot! We thought it was a fantastic day and enjoyed meeting new faces in the audience and working with such good riders!

There was a snowy start to the day that was a bit of a shock, but the indoor reached the high 50s by the afternoon and that is certainly a workable temperature!

So our final clinic in this 3 part Series is this coming Sunday January 13th. We will have a slightly modified format with a more direct Q&A type of demo to start the day with a longer discussion of technique, problem solving and execution to start the day.

Riding times will be limited as there is a great deal to discuss and then to apply that knowledge in a short amount of time (say an hour) with no practical hands on time can be a bit difficult.

Please contact to discuss riding in the Seminar.

The Auditing Fee will remain the same and we are getting a forecast of 57* for the day, so it should be more than warm enough to have a nice day going over the how's, why's and what's happening in a flying change. Hope to see everyone in 6 days!

~Happy Riding!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lateral Work Clinic is a GO for Sunday 1/6/13

Last call for sign ups for Sunday's Demystifying Lateral Work Clinic!

Demo begins promptly at 10:45 AM

11:15     Jill & Atreo
12 noon Karyn & Tasker
12:45   Pat & Beau
1:30      Lauren & Rochelle
2:15     Fiona & Savannah

There is one lesson time available at 3PM. Please contact us if you are interested in participating. 
Trailer parking will be managed in the driveway provided it stays frozen. Please check with Anne if a sudden warm spell moves in (not likely, we know).  

We encourage some overlap of riders during their warm up/cool down time, so the lessons are set at 45 minute intervals but feel free to enter the ring 5-10 minutes ahead of your time slot and linger after you have finished.

We will have some hot refreshments - hot chocolate and coffee as well as some extra blankets (coolers) to help keep our auditors from freezing to death. Bundle up and we look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!