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Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter snow photos!

We've had quite a bit of snow in the past few days but do to a changeover in our computer department the images can only be viewed via Facebook. If you have a chance and want to see our 17" of fluffy white stuff - click HERE!

Happy shoveling everyone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy owner checks in!

Here is a snippet of feedback from Ryann who has had homebred Wyncote WF for just 4 days at Amazing Grace Stables in VA -

"Hi Watermark Family:) I just wanted to let you know that Cody has been wonderful! He is soooo spoiled. We love him so much:) I know he has an amazing future ahead of him, and I feel blessed to be a part of It! Thank you both and hope you are doing well:)"

Just what we like to hear! A happy owner with their happy horse!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just in from Aiken! New undersaddle footage of our Don William WF!

Ryan Wood is a peach! He has just sent a video clip of Don William WF jumping down at Red Oak Farm in Aiken, SC. So without more fuss, here's Liam with Ryan schooling today.

If you have just started following our blog and would like to learn more about Ryan, please click HERE and that should take you to his website.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sublime happiness for all!

We have been very fortunate in our breeding endeavors over the years with multiple National Champions, numerous FEI horses, multi-generational Grand Prix horses and the joy of knowing that this fantastic animal that just performed such an outstanding test is one that you bred, raised and trained up the levels. Along with that rider/trainer/breeder satisfaction is the other super fantastic side of the breeder's coin - knowing that the animal you bred and raised has gone on to the best of homes with the perfect match for a rider.

We are so excited and proud of our Wyncote WF as he embarks on his new career with Ryann and the rest of the gang down at Amazing Grace Stables - it is very hard to be patient and wait to see what they do each day. If you would like to read about how "Cody" became part of their family, please read HERE. It is truly a match made in Heaven and we are so pleased about the bright future they have together!

Good luck to Ryann & Cody! We can't wait to see how your first show goes!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Luck! We're so happy for everyone!

It was cold and dark this morning as we loaded the trailer to send several of our horses on to new and exciting chapters in their lives. While we will miss their bright faces and distinct personalities quite a bit in our days here on the farm, it is gratifying to know they will be loved and cared for with their new people. So while we apologize for no photographs of the loading process, we will post photos of the horses in their new homes when those arrive. So the pressure is on their new owners - you HAVE to send us updates and photos of you & your new horse's success!! We love to hear about what you all are doing!!! So please share your triumphs - nothing is too small or too big - we'd love to be able to share with our extended "family" of horse friends!

First on the trailer was our seasoned FEI competitor Artesian WF (Again and Again x Aly Alice xx). Artie is one of the sweetest horses that has ever set hoof upon the planet and he was Emily's keeper of his foal year, so with a heavy heart we said our goodbyes to him this morning. He enjoys his one on one time with a single rider, so we are hoping that he'll thrive with his new person! Good luck Artie!

The next traveler was Artie's half sister by Waldaire - Wallace WF. Lacey has been a blast to bring along and we are quite excited about her future in the competition ring! As she is out of our first foal crop from Waldaire, we couldn't be happier that she will be out and about representing the breeding program and her sire! Good luck Lacey!

And the last of our travelers for today's adventure is none other than Wyncote WF (Waldaire x Southern Leigh WF). Cody has been blessed with the best of new situations and we couldn't be more excited for this talented young horse. Congratulations to Amazing Grace Stables on your purchase! We can't wait to hear about all of Cody's adventures and show ring triumphs. Good luck Ryann and Nardeen!!! If you want to learn about how 'right' the fit has been from the beginning with this horse and his new owners, please click HERE.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good luck to Ryan Wood with Don William & Avebury WF!

We here at Watermark Farm are quite excited as we say 'Bon Voyage' to Avebury, Don William and Ryan! They have begun the trek to Aiken, SC and we wish them the best of luck and safe travels during the upcoming competition season!

If you happen to be at the Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials at the beginning of February - keep an eye out for the big grey stallion in his first outing of the season.

And I promise to get new photos of Liam in the near future...just have to have my ankle heal enough to justify a trip to Aiken with the camera! :)

Additional good travel thoughts and well wishes go out to all of those people who are making the trip south this winter. Best wishes for uneventful treks and success in the competition ring!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New sales videos!!!

SEVEN new sales videos are up!

Don William WF (Dressage Royal x Savannah WF) 2007 17 Hand Gelding
Walk warm up
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

Liam will be at Phillip & Evie Dutton's Red Oak Farm in Bridle Creek in Aiken, SC until further notice. If you would like to schedule an appointment to see him go undersaddle, please contact

Wakanda WF (Waldaire x Abracadabra WF) 2005 15.2 Hand Mare
Flat Warm Up
Jump School

Wendy is going to be here at Watermark Farm and can be viewed by appointment.

Wallace WF (Waldaire x Aly Alice xx) 2005 17 Hand Mare
Flat Warm Up
Schooling Over Fences

Lacey is available for viewing by appointment.

New footage of Wilona WF (Waldaire x As You Wish WF) 2006 Black Mare and Wylie WF (Waldaire x Amelia WF) 2006 Chestnut Mare will be added shortly.

Check out the farm's You Tube Channel for all the latest videos!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wyncote WF is under contract!

Heartfelt thanks go out to Roddy Strang of Sport Horse Training, Inc in Kirkwood, PA for giving our Wyncote WF (aka Cody) such an awesome start to his riding career! Cody is now under contract to be sold into a situation where he is blessed with the best of everything in his future! Additional gratitude goes out to the staff at Phillip and Evie Dutton's True Prospect Farm and especially to Ryan Wood for doing such a lovely job showing Cody undersaddle!

More details will follow early in the week about his wonderful new situation with his fantastic new owners who are the best sort of 'good people'! We are overjoyed with how this situation has come about and couldn't be more excited about his future riding career. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

It might be time...

It might be time to act if you have had your eye on any of our riding horses. We are currently experiencing a very high amount of phone calls, appointments to show horses and are shipping horses out to new homes every week! While this is a wonderful situation to be in, we are always hoping to find the right horse for the 'right' person, so please give us a call if you are in the hunt for a new mount!

As a result of these things, there are some changes to the Sales page for the farm website - and a new set of horses available for either on site or off the farm lease situations.

So if you are in the market for a new riding horse - give us a call to arrange to try the horse that has peaked your interest...otherwise your dream horse could disappear!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wyncote WF has started a new career path!

Our stunning 2007 Waldaire gelding Wyncote WF (x Southern Leigh WF) is well on the way to on a new career! He is currently over at True Prospect Farm in the skilled hands of Ryan Wood ( getting a "jump" on his over fences training. Ryan has had nothing but the highest praise for the fine work our young horse trainer, Roddy Strang of Sport Horse Training, Inc. has done with this talented horse, so we are really looking forward to see what the future holds for Cody!

Here are a few snapshots of Cody & Ryan and then there is a full length video here -

And for reference purposes, we arrived at TPF, unloaded Cody, walked him to the main barn, he got a stall for 2 minutes, tacked up and went straight into the area. No lunging, no drama...just the way all the Waldaire's are! This guy is certainly a chip off the old block! :)

Perhaps someday soon we'll see him doing this -

If you would like to schedule an appointment to see Cody before he leaves for Aiken, please contact to set something up.

Monday, January 3, 2011

And the New Year has some excitement already!

Our eventing stallion Avebury WF has already begun his adventures for 2011! "Dillon" has joined up with his buddy Ryan Wood ( to get a jump on the 2011 competition season. For the next few months he will be available via good quality SBS frozen semen as he'll be down south in Aiken competing. We will be certain to keep everyone in the loop as to his competition schedule. We are planning to have him return to the area in April so as to be available via fresh cooled. That plan is subject to change however as he may be doing more of a * & ** competition schedule and it would be unfair to Ryan to yank him away for collection duties without a predictable schedule. Regardless, we will be keeping everyone informed as to where & when he is out and about so check back soon for more information! Competitions start at the beginning of February, so watch for the grey horse who loves his job!

On the young horse front - Wyncote WF (Waldaire x Southern Leigh WF) has returned home from Sport Horse Training, Inc. "Cody" was ready to join our riding list a few weeks ago, but with Anne & Ellie out of the riding loop, it seemed prudent to leave him with Roddy a while longer. He is now a super ride in the open with a relaxed and balanced gallop, super flat work (leg yields, turn on the forehand & haunches, beautiful rein back) with natural clean flying changes and one of the nicest walks we've ever seen on a youngster. Roddy also said he was a blast over fences, so with all those positive qualities in mind, Cody will be going over to True Prospect Farm for Ryan to evaluate and advance his over fences skills. Photos and video to follow as soon as we get the equipment organized, so that everyone can see what we're so excited about with another crop of super fancy Waldaire's coming along undersaddle.

On the family news - Anne's surgery went well and she will begin PT in a few weeks. Ellie's ankle is progressing (slower than she would like but riding is looking more likely in a few weeks, rather than months from now) and Bill is helping to keep the farm ticking along while they are laid up. In the meantime, if you would like to schedule an appointment to see any of the horses that are for sale, please contact . There are updates on the Sales Page of the website -

Thank you all for the cards, well wishes and moral support! Hopefully we'll be out and about competing in a few months and the frustration of the human version of 'stall rest' will be behind us.