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Friday, May 29, 2015

Proven Success Sale! Breed a Champion!

Wilona WF
2015 Ladies Side Saddle Champion

Our stallions have produced many successful horses in the many years that the farm has been a functional entity - which is a reason for a celebration!!

 So with the goal of producing Champions, please take a moment and peruse our list of available discounts from our proven list of sires. The Proven Success Sale won't last long! Take advantage and stock up while we have semen in stock!***

As You Wish WF rocking the Hunt Teams

Wilona WF by Waldaire
Jennifer MacNeil Photography ©
Again and Again - in a nutshell, he produced many successful FEI dressage horses, A show hunters, event horses from limited foal crops and was himself a very successful Grand Prix horse. Other full siblings were Jackie Blue (Showjumper in LA Olympics for Canada), Rushton (success Working Hunter) and
$400 per dose 

Adamant - a successful Small Tour horse with the steady Eddy temperament that consistently passed along to his offspring. Sire of multiple event horses, Colt 45 (Champion on the line at DHS), FEI dressage and event horses, field hunters and a massive list of horses started, trained and competed by their AA owners/breeders. 
$400 per dose

Waldaire - consistent competitor through the levels up to and including Grand Prix post colic surgery. Sire of Wilona WF who has just claimed the Side Saddle Championship in a tough hack-off in her first outing at The Devon Horse Show. Other offspring are competing for their AA owners in the hunters, dressage and eventing with very good results. 
$350 per dose

Showtime WF - was himself the quintessential A Hunter with charm, class and the "it" factor. A classic refined hunter with great form and scope.
Inventory clearance price - $150 per dose (does not reflect his quality - we are not breeding specifically for hunters)

Avebury WF - 1* event horse with the classic Dekor (Ramses) look and way of going. Very good jumper who has produced talented and athletic offspring.
$250 per dose

Dressage Royal - what can we say? He is a proven producer of world class Grand Prix horses (Desperado OLD, Damsey, UNO Don Diego to name a few) but with their charm, good looks and athleticism and the right mare - he could produce hunters too!
$800 per dose

Wizard WF - a talented and handsome stallion with a high level of trainability. He has produced 2 very gifted and talented daughter for the hunters. In an effort to have more offspring in the competition arena, his fee is reduced until August 1, 2015.
$350 per dose
TLF Wicked by Wizard WF

Wendolyn WF by Wizard WF

***No additional discounts will be applied to these sale prices. The Proven Success Sale ends June 30, 2015. Paypal is accepted. Please complete the contract and send payment ASAP to reserve your doses. Quantities are limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Any questions? email

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Woot! Woot! Big Breeder Brag!!

Big Congratulations are in order for the entire Gartland Family!!! Wilona WF (Waldaire x As You Wish WF by Adamant) is the 2015 Ladies Side Saddle Champion of the Devon Horse Show!!!! She was shown beautifully by the wonderful Susan Sisco of Sunfield Farm (now in Aiken, SC). There is a great interview with Sue in this Devon Newsletter. Please take a few moments and read the rider feedback! We're so proud to have another generation of homebred out and about in top company!
Proud Owner Moment with the Champion Herself!

Also in the Dixon Oval - Wilona's dam - As You Wish WF! She took a break from her busy eventing career to put in a very nice round for The A Team in the Hunt Teams Class Saturday Night! Sara and Kitty brought home a very, very respectable Fourth Place amid a big group of competitors!!! 

This is TLF Wicked (by Wizard WF out of In A Dream xx) at her first show after only a few weeks of undersaddle training! Congratulations to all of "Olive's" connections!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Website hiccup and new videos

Slowly, very slowly I am adjusting to Mavericks (the Apple OS) which is not as user friendly as Snow Leopard was. Unfortunately.

I am sad to report the demise of my entire library of photos from 2009 on iPhoto as well as a massive problem finding/sorting and using my current images on the iPhone. Ditto videos. Oh and iMovie changed as well. If that were not frustrating enough, there are issues with the FTP publisher on Network Solutions, so all the revisions and updates for the website are sitting unpublished on my hard drive.

In any case, here is some new footage of some of our Sales Horses -

Windrose WF -

Wendolyn WF -

 Footage of the other is pending and I am not in an all fire hurry to shoot additional video due to the hassle in trying to update/publish anything.