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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Show results, Schooling Photos and some news

Congratulations go out to Hoppy Stearns on the successes of her homebred Waferer (Waldiare x Calida by Calido I) at the recent jumper shows! Wafer is just 3 years old and has already proven himself to be a steady ride with a super work ethic and mind! It goes without saying that he is a very bold and careful jumper and delights his riders on a daily basis. Here are some snapshots of one of the local show's...

Wafer is for sale and has competed up to 2'9" with no difficulty - liverpools, gates, walls...not a problem!

On the home front, our senior stallion Waldaire (age 21) enjoyed a nice ride yesterday -

We are very proud of how sound he still is and what a super character! He was quite proud to be ridden after a long hiatus.

It is worth mentioning that we even have to double check when looking at photographs as to whether it is Waldaire or his son Wizard (age 4) as their markings are nearly identical...

The young horses are making excellent progress! Karin and her Adelaide WF have graduated into schooling in a double bridle -

Wyatt WF (by Weltmeyer) also is showing signs of approaching a show entry! He is quite powerful and the work in the 4th level tests is becoming very mundane to him, so we are beginning to scout out dates. :)

Congratulations also go out to Jessy and Barbara MacKnew for all their show success with Aly Alice xx! They continue to do very well in the Jumpers in MD!!! Yay for Jessy and Alice! I do have some photos to crop but must scoot to the barn for the morning chores!

Hopefully everyone is getting to enjoy the cooler weather that has arrived!!! Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Reminder for the October Inspection

This is our first reminder for the upcoming October 16th AWR/NASPR Inspection here at Watermark Farm. Anyone interested in completing their Mare Performance or Stallion Performance Testing is encouraged to participate as we offer a full sized dressage arena, indoor facility with the jump chute and materials for the jumping test (hunters or jumpers).

Please be aware that expediting fees will apply for any applications not received 6 weeks prior to the inspection date (8/17).

In order to avoid extra fees and penalties, please contact the AWR/NASPR Office ( or (406) 734-5499 to be sure that your paperwork is complete.

A few FAQ's:

Q: Is there stabling available?
A: Yes, but stalls are limited and arrangements need to be made ASAP to secure a stall. Stabling costs include the following: Straw or Pine Shavings (your choice). Please bring your own feed, hay, buckets and feed tub.

Q: What paperwork is necessary to attend?
A: Coggins (dated within 1 year) for adult equines. Foals <6 months are covered by their dam's provided they are still nursing. Health certificate. Client Waiver. Site Fee (see below)

Q: What is the Site Fee? How much would I owe?
A: The Site Fee is paid well in advance to the AWR/NASPR by the Hosts. Attendees must send in their fee 2 weeks prior to the inspection date (10/2/10). A $25 late fee will apply for those choosing to pay upon arrival. All fees are non-refundable.
Inspection Fees & Services
$100 per horse/pony host site inspection fee
$150 mares with foals by side (both being inspected)
Performance Testing Fee determined by the number of Participants/Discipline
$50/day stabling (please contact re: availability)
$35 Braiding per horse

Q: Food? Facilities for people?
A: A small assortment of breakfast items will be available in the morning and a lunch buffet will be served at 11:30 AM. The tenant house (green) has a full bathroom available.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Training Updates

Our 2007 gelding has made super progress at Sport Horse Training, Inc. Trainer Roddy Strang says that our Liam is like 'an old, broke horse' he comes home to our farm today! He is great out on trails (alone or with company), happy to trailer anywhere and most importantly - in spite of being a solid 17 hands - Liam is lightfooted and graceful with an active hindleg. He is the oldest of our Dressage Royal offspring and there is already a line forming to be his main rider here at WF. :)

His space at SHT is going to be taken by none other than our Daylily WF (Dressage Royal/Again and Again/Sir George Gaylord xx). If you remember "Stella" was the Top Foal in North America we are quite excited to have our little black pearl going off to learn to be a riding horse. Her dam was super fun as a riding & competition horse with her steady nature and good mind, so combining those traits with Dressage Royal has us quite excited to say the least.

I will shoot some new photos of Stella before we load her to go over to Roddy's. As always we are thankful that Roddy does such a wonderful job giving our youngsters a solid, correct and happy start to their riding careers. :)

On the other young horse front (those who are in residence at WF) - our Wallace WF is working on her Third Level exercises. Wakanda WF is doing the same. As You Wish had taken a bit of a break from her eventing pursuits and is now solidly ready to show Third. Avebury also enjoyed a bit of downtime from galloping and jumping and he and Ellie are working through the Prix St. Georges with an eye towards finding some dressage shows over the fall. Wyatt continues to work on his PSG as well. Wizard is a daily delight for anyone who rides him...and, no, Ellie does not share often! ;-) Wilona, Wylie and Alexis are all working solidly in their First and Second level requirements as well as jumping courses regularily. Smart, Atreo and Artesian have had a lovely summer combining their FEI dressage work with plenty of cross training over fences.

There are loads of photos of the various undersaddle beasties scattered throughout the enjoy and - Happy riding!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Attention Mare Owners still looking to breed in 2010

Attention Mare Owners - Our breeding shed is scheduled to close on August 15th. If you would like to breed with cooled shipments in or around that date, please contact Ellie ASAP. We have an ample supply of Avebury, Dressage Royal, Waldaire and Wizard frozen in stock and ready to meet your needs throughout the remainder of 2010 and early in 2011.

Our 2011 Breeding Fees will be available with a 30% Early Booking Discount starting September 1, 2010 for fresh cooled shipments.

Our Stallion Fees for 2011 -
Avebury WF's Breeding Fee (fresh cooled) is now $1000 + $200 non-refundable Booking Fee. His high quality frozen is available at $300 per dose or 2/$550. (EU & domestic shipping available)

Dressage Royal is available via high quality, proven frozen semen at $1500 per dose. (no discount applicable)

Waldaire's Breeding Fee (fresh cooled) will remain at $1300 + $200 non-refundable Booking Fee. His proven frozen is available at $450 per dose. (EU & domestic shipping available)

Wizard WF's Breeding Fee (fresh cooled) is $600 + $200 non-refundable Booking Fee. Test Breedings with his SBS frozen semen available - contact for more information & details.

Our past stallions - Showtime WF, Adamant & Again and Again have frozen semen in stock at SBS. Discounts available on purchases of 2 or more doses. Please contact us for more information.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farm Website Overhaul has begun!

Somehow it seems like just when I like a page that is redone on the website, it is time to do a whole bunch more!!! So with that philosophy in the back of my mind, I tackled the various age grouped Sales Pages, the Client Sales Page, Avebury, Waldaire and Wizard's pages, the 3 Mares Pages and the Foals of 2010 pages. Ooooughpmh. All of the riding stock is making quick progress in the pleasant summer weather, so minor revisions needed to happen on all their listings.

If you are browsing through the website and find any missing photos or typos, please let me know...I have a sneaking feeling there are a few that slipped by in my haste.

So without further ado - please take a peek -

Thanks & Enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Schooling photos from the 15th!

Wylie WF (Waldaire x Amelia WF by Again and Again) with Sara.

Wyatt WF (Weltmeyer x Savannah WF) with Ellie.

And who says FEI Dressage horses aren't good jumpers???? (well, at least they are in our breeding program...)

Artesian WF (Again and Again x Aly Alice xx) with Melissa.

Smart WF (South American Way xx x Aurora by Abundance) with Sara.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Full Results from the 7/10/10 Inspection


* Site Champion
Waldina WF, 9.0 filly 2010
Waldaire/Sabrina WF
Owner/Breeder: Anne Rawle

* Site Reserve Champion
Waverleigh WF, 8.5 filly 2010
Waldaire/Southern Leigh WF
Owner/Breeder: Anne Rawle

* Windrose WF, 7.8 filly 2010
Waldaire/Wallstreet Rose WF
Owner/Breeder: Anne Rawle

* Claire De Lee, 7.0 filly 1991
Owner: C Paige Shivery
Breeder: Unknown

* Site Champion
Picasso LG, 7.8 colt 2010
Popeye/Dbl Copper Twst LG
Owner/Breeder: Barbara and/or Jessica McKnew

* Site Reserve Champion
Firenze HG, 7.7 colt 2010
Forrest Flame/DoubleM Eden Quest
Owner/Breeder: Julie Skaife

* Perception, 7.6 filly 2010
Popeye/Winsome Courtjester
Owner/Breeder: Dr. Desiree Lerro

* Little Night Light, 7.2 filly 2010
Leo De La Vinci/Music of the Night
Owner/Breeder: C Paige Shivery

* Leo's Little WRNB, 7.1 colt 2010
Leo De La Vinci/My American Rose
Owner/Breeder: C Paige Shivery

* Divine Destiny, 7.0 mare 2006
Owner: C Paige Shivery

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank you to all our Inspection Participants!!

Thank you's go out to our Judges, horse and pony breeders and everyone who participated in our AWR/NASPR Inspection on Saturday! Special thanks go out to Pat, Ric, Sara, Melissa, Peg and Ken for all that you did during the busy and WET day!

Congratulations to our Pony Breeders! Desi Lerro brought her delightful Winsome Courtjester with Popeye filly - Perception! Wow!!

Barbara and Jessy MacKnew are returning breeders and friends and as always it was a delight to catch up with them! Our former broodmare Aly Alice xx is currently out competing with great success (including winning their division of Elementary at the recent Fair Hill Starter Trials - finishing on their dressage score of 25!!!!) - so it was great fun to see their 2010 colt by Popeye - Picasso LG

Picasso was the Pony Champion!!!! YAY for Jessy and Barbara!!!

The Pony Reserve Champion was Firenze by Forrest Flame and owned/bred by Julie Skaife. This fancy colt had springs for feet and was simply fun to watch!

From our own breeding program -

Windrose WF (Waldaire x Wallstreet Rose WF by Wallstreet Kid) was a First Premium with a score of 7.8! "Bailey" was bit over the top with all the 'new' stuff around the arena, so she did not show off her lovely gaits as well as we had hoped. She did receive an 8 for conformation and positive comments in all the areas.

Waverleigh WF (Waldaire x ... See MoreSouthern Leigh WF by South American Way xx) received an overall score of 8.5 and a Premier grading as well as the Site Reserve Champion sash! "Izzy" had all 8.5's for her marks, so we are very pleased with this big filly!

Waldina WF (Waldaire x Sabrina WF by South American Way xx) was the Site Champion with an Overall Score of 9!!!! and a Premier grading! "Christina" wowed the judge with her great attitude and sense of self as well as her excellent engagement and carrying power in all 3 gaits.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AWR/NASPR Inspection Times are up!

July 10, 2010 AWR/NASPR Inspection

Order of Go:
8:00 AM Waverleigh WF
8:15 AM Waldina WF
8:30 AM Windrose WF

9:20 AM Leo De La Vinci
9:50 AM Firenze HF
10:05 AM Picasso LG
10:20 AM Claire De Lee
10:40 AM Divine Destiny
10:55 AM Leo's Little WRNB
11:10 AM Little Night Light
11:25 AM Perception

11:45 AM Awards

12:10 AM Branding

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us -

Weather permitting - Waldaire, Avebury WF and Wizard WF will do a brief riding demonstration at the conclusion of the day's events. Spectators and Auditors are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Remembering the Holiday and Savannah

We'd like to extend our thanks and gratitude to those who serve our country both here and abroad on this National day of celebration. We are all lucky to have the freedoms that seem so commonplace and are what make the United States so wonderful. So Happy Fourth of July to all.

It has been one year since we lost our treasured Able Spirit daughter - Savannah WF. She left behind a outstanding group of young horses for us to enjoy in the coming years.

Her oldest son, Wyatt WF (by Weltmeyer) went to school over at True Prospect Farm this morning while Ryan Wood jumped Avebury WF. Savannah's son Don William WF (by Dressage Royal) is currently delighting the trainers at Sport Horse Training, Inc and should be coming home in a few weeks. Her two daughters (both by Dressage Royal) are growing and just fabulous...Dolce Elise is just a yearling and Dream Girl is exactly what her name implies - a dream come true!

Here are some photos of her foals -