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Monday, June 20, 2016

Waldaire daughter making a name for herself!

Congratulations to Briana on a double Championship day at St. Timothy's School over the weekend with her Waldaire daughter - Westerleigh WF! Two wins in the hacks too! Rockstar status!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Home Again. Home Again.

Big thanks to all of my PFF family, my WF family, the behind the scenes folks and all of my supporters for a very educational weekend at Morven Park. Thank you to the show management for a super show. 
Huge thank you's and a big shout out to Stubben, Neue Schule, Jamco, Jerry, Purina, 2KGrey, and OneK for their amazing products that help keep the horses and me comfortable and safe. 
Lots of improvements in some areas and another learning experience in the books. We will continue to work on our weaknesses and come back better than ever.  

Another round of Thank You's go out to all the new friends I made at the show. It was fun to cheer for your successes and to be able to have friendly faces to talk to in the stables.
Love to all! 
Thank you!!!

(sorry for no photos - they're on the phone and it's getting late - have to get out to the barn and get started riding those horses who didn't get to go to the show!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New videos are going up

A handful of video clips of our sales horses are currently up on Instagram and FB.

More will be added.

If you want to know the real why those 2 locations, here you go - my Macbook Pro is aged. Dreamweaver (website software) is a huge application file. I do not have enough RAM any longer to support running it or Photoshop to crop photos. iMovie is also in that category now too.

So check out the videos. More will go up in the coming days.

Prices are lowered on a few horses as we need to reduce the inventory of riding horses due to the trailer being smashed over the weekend by a hit-n-run driver. (none of the sales horses were involved)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Horses from WF out and about competing...

Several of our homebred Watermark Farm horses have been busily making their riders and owners proud this spring!
Westerleigh WF
(Waldaire x Southern Leigh WF)
"Joy" has been ramping up her show career and collecting blue rosettes and Championships in her travels! Her owner couldn't be happier and prouder of all their hard word beginning to pay off! Congratulations Briana!

As You Wish WF (Adamant x Volante`) has been keeping Sara busy also! They've been hitting the final rankings board every trip out!  Here are the dates, locations and placings thus far - 3/20 - 2nd MDHT @Loch Moy Starter ON, 4/16 - 14th PFHT OT, 4/23 - 7th FHI OT
© Cindy Gilbert Photo

© Amy Dragoo Photo

Hunt Team at Devon May 2016
Plus no spring would be complete for the Gartland clan without a trip to the Dixon Oval. Congratulations to Sara and her crew on their lovely trip in the hunt teams!

Speaking of Devon, last year's Side Saddle Champion Wilona WF (Waldaire x As You Wish WF) has been busily expanding her horizons beyond perfectly manicured footing and gathering ribbons and fans in her travels! She won her first starter trial at Plantation Field a few weeks ago! Congratulations to the whole Gartland family for keeping Lona out and about!

 Wilsons did the DVCTA combined test at Windurra USA too! 

Liam and Artesian WF
Artesian WF (Again and Again x Aly Alice xx) has been busily working on acquiring Bronze Medal scores for Kim at Third Level. They are getting back in the groove together and enjoying the lovely weather on their adventures!

And it's not just horses we've raised - client horses are busy too! Check out Remi -
Remi aka Worth the Wait
Remi (Waldaire x Saratoga Punch xx) has been keeping Nancy and Dale busy this spring also. They've been adding to his collection of blue rosettes out eventing - typically finishing on their dressage score with a big 1st at the end of their row of scores! Way to go Team Remi!