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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Our Bill of Sale

For all of those who have requested a copy - here is the fill in the blanket form that we use currently.

Any questions, please email Anne.

THIS BILL OF SALE dated and executed this  ______ day of _____________, 201__, 

by _____________ hereinafter “Seller,” is hereby granted to _________________ hereinafter “Buyer,” as follows:

Seller hereby transfers to Buyer all rights, title and interest in and to the horse described as follows:

USDF #: 

Further, this Bill of Sale shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. 1.                  _________, as described above, is being sold in “as is” condition.  There are no real or implied guarantees or warranties by Seller;
  2. 2.                  Seller warrants that Seller has good and marketable title to ____________ and that Seller has the unqualified right to sell, assign, transfer, convey, and deliver said described ____________ free and clear of any and all mortgages, pledges, liens, security interests, conditional sales agreements, charges, encumbrances, and restrictions of any kind and nature;
  3. 3.                  Buyer agrees to purchase _____________ for $____00.00 US dollars.  Buyer agrees to pay Seller in full immediately upon completion of a pre-purchase examination by a licensed veterinarian;
  4. 4.                  Buyer agrees to pay for the pre-purchase examination by a licensed veterinarian;
  5. 5.                  Upon completion of a satisfactory pre-purchase examination, sale is final and any and all funds are nonrefundable;
  6. 6.                  Buyer shall provide proper equine insurance from execution of this agreement of sale until Buyer takes possession of ________;

  1. 7.                  Buyer shall provide full disclosure of the pre-purchase findings (copies of radiographs, veterinarian medical and narrative reports) to the Seller.

This Bill of Sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.  ____________ is transferred hereunder and shall for all purposes be treated as “goods” within the meaning of the Pennsylvania Uniform Commercial Code.

Seller makes no warranty of any kind as to said described ____________, expressed or implied, and further disclaims any and all warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Seller has executed and delivered this Bill of Sale on the ____ day of _______, 201____.

SELLER:  ______________________________  Print: __________________________

BUYER:  _______________________________ Print: __________________________

WITNESS: ______________________________ Print: __________________________

Price reductions on our green beans!

OK, one of our regular riders is out for several months, so we have several horses that are for sale at reduced prices which do not reflect their quality and potential. It is the reality that they need to be in training and our days are too full to fit more riding into the schedule.

Westerleigh WF (aka Joy) - $14,000 until May 1st (then I will have figured out cloning with a good ankle and she could get the jump schooling she needs to go on as a show hunter). Last Fall she was WTC, single flying changes, lateral work and doing small grids and cavaletti.

Wallstreet Rose (Gretta) - $2500
Last year she was WTC, lateral work, had XC training prior to being a super broodmare for us. Fancy, light to the aids and smart. Easy keeper, easy breeder, not an Alpha, superb mother.

Wendolyn WF (Lynnie) - $8000 firm
Started last summer/fall with 60 days undersaddle. WTC, lunging, basic chute work, still growing at 15.3, should mature to 16.1 +/-. Went back to work this week and it's like she never missed a day. Very, very smart and fancy.

Windrose WF (Bailey) - $7000
Started last fall (60 days), needs an experienced rider as she is a talented athletic horse with big gaits. Massive stride and powerful hind end, good prospect for top levels. Still maturing at 16.0 hands, should max out 16.2.

Waverleigh WF (Izzy) - $3500
Has basic ground work but growing like a lanky girl can. Needs maturing time - should finish 17.0 hands. Elegant and powerful mover with strong character. 

Others available. Contact for details and scheduling appointments. New video & photos to be added to their individual pages on the website pronto. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2 FEI Schoolmasters Available for on-site Lease/Half Lease

 Do you want to advance your skill set as a rider? Consider a schoolmaster lease!

Full or half lease on site option available for Artesian. Currently schooling 3rd-4th level, no maintenance and barefoot. Lesson packages also available.

Lease option for Atreo. On-site. Full or half lease option available. Lesson packages options available. Currently schooling 3rd level, no maintenance and barefoot.

Both geldings could return to full competition fitness and help you work towards your Bronze Medal scores.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Legend, some Armor and this a war zone????

As some of you may know, Mom trained at the USET back in the early days of dressage in the US. The renewed trainer Jack Le Goff was in residence and had an accent as well as a habit of speaking bluntly. One of the quotes that has been passed down through the years is, "You do not win zee battle without zee weapon!" as he would wave a whip. Translation - go into every ride prepared to help your horse understand your commands clearly. That is what I want to talk about in this blog and I figured it might carry some additional weight if I quoted a famous person...

What do I mean by "winning"? To begin with - I do not think that we are at war with the horses. I believe it is our job to help develop a language of touch and communication that allows the horse to react to subtle requests in a relaxed and confident manner. Winning is have quicker, more expressive and precise reactions to the most subtle of aids. Over time, the aids become more and more invisible to the untrained eye and the horse becomes more brilliant.

"Zee Weapon" - Could be a whip. It could also be a pair of spurs or a bit that produces the relation of jaw, poll and neck better than a previous choice. The answer may not be bigger, stronger, sharper...and that is something to get professional help with in the 'what if' scenarios! I like to think of the whip as a music conductor's baton - it helps generate better, more consistent rhythm of the hind legs.

"Battle" - each and every stride of every single ride is a training opportunity. I swear. From the moment your horse's toe touches the floor outside the stall, you are training him/her. Be aware of what you allow to happen and how it might affect your relationship.

Stella in ASB boots 
I also mentioned armor in the title. I am huge proponent of using protective legware for the horse. Bell boots, splint boots, polo wraps...all are in use on the horses I ride and only come off for competition. There are many schools of thought on the use and choice of which kind of protection to use and numerous studies have been done on the temperature effects of all of them. Bottom line - I want my horses to be confident that they will not feel pain when they are training. Since I am working on high level exercises as well as training young horses, knocking a fetlock is bound to happen with lateral work and transverse movements. They will learn where their feet go without interfering but it is extremely important that they have confidence while they build the dexterity and strength to do so.

Wyatt wears polos and bell boots
For what it is worth - I like boots for the young horses as they are a bit tougher and can take a bigger whack without much damage. The ASB boots are my favorite for the cost and durability.
I like polo wraps for the upper level horses - customized fit trumps the heat accumulation. If I have a ULH that interferes when lunging (for an example), that horse wears polos under the boots for lunging and the boots come off for riding. VAC makes a nice polo and they are very reasonably priced.
My personal preference for bell boots are the very soft rubber boots. They sometimes have double velcro, but as long as the coronet band and heels are protected, we're set to go.

So there you have it. Like a fairy tale we've put on some armor, dressed for battle and had the weapons at our disposal to emerge victorious!

~Happy Riding!~
Naked legs for a show!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Need an indoor? Need a measured large (or small) dressage arena? Ring Use Packages Available!

OK, the indoor is a measured small arena! The outdoor has a measured large set up! There are some jump materials available for use. If you find yourself in need of a riding space, schedule an appointment and come on over! Please bring a copy of your Coggins and a healthy horse. We have horses in the arena most days from 9AM-4PM, so if you need company - you're not alone when you ride.

WF Club Membship - unlimited use of the indoor & outdoor (by appointment so as to not conflict with lessons).
Single Horse: $100 per month    Family: $300 per month (limited to 4 horses)

Indoor arena: $20.00 (loose school with or without jumps)
With our assistance: $40.00 per hour
Outdoor arena: $20.00

Replace broken jump poles: $20.00
Replace broken standard: $50.00

Contact for more information or to schedule your ride

Friday, April 3, 2015

Video Day! Video Day!

It' may be Friday April 3rd in some people's lives, but it is Spring Video Weekend here at Watermark Farm! That means the camera will be out, braided horses will be in abundance and many jumps will be jumped! And that is just today!

We're setting up a jump chute in a few minutes and then getting the polish on several horses that are seeking new riders and new homes! Check back here, on Facebook or our You Tube channel for the newest footage.
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