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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Youngstock videos!

2010 fillies - Part I - Windrose WF (Waldaire/Wallstreet Kid) & Waverleigh WF (Waldaire/South American Way xx) having the first of 2 romps at about 10 days old.

Part II -

And our Daylily a few days before she came home from Sport Horse Training, Inc. - Stella is the second of our Dressage Royal offspring to be undersaddle and is a pure pleasure to work around or ride!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Eventing Photos!

So as we are having one heck of a drought this summer, the eventing schedule was trimmed back quite a bit to save the horses' legs. There is no sense in pounding around tricky cross country courses when the ground is like concrete. With the focus for most of the horses being on their dressage training and progressing their skill set, ordering photos shifted down this list a bit...but here are the images from Waredaca in May -

Here are Ellie and As You Wish WF at Training Level

And Avebury and Ryan Wood ( at one of their last Training Levels (also at Waredaca in May).

And then it was time to move the big guy up to Preliminary! Team Avebury placed fourth at Loudoun Hunt Horse Trials back in August and here is a peek at the dynamic duo...

So that might be all the eventing that the big horses do for a while. The ground is dangerously hard and slippery, so while it is saddening to keep the talent in the barn for a bit - it is truly in the long term best interests of the horses. Both Kitty and Dillon are making huge progress in their dressage education, so we are looking to start the spring season with a bang with both horses solidifying their Prelim skills and then moving up the levels.

Thank you's go out to Ryan and all the staff at True Prospect Farm for all that they have done with the horses and riders during the year! Additional thanks go out to the staff, organizers and volunteers at all of the competitions - as competitors and owners it would not be possible to do what we do without your help and support.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dressage Royal Offspring Shine at the 2010 Swiss Young Horse Championships!

Licensed stallion son Dandy de la Roche (out of a Walt Disney mare) convincingly won the FEI 5 Year Old Championships with a score of 8.57 by a margin of .41 points! Congratulations!

Don Camillo (out of a Hill Hawk xx mare) also trounced his competition in the FEI 6 Year Old Championships! He scored 71.35 with the nearest competitor being almost 2 full points behind!

Both horses defeated their respective age group's returning champions by a significant margin!

There were other Dressage Royal offspring competing in the 6 Year Old Championships -
- Darek (Dressage Royal x Capo) placed 5th
- Goldbach Danburit (Dressage Royal x Levantos) placed 9th
Congratulations to all the competitors, sponsors and support staff!!

A full write up can be found here -

Monday, September 20, 2010

Website revisions are happening! Videos are going up!

After a long hiatus from being able to work on the farm website (, the main computer is cooperating. Somewhat.

So all the sales pages have had some current training info and photos added. Current videos are being worked on and those links are also going up.

For those who have requested footage - we are working on it as quickly as possible but are running into major computer issues.

That being said - here is some footage of Wolfgang WF from the 13th of this month...

Enjoy! And thank you all very much for your understanding until we get this sorted out.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Congratulations to Sara!

Our ultra dedicated working student/intern/rider Sara completed her first season of Advanced today at Plantation Field Horse Trials!!!! We are quite proud of Sara as she is a full time student and still manages to fit plenty of riding into her busy schedule!

Here are some photos of her successful outing with her lovely mare Always A Lady by Abundance...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wizard WF photos have arrived!!!

Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation goes out to Bill Alphin of A&A Photography ( for these awesome images of our junior stallion Wizard WF from the Fair Hill Breed Show I.

Bill will be here for our October 16th Inspection offering his fine photographic skills to the participants. As you can see from the above photos - it is money well spent to have a professional behind the lens! :) Thanks again for all the lovely shots Bill!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ahhhhhh, family!

Some photos of 2 of our Waldaire - South American Way - Abundance sons!

First up - Wyncote WF aka Cody! He is out of our super producer - Southern Leigh WF who is out of Aurora by Abundance. For those of you who knew us back in the 80 & 90's - Aurora was Anne's PSG mare, then Bill, Emily and finally Ellie's eventing mare! She was an awesome cross country ride and just like her mother - very kind to her people and a respectful creature in general! This great grand son is very clearly stamped by all the family we know and love and the cause of much excitement for the future! He has just gone to Sport Horse Training, Inc. to be started and we will update You Tube, Facebook and this blog with photos, video and feedback from Roddy as he continues his education!

The next youngster is a 2008 model! He is one of the 'cover boys' on the homepage of the website - Wolfgang WF aka Puck! This young man is out of our treasured Able Spirit daughter Sabrina WF by South American Way. Able Spirit and Aurora were both born in 1979 and spent their lives together here first as riding horses and then as broodmares...they were very much a part of the family! Anne and Bill campaigned Able Spirit in hand and she received multiple scores of 100 at the various breed shows and then went on to a fantastic FEI career which spanned a full decade before having our darling Sabrina! Able Spirit is still one of the few US bred, born, trained and competition horses that progressed up the levels and competed successfully at Grand Prix. So without further ado - here is our youngster best known around the barn as Puck!

Link to Proofs from Loudoun Horse Trials and schooling photos

Whew! It has been a busy couple of weeks! All of the riding horses are making huge progress - lots of move up moments for the dressage horses, students are mastering technical skills that allow for them to bring it to the next level and the proofs are up from Loudoun Horse Trials (Avebury's first Preliminary) -

Here are some snapshots from the dusty outdoor in the past few days...

Wakanda WF (Waldaire x Abracadabra WF by Again and Again) and Sara

As You Wish WF (Adamant x Volante by Volturno) and Ellie

Daylily WF (Dressage Royal x Lily by Again and Again) is home from Sport Horse Training, Inc. and other than being a tad sunbleached (normal for a black horse of course) she is doing super! Thanks to everyone at Roddy's for doing such a super job with our lovely Stella! :)

Wizard WF (Waldaire x Abracadabra WF) continues to delight us all with his undersaddle progress. He is coming along so nicely!

Alexis (Adamant x Dynasty WF by Dekor) is another FEI star in the making...she is Avebury's full sister and one of the most hotly contested rides in the barn - everyone wants to ride her as she is the most comfortable, easy going and fun horses in the barn...and that is saying something! :)