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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waldina WF photos at 3 Weeks

Little Chrissy is now 3 weeks old...

Jump Painting 2010 June Edition is FINISHED!

(Just sayin')

Thanks Melissa & Sara for all of your help!!

Oreo was a marvelous encouraging presence the ENTIRE time...nothing like a big fuzzy tail to make you worry about drips on a windy day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Progress in the painting project!

Just a bit of an update - there are 14 pairs of standards still to paint, 2 rails to stripe and 1 double sided gate to finish up the details and then all the jumps are DONE for the year! (of course all the farm gates are due for painting but they're going to wait for a bit)

So far I've used 4 days that were ridiculously hot to acquire a bit of sunburn on my legs and gone through roughly 6 gallons of paint! Thank goodness the wing standards are 'good enough' for this year! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some changes, some additions to the current Sales List

So I revamped the Full Sales Page Listing a while back and have heard good things about the new layout. Over the next couple of weeks, I will try to get the other pages that are sorted by Age and Training Status switched over as well as some other much needed revisions to older pages. One thing that is very true with maintaining your own website is that just when you think it's 'done' - you are sure to find a new way of doing things that results in a boatload of work!

Here on the farm we are busily gearing up for our AWR/NAPSR Inspection on July 10th. If you would like to learn more about evaluating conformation and movement, please book out your Saturday and join us here on the farm. We will start bright and early at 8 AM and have offspring by several outside stallions as well as our 3 Waldaire fillies to go through the inspection & evaluation process.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Big News...or at least it is in my world

Hopefully, this blog post does not come across as self-centered. (But if it does, I apologize profusely.)

Let me start with the reality that in my life I have been incredibly blessed. My family is awesome – supportive, encouraging and fun. Having grown up on a farm has been a wonderful, priceless series of life lessons, great experiences and very much a defining facet of who I am. The privilege of growing up alongside high caliber horses that my parents bred and trained is one detail that cannot be overlooked. It is an honor to be able to have been a part of their lives and that aspect is multiplied with having been part of the breeding, raising, training and competition phases…I have been blessed with a wonderful family of four legged friends as well as my wonderful human family.

The world-class equine athlete is a wonderful creature and it is a rare privilege to have had so many in our barn already. There is a strong sense of obligation to maximize their individual potential with dedicated training, competition and daily attention. The relationship between a horse and their rider is that of partnership and acceptance with an unspoken daily dialogue building trust and obedience while performing more demanding and intricate exercises upon request. Each horse is an individual and much like a relationship between people, sometimes the chemistry is ‘just right’ and the training process flows like a stream over a series of small smooth pebbles…it is just easier with that particular individual to make minute corrections and advance at a faster pace than is the norm. Advancing the training of an upper level horse is a time consuming effort as there is no substitute for hours of training and sweat for both horse and rider but in cases where the bond between horse and rider is just ‘right’, the effort is reduced and the work is fun.

At this time, there are several super stars advancing in their training here at the farm that I personally have ‘clicked’ with and I would like to concentrate my riding efforts on more solidly. As we have been breeding horses since the 1970’s, there have always been lovely youngsters coming along in their schooling and we have offered them for sale and they go on to delight their new owners and enjoy great success. At the moment, we have quite a few promising horses that are brilliant prospects for different areas of sport (dressage, hunter/jumpers, eventing) and it is lovely to see so many bright examples of the breeding program preparing for their careers. But I find myself resenting these lovely, talented youngsters for taking my energy and focus away from my ‘favorite’ rides each day.

As a Young Rider there were some competitive highlights that I would like to think were just the beginning of my career. I enjoy the energy found in high-level competition and the focus that is required of both horse and rider. The challenge of being able to bring the best out of your horse for the world to see is a thrill like none other.

There were some bumps in the road of my life since those days and it is with great joy I can say that my job is my passionate love. The hard work and daily effort are still a challenge that make me bounce of out bed in the morning and in the evening I find myself counting the hours until I can go ride the ‘special’ ones on the list for the following day. There are two horses in particular that I would like to concentrate my efforts on with the goal of the World Championships for Young Horses in 2011. There is also a youngster that should be ready to do the Developing Prix St. Georges over the winter with the National Championships in the summer as a very real and attainable goal for him. And two Dressage Royal offspring that deserve to be campaigned as contenders in the USEF Four Year Old Tests for the National Championships. All of these particular riding goals require me to maintain a high level of fitness (thank you to the delightful event horses for reminding me to gallop and jump more often), cut back on the ‘extra’ horses on the riding list and concentrate more fully on what each particular equine star student needs from me as a rider.

So in order to come within spitting distance of these particular goals, most of the horses that are on the Sales Pages of the farm website will need to find new homes and delight other people each day with their particular gifts and skills as riding horses. They are fun to ride, gifted and athletic...but the rapport is not there for me with all of them and there are only so many hours in each day. That makes the big ‘news’ on the farm from where I am typing is that we have some really nice horses for sale at the moment and it would be lovely to have them find people who are interested in having talented, athletic horses to enjoy for themselves.

Some people might think that this is just a sales pitch. Perhaps it is in some respects. But the reality is that it is not every day that the most talented horse you have had the privilege of sitting on crosses your path - let alone to have several at the same time out of the same breeding program all at slightly different levels in their training. For me, as a rider the obligation exists to maximize their potential to the best of my ability, so hopefully this post conveys the sense of urgency and joy that make up the start of each of my days here at Watermark Farm.

So if you know of anyone who is looking to purchase a new equine partner, please have them contact my mother, Anne ( .

New Layout Feedback?

Just checking to see how the new layout & design work for it ok? If you think a different background, format would be more reader friendly, just pop me an email and let me know!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Client news from MD!

Wayfarer (Waldaire x Calida by Calido I) is a 2007 gelding and has begun his show career! (albeit at local schooling shows...but there is plenty to be proud of!)

After just 1 off-the-farm school 2 days prior, this is what his rider Trina has to say about him...

I went to a horseshow yesterday...I am starting a 3 year old Waldaire offspring. I can
not believe how wonderful his babies are. We had no arguments, no
...prancing sessions, I had an absolute wonderful show.....We placed!!!
Thank you Watermark Farm!!! "


"Wahoo, I am now a believer that if it is well bred anyone can ride it. If you are thinking about breeding...go to watermaek farms and meet their wonderful stallions, what you see is what you get with those guys. I am sooooo happy. To see youtube footage of Wayfarer, go to Whizards Lair!"

Now for a bit of background - Trina has ridden her whole life but is not a professional horse person. She's never started a youngster - always just ridden what is available and does a fair amount of fox she is a natural rider.

What a super endorsement for Whizard's Lair's breeding program and Waldaire!!

(photos are from April 2010)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Announcement Pending! Check Back Monday!!!

For those of you who follow the blog, Watermark Farm Channel on YouTube and farm news on Facebook...there is a very large announcement happening on Monday June 21st.

Please check back for the Latest News Monday!

(you will not be disappointed)

Ryan Wood Clinic on Monday the 28th Reminder

Just a friendly reminder to those interested in the upcoming jumping clinic with Ryan Wood - please get your sign up sheets in to us ASAP so that we can put your ride in your preferred time slot.

Remember, green horses/riders, new combinations, experienced horse and riders...all are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Auditors welcome (just bring a chair).

Light refreshment fare will be available in the green house near the outdoor.

Forms and more information -

And for those who haven't followed our blog updates - Ryan works for Phillip & Evie Dutton full time and is a 4* Event rider with a correct dressage foundation and a marvelous instructor & coach. If you'd like to learn more about him, please go to

Updated photos of Sabrina's filly!

We're still working on a name for the little darling but my oh my she is FANCY!

She is already doing lovely clean flying changes, full pirouettes and has some of the best gaits on the farm...Sabrina really outdid herself with this Waldaire filly!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thanks to the Outback Trading Company in Oxford, PA!!

I did a of an impromptu photography session with 2 of the Outback Trading Company's sponsored riders a few days ago - very fun and educational to watch them riding under Phillip Dutton's watchful eye! So in exchange for my time, I received a wonderful shirt from their store!

It is called a Ice-fil and is made from this awesome fabric that literally makes you cooler as you are working around the barn and riding!!! On a hot summer's day (like today) there is really nothing better than to just feel a tad refreshed as you are exercising in the blazing sun!

So if you are in the area and work outdoors in the summer - consider this a wholehearted endorsement for this clothing item!!!

And it does look rather nice with a dark chestnut, don't you think??? :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Very exciting news on the riding horse front!

After just 1 week of being away from home, Don William WF (Dressage Royal x Savannah WF) is making huge progress! His undersaddle training is progressing quickly and he shows the sensible, people oriented nature that make us so proud!

Roddy is doing a fantastic job with him and we can't wait to have him home to ride every day! This is one fancy, elastic and powerful mover!!!

Of course, he could very well find a new home and I would be sad to not have the ride but with all that would be nice to see him out showing and being a star!