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Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Wrap Up - clinics, stallions, sales, communication and lessons

So it is a bright and sunny Monday morning with predicted highs in the 40's! Not bad for late February! This post is going to be a bit of recap and questions for those who like to clinic!

To start - thank you again to all of our loyal students and clinic participants for bearing with us during the winter that seemed to deliver storms on each and every Friday! It was a joy to work with you all and we hope to continue to offer a clinic format throughout the year to help everyone advance their horses.  (see below for more information)

Secondly, today is an awesome day to consider Dressage Royal if you are debating breeding your mare! We have another DR offspring undersaddle and she is as calm, cool and collected about becoming a riding horse as all the others have been. Our older DR offspring (2007's) are progressing beautifully in their training and providing plenty of reasons to breed to him again each and every day. Charming personalities, sweet natures, super gaits, easy flying changes and great elasticity in their way of going...we are smitten! Come see them in person and that might make you a believer in his prepotency too!

Thirdly, if you are trying to contact Ellie or Anne to arrange interviewing for the working student position(s), view sales horses or to discuss any of our stallions, please email your information, requests and/or questions to or .  The cell service at the farm has gotten more unpredictable and the riding list is quite long - which means getting a prompt (and coherent) answer will be a challenge unless we can sit down and type it out during some down time. We are happy to call you back but it can be difficult to mesh schedules during this hectic time. Email truly is best for now. We are all on Facebook, so that is another means of reliable contact through the Farm Page.

For lesson scheduling, please email or text what would work for you and remember to include your name in the first message so we know who it is coming from! ;) Thank you!!!!!

Fourth on the list - future clinics.
There are several clinics in the works with different topics than we have offered thus far. Check back in a few days as there will be an opportunity to weigh in on when and what will be on the schedule.

For those of you who wanted to participate in the Winter Clinic Series and could not - we are planning on offering the topics again in May as a series. It may be an afternoon/evening series during the week, however, in order to avoid conflict with the competition schedule.

The other alternative to signing up for clinics is to sign up for lessons. We offer private, semi-private and group lessons for beginner to advanced students. We will be offering a Weekly Group Lesson one afternoon per week starting the end of May to help those with young horses that need mileage in a more friendly atmosphere with equine company. For the more advanced work (flying changes, lateral work, etc), we can provide a demonstration horse and rider for the more visual learners. Private lessons for the advanced work on the schoolmasters are also available for those with a good seat and kind hands.

So I think that is everything for today! Communication is the key! Check back in a few days for the updates on the new clinics!

~Happy Riding!~

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Thank you's go out to all of our clinic participants from the past 2 months. You all rode beautifully and worked very hard on all the exercises that were given!! It has been a pleasure to watch all the positive progress and good effort reap so many benefits for you and your horses!! 

Big congratulations go out to all of the 'first timers' in the Flying Change Seminar today!!!! It was a real pleasure to watch all the successful flying changes that happened without fuss or drama!!! Your hard work really shows!!! Three cheers for determination and talent!!!

Thank you to Bill Alphin of A& A Photography for the fine photos you have taken! Your smiling, positive energy and friendly comments make the day fun for all! Take a minute and a peek at his work that is available for purchase HERE

Thank you to all of our auditors and new friends! You all have been incredibly stoic and tolerant of the cold to sit through so many, many hours of lessons! 

We will be offering more clinics in the future with a variety topics, so check back for updates!

There continue to be lessons available - private, semi-private and groups and we all love to share our knowledge! Don't be shy! Schedule a lesson and then we can help you reach your riding goals faster!!!

But most of all....


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flying Change Seminar is a GO!!!!!

That's right! The weather will be chilly and wet, but the clinic is a GO!!!!

Hot soup and coffee will be ready and waiting for everyone later today!!!

Come join the fun and learn about flying changes!!!

11:30 Demo
12:30 Lauren
 1:15  Fiona
 2:00  Pat
 2:45  Q & A

Traveling Horses! A few new updates!

There is a confirmed case of EHV-1 (equine herpes) in Ocala, FL at the HITS Showgrounds.

According to Eventing Nation - Florida is currently shut down to horse traffic at the State Inspection Station.

So this seems like a timely reminder to have a discussion with your veterinarian and schedule your spring boosters! Also, when you enter a strange facility is a fine time to keep your (and your horse's) distance from the equines who live there. When you return home, a change of clothing, a good scrub of your hands and shoes might seem a bit paranoid, but the alternative could be so much worse! Protect your horses!

And please take a few moments to check the USDA APHIS website and verify your state's regulations for horse traffic! And this is the PA list. Please read through and comply with the regulations - it helps protect your horse as well!

Now with all of that information in mind, Watermark Farm is closed to all equine traffic from Ocala. Our barn nearest the indoor will be closed to outside horses after today (Saturday) due to some traveling that is in the forecast for some of the inhabitants.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clearance Sale on some great saddles!

Last chance clearance sale on our remaining inventory of Ortho Flex and American Flex Saddles!!!

All of the black 17.5" and 18" UK Dressage Saddles are just $550!!!
The havana brown 17.5" UK Dressage is $750!!
The Frank Baines UK Dressage is $500!!!
The brown 18" UK Dressage is $800!!
The 18"  UK Classic is $850 - it has less than 10 rides on it!!!

Shipping & insurance billed directly to purchaser. Paypal accepted. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flying Change Seminar Times 2/23/13

11:30 Demo
12:30 Lauren
 1:15  Fiona
 2:00  Pat
 2:45  Q & A

Due to some iffy weather in the forecast, we are keeping the schedule short with a lengthy demonstration to start the day. During the Q & A at the end, another horse may be brought out to do a second demo - but that will depend on the level of interest and weather. 

If we get significant snowfall overnight, the clinic will be held at the same time on Sunday. Any changes, postponement or alterations to the schedule will be posted here on the blog, FB, the Calendar page on our website and on the Event Page of the Chronicle of the Horse.

Any questions or conflicts, please email

Last Call for Riders!

Last call for Flying Change Seminar riding sign ups!
Times will be posted by the end of business today!

Or email
Auditors, please let us know if you are attending! We need to know how much food to have on hand! Thank you!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flying Change Seminar Saturday 2/23

This is our first call for sign ups for Saturday's Flying Change Seminar!

Times will go up on Wednesday!!!

Sunday will be our snow date - just in case we get another Friday snow storm! So if you are signing up and would need a different time depending on the day, please just speak up and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

There will be at least 2 demonstrations given during the day and quite possibly several more horses of varying levels of training brought out for discussion and exhibition. This Seminar is more of "how to" than the previous clinics - more Q & A, very open and frank discussion of what is expected, performed and executed in the process.

Auditors - we need a headcount to have sufficient food and drink on hand, so please pop a note our way or sign up on the Event Page on FB.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Demystifying Lateral Work Clinic

For those who would like the clinic to happen today, we have a bit of good news! There are some riders who are local who are game to trailer over. There are others who are not, so the day will be a bit broken up - that means we can't officially call it a Clinic but there will be lessons going on that can be audited by the public.

Sorry for the pesky weather that seems to like to arrive just for the weekends.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Will it? Won't it?

Such a quandary!

Will it snow tonight? Will it be frozen and icy in the morning? Those are the questions floating about at 4PM this fine Friday afternoon!

So as it stands now - I think it is still a go for tomorrow's Clinic. Sunday's forecast is so stinking cold that we do NOT want to be out in the indoor all day standing teaching and the horses would prefer to not be asked to stretch and bend when it is so cold either.

If we have to 'cancel' officially - we will offer private lessons with live a demo either later in the day Saturday if the roads are decent or as needed Sunday-Friday this coming week. Next weekend is set 
aside for our  Flying Changes Seminar. 

Unless it snows. Again. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saturday 2/16/13 Clinic Times

Lateral Work Clinic Times
9:00 AM Demo
9:45 Annie & Lou
10:30 Jill & Tray
11: 15 Paula & Breezie
12 noon Melanie & Will
12:45 Fiona & Johnny
1:30 Pat & Beau
2:15 Lauren & Savannah

3:00 Q & A 

If there are any conflicts, please just let me know and we'll make the necessary adjustment(s). 

As in the past with cold temperatures, please feel free to get on your horse 10-15 minutes before the previous horse is finished and walk about on a loose rein. Likewise, please feel free to linger a bit after your lesson has finished to cool your horse out properly. 

Parking will be juggled in our driveway or you are welcome to park on the west side of the road and lead in. If you need a stall - please just contact us in advance and we'll make space accordingly. 

Auditors - please give me a heads up, so we have enough food & drink. Thanks!

Monday, February 11, 2013

It's February but...

I know, I know. It's February. That means some biting cold, snow, ice, rain, mud, slippery roads, fresh horses and a lot of time in the indoor ring.

If you are in my shoes, it also means packing, vet appointments, time with the dentist and farrier plus all of the 80,000 miscellaneous chores that go into helping keep the farm going, horses in work and the other mundane tasks that have to be done each day.

For my preceptive readers, you may have caught an important word in that last sentence - packing! There will be a bit more about that later but there is an interesting proposition looming in the future that I want to get out there first! 
I am looking for a working student. Plain and simple. 

I need a WS who is comfortable grooming, tacking up, leading my horses, walking them quietly, cooling out, bathing, putting them back in the stalls/paddocks and help with the mountain of tack that needs cleaning. Why the sudden change you might ask? Well, warmer weather is coming and there are more than 15 horses in full work at the moment on my personal riding list. The day would be expedited greatly if I could have a trusty soul to tack them up and cool them out for me - in a nutshell. 
So that brings up the topic of compensation - after all - nothing in this world is free! ;) I am a USDF Silver and Gold medalist who can teach you how to have a better, more effective seat and not work so hard while doing dressage at any level. There are several schoolmasters here on the property that can help teach you to be a better rider also. The barter system will be hard at work - lessons on trained horses in exchange for your toiling away at the more mundane chores. 
The job is part time - mornings preferably, say 7:30-12noon 5 days a week. I can teach you on your own horse or on one of ours.  If it is one of ours - all the tack (saddle, bridle) are provided as well as instruction from the moment you settle into the tack. We all answer to Mom as the Chief Trainer and Owner of all Horses but I am asking for additional help with her blessing.

I'm open to talking over what hours/days/responsibilities you have and what you get in exchange. I'm a safety first kind of gal - so don't think you'll be riding without a helmet...cause it's not happening! ;) 
The position opens April 25th. 

If you are interested - please send me an email and we can discuss the interviewing process. If you are not local to the area, housing can be discussed but you have to have your own car and insurance. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Demystifying Lateral Work Clinic 2/16/13 Saturday

First - a big thank you to all of our auditors and riders in today's Riding Fundamentals Clinic! You guys braved the chilly weather and rode like champs! Thank you!!!!

Second - we're getting a couple of riders signed up for next Saturday's Clinic that will discuss lateral work - shoulder in, leg yield, half pass, haunches in, renvers, turn on the haunches, turn on the get the idea. You can sign up HERE on FB or send an email to and let us know what time of day would work best.

Auditors - please pop a note to one of those places so we can have a head count for food & drinks and don't forget your chairs!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Riding Fundamentals Clinic 2/10 Sunday

 The Weather Peeps have spoken! We will be using Sunday February 10th for our Clinic Date!!!!

If you any of our riders need to move to a different time/day/schedule, please post or email what works for you!!!! We're going for safety first and foremost - so if you want to use a private lesson time on another day, that is fine. We want everyone to have a successful show season in 2013, so please feel free to do what fits in your plan!

If you want to communicate via FB -  

 or pop an email to

Times for Sunday - 9:45 DEMO
10:30 Pat & Beau
11:15 Paula & Lily
12:00 Sara & Amelia
12:45 Melanie & Will
1:30 Anne & Lou
2:15 Fiona & Johnny
3:00 Lauren & Savannah

Parking will be juggled in our driveway or on the road frontage (west side).

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Check out this Dressage Royal son!

A breeder/rearer/Veterinarian in Germany shot this fabulous video of Damsey (Dressage Royal x Ritual x Grande) at the recent Private Stallion Show in Verden. Enjoy!! And consider Dressage Royal for your own future breeding endeavors!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's cold. The Clinic is Postponed. What to do...

The temperatures are not high enough to work horses. There is snow on the ground. It is a bit slick out in the pastures. Once the horses get their morning grooming and attention, I am retreating into the horse to work on my rider education via Dressage Training Online and Catherine's latest series of videos.

You see, she (Catherine) had an open training day at her barn in Loxahatchee and had all the rides taped and they are now up on DTO for your viewing pleasure. On top of that - she has a code in her latest blog  that will give you free access to the DTO for the rest of the month of February!!! What a huge gift from a fabulous instructor and trainer of Grand Prix horses!!!!!!!!

So if you can't get to Florida to train with Catherine - here is the next best thing! Watch the whole series - she covers a very green 3 year old to her current up and coming Grand Prix horse as well as her working student on a very experienced Grand Prix horse.

Wyatt in the CHS Clinic in June 2012
©A&A Photography
It's a lousy day. Take advantage of some free instruction and make a positive experience out of the cold weather! Your horse will thank you! ;)

Happy Riding! (well, when it gets warmer that is)

RF Clinic is POSTPONED, Snow Date 2/9

Hmmm, I think the groundhog sent us a wintery blast as a way of being funny for having predicted an early spring. Or at least that's the only humor I can find in having white blanket coating everything outside.  

Anyway, groundhogs aside - we're going to postpone the clinic until Next Saturday due to the roads. The schedule may shift slightly...I'll keep you updated.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Riding Fundamentals Clinic UPDATE


We had a cancellation due to rider illness, so the schedule is as follows - 
9:45 Demo
10:30 Melanie & Will
11:15 Paula & Lily
12:00 Sara & Amelia
12:45 Fiona & Johnny
1:30 Pat & Beau
2:15 Anne & Lou
3:00 Lauren & Savannah

~Get well soon Jill!~

If there is snow overnight - we will postpone until Next Saturday 2/9 for the Riding Fundamentals Clinic. If you have signed up and that date would not work - we will allow make up rides and can offer a demo ride as you warm up. The same Clinic Fee would apply.

The Lateral Work Clinic would then still be on the 16th with a snow date of the 17th.

The Clinic Series and Fees will only run through the month of February - we have to finish before March 1st.

We apologize for the disruption but there is certainly one thing we cannot control and that is the weather! THINK SPRING!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Update on prices!

All saddles that are listed for $800 or less - marked down to $650 until 2/18/13.

All saddles listed for $850 - marked down to $700 until 2/18/13.

Take advantage of the savings opportunity!

I also have a nearly new (less than 20 rides) pair of MH winter insulated riding boots - Asking $55.