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Sunday, February 2, 2014

500 miles down, 600 more to go!

I'm tucked into my hotel room and watching an interesting Super Bowl post halftime. 12 seconds, 7 more points for Seattle. Hmph. So much for the team I was rooting for winning.

The trip has been pretty good so far. Wyatt and Wendy (aka Wakanda) shipped great, drank water when we stopped for fuel and we made super time on I-95. We're overnighting in Florence, South Carolina - they're at the awesome Florence Horse Center and I'm a few miles away at a hotel.

Other than a minivan flipping on one of the interstate interchanges towards Raleigh, NC - it was a fairly quiet drive. That disaster had flames and carnage - thoughts and prayers for all involved.  :(

Thanks to Clay Creek Equine for making sure the horse's had the proper vaccinations and health forms, Roland's Repairs in Homeville, PA for making sure the truck and trailer were up to the trip and most importantly - Mom and Dad get huge props for making it possible for me to do this grand adventure in furthering my education. :) Thanks to my students for bearing with me - I'll be home soon but in the meantime - Mom is up to advancing you all! Give her a call!

I will get some photos of the FHC and post them tomorrow night! Now it's time to catch some shut eye and be well rested for tomorrow's adventure on I-95!

Rest well!

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