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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday Monday

Monday 2/10 -

Ahhhh, the joys of working without stirrups!

 I don’t know about the rest of my friends who read this blog and ride but if my stirrups are out of the equation - my position and seat are much more effective! By allowing my knee (which is often times too straight) to come forward and upward - my hips are forced into more mobility and allowing the horses back to be more supple with increased responsiveness! So rewarding and fun to make a fundamental change and have an instant response from the horses!!

So obviously I was happy with my lesson on Wyatt! Wendy had a light day with some attention being paid to my position and timing of the aids. It is wonderful to have a horse like her to work with as all of the material from my lessons can be practiced during our sessions together.

It was also a “regular” Monday here in the stable with lessons going on all day and training of the in house horses. It is fascinating to watch the dramatic improvements from all of the horses in just one week’s time! It will be quite fun to see what happens during the rest of my stay!

My sympathies go out to all my friends up north - I am trying to get Mother Nature to send warmer weather in your direction - I promise! Hopefully the Polar Vortex clears out in a hurry and more temperate weather arrives soon!!! Stay safe! Stay upright! 

Tomorrow has another lesson on the schedule for me with Catherine. I will probably school Wyatt with her again and then do Wendy on Wednesday. Austin, Michelle and Meredith are all offering to get some photos soon, so I promise to have those to share in a day or so! 

Apologies for the short post! 

I forgot my iPhone cord in my room, so my apologies - photos will be added to the Farm Page this evening if I can find the energy to head out again. Somehow starting at 4:30 makes for a long day! :) A very happy but long day...

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