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Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday! plus Sunday!

Saturday - 

Lesson with Catherine late morning on Wyatt working towards the overall look and feel of how Hotmail goes for her. Extremely hot and humid. If anyone at home wants to beat me with a stick for saying it is too hot - I understand completely but am already dehydrated and feeling ill, so there is not really any point. 

Sunday - 

Catherine is showing in the national GP class with Hotmail in the morning. It is technically a day off for the stable, but I will be riding both of my horses as their turnout has been a tad limited. Then it is beauty parlor day for them - the clippers will be in action and their manes will be tidied also!
But first up will be a trip to Global to root for The Big Boss! And take some photos! :)
I’ll report back at the end of the day with more photos, video clips and more training updates! 

ETA: 2pm update - Wendy was super for her early ride before we left for Global! Lots more looseness in her back, nicely up into the bridle and honest in her changes with good energy from behind! A++ for being such a good girl!

Wyatt was also stellar after we returned! He is back in his more mild bits and nicely balanced in the connection. He had fabulous changes, some acceptable half steps according to Austin and Meredith and was very good in the trot work. Another A student in the stable!
I am waffling on what to do for his turnout situation. Wendy is calm and relaxed in her paddock and he desperately wants to roll. Currently I am leaning towards hand grazing her near his paddock and having him wrapped/booted/bubble wrapped to the eyeballs so he can have a bit of freedom to be a horse again...but it is very possible that that could change by this evening. We shall see!

So the tack is cleaned and oiled. The bandages, saddle pads and towels are in the dryer and my brown boots are airing before I polish them this evening. 

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