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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fun, good horses, great rides and now a pile of photos to edit!

OK - I'm not going to get to the photos tonight as it's already 7PM and I need to find dinner! So in honor of not editing and posting - here is my Current Top 10 List -

Top 10 Signs You’ve Been in Loxahatchee 

10. Speed bumps are normal and no cause for concern (ie slowing down)
9. Listening to alligators when it is fully dark is no reason to fret
8. Knowing 3 different gate codes is normal and expected
7. Playing with lizards is fun and normal
6. Making at least one U Turn is part of any driving directions
5. Hills become vague memories
4. “Cold” is below 65*
3. A windy day is as well received down here as a day that doesn’t get above freezing up North
2. Going 8 miles takes 45 minutes
1. Having a GPS is required!

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