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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tuesday! My head is full!

Wow! What a fabulous (albeit hot!) day! A good night’s sleep makes a day stuffed to the brim with education so much better! 

The day started with Wyatt who was much improved in his focus and concentration in today’s ride. After so many months in the indoor arena, he was a bit overwhelmed yesterday, so it was very nice to have my buddy back for a good school. If all goes according to plan, he will have a lesson with Catherine tomorrow to get an idea of what the next month will consist of for his training plan. 

Wendy had a very good lesson with Catherine this afternoon. We focused on getting her to keep her very good contact with the bridle (a real plus to hear how nice it is!) and then encouraging her to take longer strides behind while elevating the forehand and increasing her suspension! A lot was accomplished in just 45 very hot minutes!!

Before anyone even thinks that I am complaining - it is tough on the horses and me to be working very hard with strong sunlight and the temperature in the high 80’s with high humidity. We are all drinking lots of water and taking our electrolytes but it is HOT. Everyone is talking about it - so I don’t feel bad for changing clothes three times a day!
In between my rides I was at ringside frantically taking notes on the lessons that we going on for the staff riders here at International Dressage. Young horses, middle level horses and then Catherine’s big FEI horses...just pages and pages of notes of exercises and corrections to incorporate how to deal/adjust/improve the work. High level, intense, analytical and always with the horse’s relaxation, focus and happiness held as the most important detail! Very, very fun stuff and I will expand on that when afternoon chores are not in need of some attention! 

We have some intense thunderstorms rolling through at the moment - downpours alternating with big lightening! So stay safe my friends in the frozen North!!! 

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