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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's HOT out!

With some extremely sultry weather upon us, we've taken a mini-break holiday with the training. So there have been some spa days for the horses - manes are pulled, extra shampoo and good grooming has been the name of the game!

This morning was breezy and the mare pasture's group was down for a drink, so I ventured out to say hello to them and the guys out across the road - they're ready to come in and start their training! :)

Wei WF
Dolce Elise (L) Wichita Rose (R)

Wendolyn, Westerleigh & Windrose 

Westerleigh WF

Aloysius WF

Dreamcatcher WF

Drummond WF

Wilson WF

Wolfgang WF

Future Insect Eaters

Wallstreet Rose WF
Going into the pasture results in shots like this...
See that bit of grey creeping in from the right??? 
Oh well. You guys get the idea. They're friendly! :)

The Farm Page has rolled 9300 Fans, so many thanks go out to all of our supporters. We appreciate all of the support!

So stay cool. Hydrate. And we'll hope for some cooler temperatures to continue to advance the training of the horses starting tomorrow! Happy Riding!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

How fitting!

It seems to be perfect timing to have a post about Wizard's 2012 foals following his turn as our Featured Stallion!

That's right! I said FOALS!!!

The maiden mare Texas Two Step (AWS) foaled early on May 27th. Her filly is 'very leggy and frisky'! And Mia is being a super mom. Congratulations to the owner/breeder! We're really looking forward to seeing this beauty move! :) She is a dark bay tobiano and will be very fancy!

KM's darling filly out of Texas Two Step
Mia & filly

Late in the day Mary Barrett's proven TB mare In A Dream got down to business and delivered a dark bay filly with a classic "Waldaire" star and a hind it is quite obvious that she is part of our large equine family! Mary said that "Winnie" has a very large shoulder, super angles and legs that go on for miles! 
TLF Wicked and In A Dream xx

So congratulations to both breeders! We couldn't be happier for you both and are looking forward to adding photos to share with everyone! So there's the hint to keep sending them!!! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Featured Stallion ***Wizard WF***

May 20th was his sixth birthday, so Wizard WF is our Featured Stallion today!

Professionals love him - hunter, jumper, eventing, international dressage! They all ask if he can come to their barn! If you are an Amateur and seeking a super talented stallion for your mare - Wizard is your guy!

From the moment Waldaire stepped off the trailer, Ellie firmly stated that everyone should have a horse just like him. Wally provided Watermark Farm with a Mini-Me with Wizard - they are that similar! He is the result of a careful selection of proven performance horses - his dam was trained up through Intermediare II, her full brother was an international Silver Medalist and a Grand Prix horse, their sire was a successful Grand Prix horse who had extremely successful full siblings - Ruxton (in the Show Hunter Hall of Fame), Jackie Blue (jumped in the L.A. Olympics), Rushton was also a working Hunter and Tiara was successful with a very well known International dressage rider! Waldaire racked up high scores up and down the East Coast with his granddam Daktary being the only full sibling of Cindy Ishoy's Dynasty!

Catherine Haddad Staller said "everyone should have a horse like THIS!" after a brief ride on him in April 2012! We can't think of a better way to describe this young stallion!

He's got excellent form over fences, easy flying changes and is a flat out joy to ride!

His first foal arrived in 2011 and exceeded our expectations. More foals are due to arrive in the next few weeks, so we will post more photos!

Wizard will be going to see Catherine again in June and we'll report back with her recommendations for his competition path with lots of photos and a few videos also!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

9100 FANS! WOW!

There is not much to say beyond THANK YOU to all of our FANS, friends and supporters on Facebook! You guys are the best, plain and simple! We have a "contest" at the moment - please go through this album and vote for your favorite future cover image! We're going to try to have a rotation of interesting shots to help keep the page your opinion counts!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saddles to try! Lots to learn! Happy horses! Happy riders!

Stubben came for a visit! 

This is just a wonderful sight!
This is Keith Brooks who is our awesome Saddle Fitter!

 :)  So we're all smiles here on the farm today!

Stubben was here today to check the fit of a few of our horses in their Stubbens! No adjustments were needed, so we're all set for the competition year!
We order our saddles (with Keith's help) through Stubben's Custom Program and with the help of Bit of Britain!

 It is always a happy day when a saddle comes in and we go to pick it up!

My saddle is a Genesis Special D in an 18" seat with a 29cm tree. It fits the vast majority of our horses with no additional padding or flocking - but do keep in mind that they are 'related' through the breeding program, so it makes sense that they have a similar shape to their backs!

This is Anne's saddle! It has the DL flap (1" shorter) but is the same tree width and seat size as mine,  just in black to match her dark coated horses!

So if you are interested in learning more about what Stubben has to offer - please contact them or check out their website! If you are not in our local area and want a Custom Saddle, take heart! They have an extensive network of Certified Saddle Fitters here in the USA, so there are many people who can help you to find the best saddle for you and your horse! Just tell them Ellie Rawle said to call!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stubben is on site 5/16/12 Wednesday!

That's right! Stubben is here tomorrow starting at 1PM.

Any ?'s -

Saturday, May 12, 2012

9000 Fans! WOW! Schooling photos!

There is not much to say beyond WOW and THANK YOU to all of our fans, friends and supporters on Facebook. The Farm Page rolled 9000 mid-day yesterday and continues to gain new fans. We really enjoy all of the comments, the feedback and LIKES. I have been trying to update the Cover Photo every few weeks and will seek out some good shots this weekend as we have such nice weather to share with the world. Thank you all that you do!

Congratulations to Nancy and her OTTB Jake - they won a large division of Training Rider at Maryland Horse Trials! Finishing on their Dressage score and having a super show jumping and cross country ride! Congratulations!! Nancy has been working with Anne for about 30 years while pursuing her busy eventing career! Hard work and dedication pays off!
New schooling photos are below!
Florence & Wylie
Me & Atreo
Florence & Adelaide
Sandro leading Wizard for night turnout
Florence & Wilona
Florence & Wylie

Florence & Wilona
Florence & Wilona
Florence & Adelaide
Me & Wyatt