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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Friday!! Freestyle Day!!


It’s Freestyle Day! Which means we had time to do our horses here at the stable in Loxahatchee and then go to Global a bit later in the day! Woohoo! Time to practice a bit of what I’ve been seeing in the big rings! (there is a bit more to that and I’ll get to it in a second!)

I rode Wyatt as early as I could get to him as the weather is frightfully warm and humid with no breeze. He and I worked on some lateral suppleness, the energy from the hind quarters and maintaining a soft contact with the bridle. Every ride seems to be picking up where the last one left off, so I am very happy with the progress we have made under Catherine’s watchful eyes!

Wendy is in season. If you are not a horse person, just imagine a cranky teenager who is not in the mood to clean their room and that’s a fair comparison! ;) I tried to jolly her along She did what I asked her to do but with a bit of an attitude and small snarky comments - “you didn’t need to kick me that hard!” which has an indignant swish of her tail attached of course! 

My seat continues to improve and the energy from the hind legs is more accessible on both horses. I feel like we are consistently making forward progress and I am relying less and less on the reins for the half halts...thank goodness! 

So it is off to Global shortly! Go USA! Go Patrick! Go Davidor! Go Catherine and Mane Stream Hotmail! 

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