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Monday, January 23, 2017

Updates, news and such

So I finally managed to resuscitate my MacBook Pro! Now, for those of you who think, "Big deal, who cares?" Well, there are many things that can only happen on that shiny silver rectangular box of clicking keys and swirling lights - like working with this magnificent program called "Dreamweaver". Or better yet - "Photoshop". Now I'll stick to the first one tonight/today because it is more important to get revised text up on the Sales Pages and update what the offspring of our stallions have been up to lately. Doing the mundane resizing of images and then saving the smaller versions to the computer to then upload to the server which holds the real website - well, that gets to be on hold for a few days.

That means you all get to poke around on the website - let me know by sending a link to the page - if you find broken missing links, images, info, etc. That would be a big help - thanks in advance!

And on the news front, here is the run down -

Our training barn is currently full. We may have space available for a smaller horse (or a pony) in March. We have several new additions on the Clients Sale page. If you would like to see photos or videos, please visit our Facebook Page.

But in the meantime, here are the dry facts -
"Butch" -
15.2 2011 Gelding
Chestnut, flaxen mane and tail, 4 stockings
Currently schooling 1st level and in full work since the beginning of January.
Has schooling show mileage at Intro - 8 on gaits, broke 70%, been to Quadrille practice.
Confidence building type of ride, very grounded and sane - worker bee mentality. Very suitable for an AA to learn and have fun on daily. Good ground manners. Is a cribber.
Priced to sell at $7500 - will increase with more training/showing...and we're sending entries in this week! Make an appointment - quick!

16.0 2010 Gelding
Bay, star, snip, hind socks
Currently schooling 1st level, in full work since New Year's.
Smart, charming personality. Suitable for an intermediate rider due to his powerful gaits and strong push from behind. Very similar in type and movement to Verdades.
Price on request - please contact

Not officially on the market (yet) -
Mighty Max
2011 Dales Pony Gelding 13.2 hands
Sensitive, smart, bold personality who seeks a calm leader to be his partner in life's adventures. Max is very sweet and learning all there is to learn in being a riding pony. Big, scopey mover - naturally inclined to do clean changes, he should excel in dressage. Not suitable for a beginner rider at this time - very suitable for a smaller person to bring along through the levels!