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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wizard WF filly for sale!

Wicked TLF (barn name Winnie) is for sale! 

Carien Schippers Images courtesy of Mary Barrett 

Winnie has been weaned, has extensive handling with plenty of show experience and is a First Premium foal. Her owner/breeder reports that she is very intelligent and a barn favorite!

So if you like Wizard - check out his daughter! Contact Twin Lights Farm for more information and pricing.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Schooling images and a new Sales Page for the website!

First - check out the new SALES Page  for the website!

Then enjoy some schooling snapshots -

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Spectacular SALE!

There are some exciting changes coming to our Farm this fall! The riding horses are gearing up for a very productive winter season and big plans are afoot for the upcoming competition season. The youngstock are maturing beautifully - which is a positive omen for future performance as riding horses. Speaking of youngstock, we are looking at offering mare owners an excellent opportunity to access our proven rooster of breeding stallions:

Waldaire: $350

Showtime WF: $200   

Adamant: $250 per dose   

Dressage Royal: $800           

Again and Again: $300                   

Wizard WF: $250

Avebury WF: $350 

These discounts will be offered for a limited time!  (meaning we will not be announcing the date when the sale ends, so buy now and SAVE!)

Please see our STALLIONS page for more information. 

With the Winter season fast approaching, we are offering a "Watermark Farm Club Membership" access to the indoor and outdoor ring facilities. For a Single Rider it is $250 per month and for a Family Group $300. Due to our existing clientele, this is offered by appointment only. There is no sense in having 20 people booked into the ring at one time! Please email for more information and payment options. Watermark Farm reserves the right to prohibit horses/riders that are disruptive, dangerous to others or rude.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Schooling photos!

Whodini WF
Wyatt WF by Weltmeyer

Adelaide & Monika

Avebury WF & Francisco

Wakanda WF
 Wakanda aka Wendy is going to get a few more photos thrown in as she has not gotten much camera time as of late and is really turning up her talent level! She is a full sister to Whodini & Wizard. Enjoy!
Wakanda WF aka Wendy
We're thinking of targeting Wendy for the YH Prix St. Georges next year! So exciting to think about the future and all the fun that waits! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Schooling photos and breeding news!

A super fun Wednesday was had by all! Bright and early (ok, it was a touch of insomnia - I'll admit) there was an email in my inbox from a lady in Florida who was very kind about sharing information about her friend's Waldaire daughter! So much like a family reunion, I'm going to share the video she sent -

Hopefully I can fill in the pedigree in the coming days and then share that information with you all too!

And speaking of Waldaire, here are some photos of one of his 2007 foals (and a frozen semen baby at that)! Check out Whodini WF -

Whodini is a full brother to Wakanda and Wizard WF out of Abracadabra WF by Again and Again. Super mover, huge gaits, light mouth and sensitive - all fabulous things for the FEI levels.

The stylin' Defender in Navy Suede from One K Helmets! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

It's here! It's here!

Remember a few posts back when I went on a tirade about helmet safety, expiration dates and being responsible???? Well, I am the proud owner of a new One K Defender Helmet in Navy Blue Suede. It is a serious upgrade in fit, comfort and safety from my old GPA! (no offense GPA - your hat just gave me a headache all these years!)

So check out the photos below... (and advance apologies for looking all stiff and formal here in the living room with a helmet on! It felt a tad awkward!) ;)

Thank you Skylands Saddlery! Your booth at DAD allowed me to learn about your awesome product line and then TRY the helmets on in a low pressure environment! You guys Rock!!

I left this image a slightly larger size. I wear a 52 in a GPA, so I have a tiny pin sized head. With the awesome sizing system and shape of the One K, it doesn't dwarf my face and look ridiculous. Allow me to pull up some examples of "where is Ellie under all that hat?" from the past...
1992 or 91? when the first ASTM hats hit the market
1994 and this thing flopped around like a bowl on my noggin

the Original GPA 
So you see what I mean? They're pretty ridiculous looking!  I promise new photos on the horses tomorrow with my hair tied up properly! And then in the not too distant future - show photos with my spiffy blue tail coat! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Check it out!!

The Website is almost current!!!!!

I say almost because about 3 minutes have passed, so that means I could go in and update another page!!! :) But I won't tonight...

 But there is new cover art on the FB page -

However, we have a very large breeding special about to happen, so keep an eye here on the blog, the Stallion Page or our Facebook Page for the announcement. It is a big one, so definitely something to consider for your personal stock of frozen swimmers!

Speaking of frozen - here are a few of our youngsters - not all from Frozen Semen but quite a few of them are...

So the vast majority of these horses are for sale. If one of them catches your eye, please email for more information and pricing. Speaking of horses for sale, our Wall Street WF has joined the Under Saddle Horses for Sale Listings. Check our his new videos!