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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thank you to all our clinic participants!

Thank you to all of our clinic participants! You all worked very hard and made great progress. It was a treat to work with all of your horses and with each of you as well. Additional thanks to our auditors for braving the-not-quite-as-warm-as-forecasted temperatures! Oreo, Frank and Moo were happy to provide everyone's lap with a fuzzy kitty warmer but your stoicism did not go unnoticed!

If anyone would like a follow up lesson, Ellie and Anne are available either here at the farm or to travel to your facility. Please email either of their addresses to set up a mutually beneficial time. Lessons (on site) are $50.

Alternatively, if anyone would care to have another day long clinic this spring - that too can be arranged. Pop an email or text our way and then we know that there is interest.

Thanks again to everyone! It was a treat to see so many old friends and make new ones!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Times for Long Lining Clinic Saturday the 20th

Times -
9:00   First Demo Horse w/ Ellie
9:45   Sandy Miele & WF horse and Jen Coleman &WF horse
10:30 Cathy Shiner & Sophia and Erika Kurtz & Sprikett
11:15 Mark Powell & Johnnie
12:00 Kim Stover & Batman
12:45 Sharon Sexton &WF horse 
1:30   Pam Klonaris & WF horse and Pat Thrasher & Ashbrook
2:15   Robin Spitzenberg & Peppy

Parking will be managed either in the driveway or on the west side of Watermark Road. (the parking field is too wet)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Upside of An Arctic Blast

It is brutally, dangerously cold out this weekend. There is no way of debating, arguing or denying that! We have suspending training for until Tuesday for outside horses for health reasons. Why Tuesday you ask? Well, the Weather Channel is all aflutter about a winter storm and/or icy mess passing through Sunday into Monday. So that means we will get our resident horses back on track with their training on Monday and if the roads are fit on Tuesday, we're open for regular ship in clients.

In the meantime, it is a great opportunity to sit down with the USDF Calendar and peruse competition destinations, travel options and the overall plan for the year with all of the horses. We have two that are on track to be showing the Intermediate A and B, Intermediare II and Grand Prix classes this year. There are 2 that are working towards the Small Tour classes (PSG and Intermediare I). Four horses are solidly ready to be out and about at Third and Fourth Level. Which leaves "just" 5 to be getting mileage at more localized venues in the lower levels before moving up to Third. 

And all of this planning on being on the road competing brings up two exciting opportunities. No wait, make that three!

1) We are accepting Working Student applications now for positions beginning March 1st. Self motivated, punctual and detail oriented souls are encouraged to contact us. Housing for horse and/or rider can be discussed. You must have your own health insurance and transportation. Non-smokers only.

2A) We have several horses for sale that are ideal AA mounts. They have plenty of talent for professionals but the perfect mindset for Amateur riders too. There are also several horses that are suitable for breeding available for purchase. Please discuss all sales with Anne.

2B) I have enough flexibility in my schedule to be able to help train horses and new riders. It would give me great satisfaction and enjoyment to "share" one of the horses with a new rider/client/student and help them to build a solid relationship going forward into the future. It could be more than one of the horses, of course! They are all good friends in my day and as I know their individual personalities so well it is great fun to pass along the inside information of their training thus far with others and help them to have a great ride each and every day.

3A) Syndication options are available for all of the competition horses. I would like to "share the wealth" of having so many competitive, sound and fun horses with more people. Dressage is an ever expanding sport with better venues, more potential exposure for logos, business names and entities and a wider audience with good reach into various demographics....which brings me to

3B)Sponsorship opportunities are also available. I am open to talking with feed suppliers and manufacturers, hay companies, supplement companies, leather and strap good designers, bit and bridle creators, boot manufacturers, clothing, outerwear, bedding suppliers - just about anything other than a saddle company as I love my Stubbens. If I like and believe in a company, I will be thrilled to do what I can to promote their business in my travels. I have had my Gold and Silver Medals for over a decade, so this is the time to take advantage of my experience and dedication to the sport. 

In the meantime, stay warm, stay hydrated, stay safe!

Tentative Times for Saturday February 20th Long Lining Clinic

We have spaces available - email Ellie to join in the fun!

The long range forecast has the temperature back up in the low 50's and while it will be raining - that is a great reason to work on mastering the art of the double line training system!

9:00   First Demo Horse w/ Ellie
9:45   Sandy Miele & WF horse
10:30 Jen Coleman & WF horse and Erika Kurtz & Cutie
11:15 Mark Powell & Johnnie
12:00 Kim Stover & Batman
12:45 Sharon Sexton & WF horse 
1:30   Pam Klonaris & WF horse and Pat Thrasher & Ashbrook
2:15   Robin Spitzenberg & Peppy


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Long Lining Clinic Saturday February 20th

Learn the fundamentals of using the double lunge technique! Bring your own horse! Use a trained horse of ours to get comfortable and begin to master the tools! 
Gloves are strongly recommended. Helmets are required. 

$50 per horse (45 minutes)
$10 for auditors
$20 to use a WF horse

Preferred time of day: (2 hour window)
Any questions -

Attire for the horse/pony - regular snaffle bridle with the horse's preferred bit. A lunging surcingle that fits if you have it and a clean saddle pad if you don't. All WF horses will be using their "regular" equipment, so they're covered. :)

For more details, please see our website or check out the Event Page on Facebook!

Here is our Tentative Time Schedule -
       Changes can be made and additional spaces are available - email
Long Lining Clinic
9:00 First Demo Horse w/ Ellie
9:45 Sandy Miele & WF horse
10:30 Jen Coleman & WF horse
11:15 Mark Powell & Johnnie
12:00 Kim Stover & ??
12:45 Sharon Sexton & WF horse
1:30 Pam Klonaris & WF horse
2:15 Robin Spitzenberg & Peppy
3:00 Pat Thrasher & Ashbrook