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Friday, September 23, 2011

Videos are up!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Congratulations to Dressage Royal!

Another champion to his credit!!

Here is a lovely article about the Swiss Young Horse Championships and for the second year in a row, son Dandy de la Roche was Champion!

Wendolyn has been neglected!

Or at least in terms of photos and video!

She was a bomber yesterday zipping around me in the smaller paddock but settled when the video camera came out.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Schooling photos!

So in the photos we've got Wallace WF (2005 Dark bay mare), Wylie WF (2006 Chestnut mare), As You Wish (2001 Dark Bay mare), Wilona WF (2006 Black mare), Smart WF (1995 Chestnut gelding), Wizard WF (2006 Dark Chestnut stallion), Wyatt WF (2004 Chestnut gelding) and Don William WF (2007 Chestnut gelding). :) More to follow of some of the other horses! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Featured horse ***DREAMCATCHER WF***

Ahhh, 2008 was a great year for our breeding program! It was our second year of having Dressage Royal foals arriving and we had a dream of a colt arrive out of our reliable producer Abracadabra (by Again and Again). Abracadabra's offspring have always had a name that reflects a "theme" - hers being of a magical tilt, so "Dreamcatcher" seemed appropriate! Grey's Anatomy was very big on TV at the time and this colt was especially cute and confident, so he was christened McDreamy around the barn. :) For serious purposes we do call him Derek - like when there are outsiders here...wouldn't want them to think we were silly about naming the foals!

All joking aside, McDreamy is a very lightfooted and uphill moving fellow. At his foal inspection he was Site Champion and a Premier with a score of 8.5. The judges were thrilled that 'even when he is trotting DOWN the hill, he is moving UPHILL!'

So now we can fast forward a bit in time -

Foal Inspection Video

October 2010 Video

June 2011 Video

In terms of personality, McDreamy is very sweet to handle. His has been growing quite a bit this year but is totally ready (physically developed enough) to start undersaddle! We can't wait as the Dressage Royal youngsters have been so much fun to bring along. Just purely FUN to work with! McDreamy is something to be very excited about...and if you aren't sure about why - just check out these photos---

And he knows how special he is -

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yikes! I have been neglecting the blog! Apologies...

I am so sorry to have been doing other projects!! But we had another big flood come through with the remnants of TS Lee and had fence to repair and then horses to is never ending!

In any case, here is a lovely write up of a three generation family of riders in Europe. They have Dandy de la Roche who was the champion 5 year old of Switzerland in 2010 and have great hopes for him in the future upper levels of competition. Dandy is by Dressage Royal and THIS is a video that you can watch.

On the horse training front, we have been enjoying the horses immensely! Every one is making lots of progress and moving along in their training with their riders getting itchy feet to find some competitions in the near future.

Here are some snap shots of our 2004 Weltmeyer son Wyatt WF -

He is gaining strength and power and I am quite excited to polish things a bit more. Then the hunt will be on for a show!! :)

Speaking of shows, here are some snaps of Wizard WF (by Waldaire). He is schooling all the counter canter and single flying changes are easy peasy...time to start working on the stuff for Third Level and beyond! :)

And then there is this lovely update from a client in NJ with her 2006 Waldaire gelding showing in the hunters -

Thought Id give you a qucik update on Warrick. Hes fantastic:) Went to his first away horse show - Monmouth, and walked of the trailer with no prep and no schooling the jumps and marched right around like a little pro. He couldnt have been any better. He showed in a 2'6" hunter division and out of 12 horses he did pretty well for his first time out. He never looked at a fence and was great about all his lead changes. His highest ribbon was a 3rd, but i cant tell you how proud we all were of him, especialy with alot of seasoned horses in this particualr division. Attached is a picture of him, not the best but a great start for sure. You will find all his rounds at Monmouth on my youtube page as well.
Hopefully this update gets to some customers interested in breeding to Waldaire - I wouldnt do it any other way!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

So much fun today!

So our good friend (and graduated former working student) is prepping her Advanced mare to go to the AEC's later this week! Sara & Lady came over to school their dressage test today and it was a treat to see how far they have come together! Lovely flying changes, easy lateral work and solid extensions - What a harmonious picture!!!

Speaking of pictures - check this out -

I was flipping through the Eventing USA mag (finally) and found a super photo of Sara & Lady at Plantation Field from last fall!!!

If you'd like to follow Sara on the road to the AEC's - check out her blog!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Social media. How much (more/less) would people like to see?

It is a bit of a conundrum. I would like to keep everyone well informed about what is going on here at Watermark Farm without feeling that I am 'forcing' information down your gullet. But invites/requests to join Google+, LinkedI and start a Twitter account keep pouring in.

So dear readers, please let me know by comments or email - would you like more exposure/access through social media?

For reference purposes - Our Facebook Page

the Website

You Tube Channel

and you all obviously know where the Blog is.

Your opinions count and it is important that you all feel that you are being kept abreast of the current events, news and developments here on the farm. But at the same time, I do not want to bore everyone and make you numb to an announcement or change...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Featured Horse ***WHODINI WF***

Whodini is a personable and very entertaining member of our 2007 foal crop. From the beginning he has always made us smile with his cheerful face and antics.

Whodini is a the youngest of the 3 full siblings that we have from our spicy "little" Again and Again daughter - Abracadabra WF! Wakanda (2005 mare) is very much like their mother, Wizard (2006 licensed stallion) is the most like Waldaire of all of his children and Whodini is a chestnut version of Again and Again with hint of Waldaire. :) We are very pleased with his development as a riding horse over the past few months.

Whodini was started undersaddle in the spring of 2011 by Sport Horse Training, Inc. and then went to True Prospect Farm with Ryan Wood for a month. He was in the midst of another growth spurt, so we brought him home for the summer and have been enjoying his smiling face every day since.