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Monday, August 31, 2009

So no photos with this one...

Today was the first day we were without the working a very sad but busy day. Of course, we wish Sara and Melissa the best back at school and look forward to having Sara fit some riding time in around her classes and Melissa on the occasional weekend to visit her buddy Artie.

All the sad bits aside - it was a really awesome day! The weather was perfect!!! A bit chilly first thing in the morning (needed a sweatshirt) and then the sun broke through the clouds and it got up to the mid-70's....blissful riding weather.

Perhaps the horses knew it was an extra special day too? As it is a Monday, it was day for stretching exercises and checking their obedience to the unilateral aids. Tray was the first up and just lovely - big, round gaits and lots of push from behind. Artie was next up and just a peach to ride. Lexy was third on the list due to the fact Wyatt was busy taking a nap...silly boy. In any case, she was really a treat and is quite supple for her size. As Wyatt had begrudgingly gotten up from his nap, he was the fourth horse (and I will admit) the highlight of the day. His canter is only getting better and for all the power in his trot, it is really getting soft and elastic... *sigh* Kitty was #5 and while she would have rather been out on Cross Country (again), she was a star also. Lacy was my last ride of the day and while it has been quite a while since I rode her, she is developing into one of the more straight forward horses I've ever had the pleasure of riding. There is no agenda, her balance is well established and for all she is 17 hands, you don't feel like you are on a BIG horse.

So for a tally on today, that is 2 Adamant offspring, 1 Again and Again, 1 Waldaire and a Weltmeyer....not too shabby for a Monday with ideal weather. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photos from Fair Hill Schooling with Sally!

Kitty and Lacy were STARS!!!!

It was Lacy's first cross country school and Sara did a magnificent job showing her the ropes of how to do this new game!

Kitty also earned some extra gold stars today! She and I had a wonderful time out there and I had a pleasant trip down memory lane - and now remember exactly WHY I liked this eventing thing so is FUN!

So of course, major Kudos go out to Sally for helping Kitty to have such confidence and extra thanks for helping me to dust off the dressage queen persona and have some fun out in the open! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another awesome jump school at Sally's

We took another lesson over at Sally's yesterday. The horses were awesome (again).

Kitty and I worked on more complex lines & went from jumping a few jumps (3-4) to more of a mini-course of 6-7 fences. She is so awesome and we are really building a good partnership...

Melissa rode Artie as her send off to college final ride. He was a bit surprised that he was supposed to JUMP these things - quite a change in his life from the FEI dressage ring! But once he figured out what she was asking him to, it was no big deal!

So with many thanks to Melissa for all her hard work over the summer, we wish you the best at college and hope to see you when your schedule allows!

Sara had a lovely school on Alexis. It was their second outing to Sally's but first real school over fences. Like her full brother, Avebury, she loves to jump and shows quite a bit of talent over fences. Sara did a great job helping Alexis to understand what she was being asked to do and rode her beautifully.

And it goes without saying that we all learned alot from Sally and had a great time!

Sara & Lacy and Kitty & I will be heading to Fair Hill for the Cross Country schooling on Sunday, so check back for those photos!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby photos

It has been quite a while since I took some baby photos, so yesterday morning proved to be a good opportunity!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another day at the farm

We've had quite a lengthy spell of rain, humidity and temperatures in the mid 90's, so this morning dawned bright and almost chilly with low humidity! While I was doing the morning chores, I got a good look at our male falcon just before he cruised the bird buffet a la bamboo...

Such magnificent creatures, don't you think?

Then it was time to skedaddle off to another jumping lesson with Sally on Kitty.

Kitty is such an awesome horse to hesitations, no fussing, just totally steady down to her fences.

I have spent the day griping that my eye is not what it used to be until it occurred to me that most people are not going to complain at ALL about such a minor, fussbudget detail after more than a decade of FEI dressage with minimal jumping.

So I will stop complaining that I can't decide quite where to place the horse an just enjoy the wonderful ride that she is...It is obvious that I am spoiled when I want perfection over each and every fence.

Sally had another student there today with Karin & Adelaide!

It was Karin's first outing since returning from vacation and she & Addie had a marvelous lesson with Sally.

It was a real treat to watch all the tips and tools Sally gave to Karin in between having awesome fences with Kitty.

So we'll be heading back over on Thursday with another group of horses & riders to take advantage of the nice weather and good footing!

Sunday is the cross country schooling at Fair Hill for me and Kitty...if you'd like to join us, just track Sally down to make arrangements -

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some bad news and some good...

So I'll start with the bad news...

Sally Cousins had a minor injury to her shoulder and has to take a bit of break from riding so many horses for a few weeks. So, rather than burden Sara (who's about to go back to college for the fall semester) with another competition horse, I'm going to compete Kitty (As You Wish) for the next few weeks. Now, before you guys get all excited to see Kitty out in the dressage ring...brace yourselves...I will be heading back out as an eventer. It's only been 12 years since I competed Volante (Kitty's dam), so what could be wrong with this idea???? LOL All joking aside, Kitty is very steady over fences and an easy horse out cross country, so she can pack me around for a bit at Novice and then move back to Training when Sally is back in the saddle.

The good news is we had a lesson over at Sally's this morning and had a blast!!! I have nitpicky riding technique things that drive me nuts looking at the photos, but it gives me something to work on...

Jellybean was very carefully critiquing our rides today - she is a very good assistant trainer in Sally's barn...

Sara had a lovely school over fences with Lacy (Wallace WF). It was Lacy's first big school off the farm and she was a star! Sara's expert piloting skills really helped her to shine...

And Melissa schooled Karin's Adelaide WF...she really enjoyed the jumping and is looking forward to Karin returning from vacation and returning to her life as a dressage horse as this jump field is on a HILL!!!!

The other good news is that we got the latest batch of hay in BEFORE the rains arrived!!! So that is 6 more full wagons in the barns. The horses are all very excited as more hay is a very good thing in their minds.

So Kitty and I will be going to Sally's twice a week for lessons and going to the various cross country schools. I am entering the Starter Trial at Fair Hill on September 12th, if anyone would like to see Kitty take very good care of me over fences...otherwise, it will be up on You Tube shortly there after.