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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Get a Jump on training for Spring 2015!

Get a Jump on training for Spring 2015!

Ring Use Fee is just $10 per horse/session for January! Or sign up for Monthly Use for 1 horse for just $75!

Ellie's Private Lessons for $75!

Anne's Private Lessons for $95!

1 FEI Schoolmaster still available for lease!

Sales Horses - youngstock, green horses, mid-level Dressage horses and FEI horses are available!

There is just one downside - seating is limited due to Oreo taking up a whole chair! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Change of heart

So I was going to do this massive complicated blog post about how much my seat has improved and why/how...and you know what - it is just easier to share this video (again) and say, "Yes. I can sit with the big folks now."

If that's not enough - this horse is nearly 18 hands and a rather large mover. :) 

Just a small part of
the how and why...for me! 
But you'll have to check back for video of Wyatt and Wendy...that's when it really shows! :) If you want to learn the how and the why - I am offering lessons and can teach you how! :) 

**Featured Sales Horse** Whodini WF**

That's right! Whodini is our featured Sales Horse of the week! But before anyone asks, he is not an escape artist! We needed a magic themed "W" name, his dam is Abracadabra...see how this happened????

Whodini is a bit smaller in the barrel than either of his full siblings but significantly taller! He sticks 16.2 hands, was born in 2007 and is a sweet guy to work around. He loves carrots, peppermints, cookies but definitely not bananas. They are toxic! :)

Whodini is easy going, smart, athletic and a good boy to work around on a daily basis. He learns quickly, retains his knowledge and is a hard worker with a sunny disposition. He is the tallest of the three full siblings - Wizard and Wakanda do not have his long legs! - but they have learned everything for Grand Prix!!! This guy is no less talented! And his gaits are a bit bigger too! So the sky is the limit for an athletic rider.

He loves to jump too! It is a pity that he is in a "dressage only" program as his talents are vast - he might suit an ambitious hunter derby rider, too! Whodini is currently working Third and Fourth Level with PSG in his sights for Spring 2015. He spent a few weeks at True Prospect after having been started in the spring of his 4 year old year. Banks, ditches, was all fine, but he would need a refresher.

Whodini is priced at $45,000. Please contact to make an appointment to see Whodini.

Playing show hunter as a 4 year old

These photos are from his first ditch schooling session...

Monday, December 1, 2014


Take $100 off any of our Per Dose Contracts! Buy now and save for future breedings! Stock up on your available inventory for the future!

Adamant, Again and Again, Avebury WF, Showtime WF, Dressage Royal, Wizard WF and Waldaire!

Contact us for a contract!

Payment must be received in full by 12/10/14. Paypal, checks and wires accepted.

Hey FB Peeps!

We're having trouble with Facebook messages on the Watermark Farm page!!! We can not access any of the message in the Inbox!!! If you are trying to reach us, please do so by any other method - call, text, email or make an appointment to stop by and chat!

If you have any suggestions on how to fix this - please contact !


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

**Featured Sales Horse of the Week**

Our Featured Horse of the Week is our resident Weltmeyer gelding Wyatt WF.

Wyatt is a solid 16.2 hands, chestnut, charming and a delight to work with each day. He has limited show mileage due to my injuries over the years but did squeeze in some shows in Florida this spring with scores in the 60's. Wyatt has exceptional presence and is extremely handsome.

His current training program is solidly at the Intermediare I level with a good start on his one tempi changes, piaffe and passage. He is suitable for a dedicated Amateur or Professional looking to gain their USDF Silver and Gold Medals with additional training and showing.

Video from the spring -

Priced to sell immediately at $80,000.

Monday, November 3, 2014

***Featured Sales Horse of the Week***

Wylie WF is on the hunt for her very own person! She is a blast to ride each and every day - whether you are a DQ, eventer or hunter/eq rider!

Wylie is working 3rd level with easy changes and good lateral work. She's a solid, confident and easy ride over fences with miles in the local hunters. She has also schooled banks, ditches and water with basically she'll do whatever her rider asks of her!

Lease, lease-purchase and sale options are in play for Wylie. Give Anne a call or pop her an email to discuss your interest.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Horses Available for Lease

 We have a variety of horses available for lease at this time. Terms vary on a horse by horse basis and rider circumstances. Please contact Anne for more information and terms.

ETA - Please expect to come to the farm to ride the horse(s) you are interested in leasing so as to help make an appropriate match.

Atreo WF

Atreo WF

Atreo WF - 16.3 hand 1996 Intermediare schoolmaster. Currently shod up front, no maintenance. Lives out 24/7.

Artesian WF - 16.3 hand 1996 Intermediare schoolmaster. Currently barefoot - goes in Easy Boot Gloves. No maintenance and lives out 24/7. Has mileage as a show hunter as well with a Junior.  
Artesian WF

Artesian WF

Wallstreet Rose WF

Wallstreet Rose
Wallstreet Rose WF - 1999 15.3 mare coming back from being a broodmare for several years. Light mouth, sensitive, light off the leg, forward thinking. Suitable for a small adult. Also available as a lease-purchase and could be bred in the spring.

Wylie WF
Wylie WF - 2006 15.3 hand mare. Sensitive, light off the aids and schooling 3rd-4th level. Has mileage as a local hunter, foxhunting and is very easy over fences. Suitable for a smaller adult or move up from a pony for a child. Available for lease, lease-purchase or a straight up sale at this time.
Contact Anne for more information on any of these horses or any of our other Sales Horses

Friday, October 31, 2014

**Featured Sales Horse of the Week**

**Featured Sales Horse of the Week**

Wilson WF (Waldaire x Sabrina WF)

2009 Dark Bay Gelding 16.0 hands (still growing)

A show hunters dream come true in a dark jacket! Green but ready to go on and see the show world. Super laid back and sensible, easy to work around - just a lovely horse that would be wasted in a dressage stable.
Check out his recent loose jumping video!
Priced to sell $30k with recent radiographs available.

Wilson is very laid back and sensible to work around. He is very quiet and calm undersaddle with a good engine. Wilson is currently barefoot and in regular work. However, it is glaringly apparent that he is best suited to go on as a top Show Hunter prospect in a training program for that discipline. He is too talented over fences to be wasted as a dressage horse. 

We will be adding new video footage as soon as it the weather cooperates. 

Please contact Anne to discuss an appointment to see Wilson. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bear with us - website updates in process!

That's right - the To Do List is finally being tackled! Somewhat. Maybe. Slightly. A little.

There are revisions, updates, new photographs and videos all in the process of being added to the website. So do not be surprised if there are discrepancies, errors or broken links for a few days. The weather is too nice (75* today!!!!) to give up a whole day to tackle the project, so it's being spread over several days and nights.

If there is a particular horse you are interested and see mismatching info, prices or details - please bear with me - I really would rather be riding than typing code! Please contact Anne for the correct information.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why we use Select Breeders Service

It has come to our attention that there may be some misconceptions about the fees and practices of Select Breeders Service  (SBS from here on out).

To start with, we happily pay our storage, collection, shipping and handling fees to their establishment, because like many things in the industry - you want a high percentage success rate - then you get what you pay for [in our experience]. Our stallions have thrived in their experienced hands and are quiet, well mannered, respectful horses both in and out of the breeding shed. SBS goes above and beyond the industry minimum to ensure the mares are receiving pathogen-free material that should result in a healthy pregnancy. They have all the tools, equipment and a strict protocol for their staff that ensures a better success rate (translation - pregnant mares), so in a nutshell - that's that.

But for those who like hard facts and numbers, here you go -

Standard Next Day Delivery via FedEx - $315
the old logo
   which includes a 10 day rental, round trip fee
Proper packaging with detailed thawing, insemination protocols and documentation of motility
Semen is guaranteed free of pathogens and above the post thaw minimum 30% progressively motile morphologically normal (healthy) sperm

Each shipment is verified/double checked by 2 SBS technicians prior to going on the truck. The right stallion, the correct number of straws for that stallion, for that client...everything is double checked from top to bottom.

Now we have also used SBS over the years for the collection and storage of our own stallions. For the semen that is stored with SBS - each tank is checked weekly to be sure that proper nitrogen levels are maintained. Think of it as having your stallion (living or deceased) being kept in the prime of his fertility under the best care imaginable. Should anything happen to the actual stallion - not to worry - the semen is safe! We own a vapor shipper that is checked each year to be sure that it is in good working order (no leaks or damage). We have heard horror stories of deceased stallions remaining semen being missed by a scheduled delivery - either at home or at a "facility"...and that results in the complete loss of all the semen. Our imported frozen semen was taxed and paid for in it's entirety upon arrival in the United States. Each month we pay for the storage and maintenance of the existing inventory. The level of sanitation, standard of quality and meticulous protocols for safety, superlative care and technical expertise are unmatched in our experience. We have had a higher rate of success with frozen semen using SBS, their protocols and methods than any other. I'll stop now - it's been a long day (albeit good with super rides).

But don't take our word for it! If you personally have any questions about SBS, their fees, storage policies, semen quality - PLEASE get in touch with them personally. Email is  or you can contact them via phone, fax or mail -

SBS World Headquarters

  • Select Breeders Services Inc.
  • 961 Cayots Corner Rd
  • Chesapeake City, MD 21915 USA
  • P: (410) 885-3202
  • P: (877) 658-3328
  • F: (410) 885-3206

It's not quite winter yet but temperatures are dropping!

We're having an Inventory Sale on our in-stock frozen semen! 
Buy 1 dose at the regular price, get a second at 1/2 off! 

Prices are as follows - 
Adamant $450
Again and Again $450
Avebury WF $300
Dressage Royal $850
Showtime WF $200
Waldaire $400
Wizard WF $300

The per dose contract is available HERE

The AIS starts today (9-24-14) and runs through October 15th! Contact us ASAP to make arrangements as quantities are limited!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Photos! A schooling show! Happy Labor Day!

Our good friend Jennifer MacNeil stopped by for a visit this week and shot some pretty awesome photos - take some time and have a peek at her work! We're making plans to have her back again, so keep an eye out for more of her lovely artwork!

Wakanda has another outing this weekend. We head to Blue Goose over in Cochranville for their Labor Day schooling show at PSG. Swing by and say "Hi!" if you're in the area!

With the school year starting back up for most everyone, please keep in mind we will have the indoor available for evening lessons. Our FEI schoolmasters are ready and willing to offer their knowledge with new and returning students as well!

On the breeding news front - we have reports coming back of single dose conceptions for several of our stallions. Take a look at this beauty that has a confirmed colt on the way for 2015!

Congratulations to her owner Leslie!

TLF Wicked
Check out little Winnie (aka Wicked)! She's learning to loose jump! The jump chute went up to 2'9" and see handled it with style. Contact Twin Lights Farm (MA) for more information and pricing. 

~Happy Riding!~