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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Get a Jump on training for Spring 2015!

Get a Jump on training for Spring 2015!

Ring Use Fee is just $10 per horse/session for January! Or sign up for Monthly Use for 1 horse for just $75!

Ellie's Private Lessons for $75!

Anne's Private Lessons for $95!

1 FEI Schoolmaster still available for lease!

Sales Horses - youngstock, green horses, mid-level Dressage horses and FEI horses are available!

There is just one downside - seating is limited due to Oreo taking up a whole chair! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Change of heart

So I was going to do this massive complicated blog post about how much my seat has improved and why/how...and you know what - it is just easier to share this video (again) and say, "Yes. I can sit with the big folks now."

If that's not enough - this horse is nearly 18 hands and a rather large mover. :) 

Just a small part of
the how and why...for me! 
But you'll have to check back for video of Wyatt and Wendy...that's when it really shows! :) If you want to learn the how and the why - I am offering lessons and can teach you how! :) 

**Featured Sales Horse** Whodini WF**

That's right! Whodini is our featured Sales Horse of the week! But before anyone asks, he is not an escape artist! We needed a magic themed "W" name, his dam is Abracadabra...see how this happened????

Whodini is a bit smaller in the barrel than either of his full siblings but significantly taller! He sticks 16.2 hands, was born in 2007 and is a sweet guy to work around. He loves carrots, peppermints, cookies but definitely not bananas. They are toxic! :)

Whodini is easy going, smart, athletic and a good boy to work around on a daily basis. He learns quickly, retains his knowledge and is a hard worker with a sunny disposition. He is the tallest of the three full siblings - Wizard and Wakanda do not have his long legs! - but they have learned everything for Grand Prix!!! This guy is no less talented! And his gaits are a bit bigger too! So the sky is the limit for an athletic rider.

He loves to jump too! It is a pity that he is in a "dressage only" program as his talents are vast - he might suit an ambitious hunter derby rider, too! Whodini is currently working Third and Fourth Level with PSG in his sights for Spring 2015. He spent a few weeks at True Prospect after having been started in the spring of his 4 year old year. Banks, ditches, was all fine, but he would need a refresher.

Whodini is priced at $45,000. Please contact to make an appointment to see Whodini.

Playing show hunter as a 4 year old

These photos are from his first ditch schooling session...

Monday, December 1, 2014


Take $100 off any of our Per Dose Contracts! Buy now and save for future breedings! Stock up on your available inventory for the future!

Adamant, Again and Again, Avebury WF, Showtime WF, Dressage Royal, Wizard WF and Waldaire!

Contact us for a contract!

Payment must be received in full by 12/10/14. Paypal, checks and wires accepted.

Hey FB Peeps!

We're having trouble with Facebook messages on the Watermark Farm page!!! We can not access any of the message in the Inbox!!! If you are trying to reach us, please do so by any other method - call, text, email or make an appointment to stop by and chat!

If you have any suggestions on how to fix this - please contact !