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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some out of the blog reading suggestions!

Facebook has added a new dimension to the sharing of knowledge - in my opinion, of course! :)

There is a super article from a biologist in the Oldenburg region of Germany on the licensing of stallions for breeding.

And then a German site put up a wonderful illustration about the positioning of the horse's neck in relation to the use of the legs in all gaits. And while I know not everyone can read is very self-explanatory with the lines and arrows, so take a few minutes to check it out!!

And lastly, this is the reminder for the Clinic here at the farm on Saturday! We start at 9:45 rain or shine - so we hope to see lots of new faces as well as our old friends!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snap shots 3/27/12!

Woohoo! 7000 FANS!!!! Thanks to all our supporters, friends and fans who hit LIKE and comment so often!!! You are the best!!!!

Wizard had a snack to start the day!

The rest of the photos are from a bit of time with the mares on the hill as Mom took the big 3'x3'x8' bales to their shed. Lynnie, Baily, Izzy, Rosie, Dolce, Joy and Daisy all said hi and hung out for a bit. If you want ID's on them - please check out the website as the editing/format for Blogger is a pain in the ass.

Monday, March 26, 2012

3/31/12 Clinic Times

Times for Saturday March 31, 2012 Long Lining Clinic

Demo starts at 9:45 AM
10:15 Martina Theil-Poblotzki
11:00 AM Fiona Gowers
11:45 Sara Memo
12:15 PM Karin Roseman
1:00 Karyn Zuercher
1:45 Kim Shireman
2:30 Pat Thrasher

There are additional spaces between 3-5 PM for any last minute additions.

Please bring a copy of your horse's negative Coggins and sign a Waiver before unloading.

And lastly, hope for nice weather with sunny skies and then we'll be outside for the day soaking up the Vitamin D!

Auditors, please bring a chair.

6900 Fans!

Facebook is really a very, very cool thing! We rolled 6900 Fans on the Farm Page over the weekend! Actually, to be honest, we rolled 6800 & it was a busy weekend in FB Land!

Times will be added later on today for the Long Lining Clinic on Saturday 3/31.

Sorry for the delay - it was busy here yesterday, so that office work got shelved until lunch today. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Do you have plans for furthering your horse education?

We're now accepting applications for three working student positions starting April 1st! Email or for more information but check out our Working Student page and here's a bit of a checklist of what our working students get to do -

-handle youngstock (yearlings, two year olds), broodmares and learn about stallion management
-one on one instruction on FEI schoolmasters several times a week
-have all your rides under the tutelage of USDF Silver and Gold Medalists
-learn about the starting process of future FEI stars
-travel to shows with the farm
-learn about training, maintaing and improving mid level to FEI horses in their training

Here's a small list of what you will not have to do -
Insane hours without a day off

A normal summer's day starts at 6:30 and the majority of the riding will wrap by 1pm - so our working students would be able to have afternoon's to pursue other employment.

For insurance reasons, our working students will need to be 18, have their own transport and health insurance. We can connect them with similar aged people for possible housing accommodations.

Working students will have to do a few mundane barn chores - cleaning tack, grooming, turnouts and some minor barn chores (hay & water). One large project for summer 2012 - painting some of the show jumps - so some old clothes will be needed!

If the riders establish rapport with some of the youngsters, showing opportunities exist!

So if this opportunity sounds interesting - pop an email off to Anne or Ellie!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6700 FANS!

Facebook Rocks! We just passed 6700 fans for the Farm Page! Our most popular city is Amman, Irbid, Jordan!

It is some amazing to know how small the world truly is! Sincere thank you's go out to each and every person who has taken the time to click the LIKE button, comment or support us by sharing an image or link! We would have very little bragging to do without your input, so THANK YOU!!!!

And as a see how much he's changed - check out the photo of Wall Street WF (Waldaire - Wallstreet Kid) from yesterday! Francisco is 5'5" and used to look tall on him!!!

Baby boy is growing up!! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Schooling photos! Lots to smile about!

So most days I start off with my coffee, oatmeal and the urge to check Facebook to see what everyone got up to late last night while I was snoozing. It's the gossipy side of my mind, I suppose. Perhaps it's the reality that going to sleep at 9:30 has me missing out on what might be more interesting than getting up early to do this...

Then again, that interesting stuff is not nearly as fun as what I was doing with Wizard, Wyatt and Don William so I think it's all good to go to sleep early again tonight!

But the boys are really coming along beautifully!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photos! Silly video! Like I promised!

The sound did not come through at all! He sucks and slurps (and drools)! Such a charming boy! :)

More horses to still work - just have to wait for the sun to drop in the sky! It's too bright and dusty out there right now!

Oreo is in charge of reminders today!

Yesterday was a bit hectic! We are generally a busy farm from 8 AM - 6 PM with just the normal routine -
Barn work (bring in the overnight turnouts, put out the morning turnouts, feed, hay, water, groom the riding horses, lay out the bathing supplies)
Riding the horses
Mucking out
Barn work (turnout swaps, any blanketing, medications, feeding, hay, water, roll the hoses, sweeping)
Horse laundry (saddle pads, towels, etc from the day)
Then a late check at 9:30 and then it's off to bed for a good night's rest!

But yesterday we also had the blacksmith, horse dentist, massage therapist and the regular outside riders mixed into the schedule! It made it feel like a bit of a day!

Thankfully, Oreo was there to keep an eye on all the riding horses.

He seems thrilled that the lessons are back outside and we have time to pay homage to his most glorious self. :) We are all giggling about the assistant trainer keeping such a close eye on our work!

I promise to get some shots of the riding horses today. It's supposed to be 70* with sunshine and a light breeze - perfect riding weather! So the video camera will be going down as well! No excuses! Lots of photos to edit tonight!!!


Happy riding!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring is HERE! 6500 FANS!

Spring is most definitely HERE! We've been enjoying temperatures in the mid-70's every day this week and logging in some serious time in the outdoor arena! As you all know, we do not have any foals coming this year, so this is our reminder to our breeders who do have foals coming by our stallions to please keep us posted and send some photographs of your baby when it arrives!

And now you all get an apology - I have no taken one single photograph of our horses working in the outdoor all week. *sigh* It's been busy...but hopefully today will be a tad slower and I can make it happen!

Speaking of making things happen - the Farm Page on Facebook is up to 6500 Fans!!! 6500! That is a serious number of folks who have clicked LIKE or commented on our horses! Wow! Thank you all for the support, LIKES and comments - all that feedback helps us to better determine the direction of our program, marketing and advertising budget! Many, many heartfelt thanks go out to you all!!

So I'm going to scoot and get the camera equipment organized to shoot some pictures today! The horses are shedding like mad and there are just a few manes left to it's time for new photos and videos!!! Time to show off their good work and beautiful selves!!

Happy riding!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're loving the gorgeous weather!

So it is a bit early in the year for us to all be wearing polo shirts and lightweight breeches...but we're not complaining after the rough winters of the past few years!!!! :)

All the horses are enjoying a nice bath after their workouts! We're in the outdoor! There is GRASS! No blankets to pull off, fold and then put back on! Lots of turnout for the horses - like 23 hours a day!! Manes are being tidied up, coats are shedding's beginning to feel a lot like SPRING!

The view of the early morning sky from Tasker's nose!

Wyatt enjoying a snack after his post work shower!

Wizard amongst the flowers in the yard enjoying the grass!

So hopefully everyone is enjoying the weather, riding lots and looking forward to competitions!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drivers! Riders! Folks just looking to expand their knowledge of horse training!

We're hosting a Long Lining Clinic on Saturday March 31st here at the farm!

Learn to use the double lunge line system to facilitate your horses training, suppleness and straightness!

First Demo horse will start at 8:45 AM, Lessons begin at 9!

45 minute sessions. $50 per session. $10 to audit for the day. Refreshments and restroom on site.

We do have horses available for outsiders to use for their session for an additional $25.

Participants will need to bring their gloves and we recommend a helmet as well (safety first).

Horses will go in a snaffle bridle, surcingle and we have several pairs of long lines that can be used.

Please see THIS page on the website for a clinic sign up form and Waiver.

Outside horses will need to provide a copy of their negative Coggins test.

Any questions?

**This will be a monthly event until mid summer. Skills and techniques of using the double lunge system will be increased as the participants are ready. No promises that it will always be on a weekend after May 15th... **

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ok, I had promised not to rant again but...

I know. I know. I made a promise a few months ago. I haven't forgotten. However, there is an overload going on from standing on my tongue. Perhaps I can blame the alignment of the planets (speaking of which have you seen Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter at sunset??? Gorgeous!) Oh wait...I'm blogging about horse stuff!

So here is an excellent explanation of the how's, why's and wherefores of using a double bridle here in our barn from Catherine Haddad Staller - (how exciting to find 'our' rules are 'her' rules too!) :)

So that gets everyone up to speed on WHY we use a double bridle, how it is adjusted and the correct way to put it on the horses.

A few other thoughts on rider/horse turnout(presentation/grooming) and then general safety while riding - (and this is not aimed at anyone in particular...just a small rant on general turnout, presentation and taking pride in your training and horse care)

I'm not saying the horses and riders have to be 'show clean/ready' for every ride - but think back to Pony Club rules - a belt, fitted breeches, safe footwear (paddocks and half chaps at a minimum), a helmet, gloves and a tucked in shirt so the instructor can see your body position. If you weren't in PC - find an old copy of blue Handbook on Amazon or the old USPC Manual of Horsemanship and order them. Read the books. The rules were written with a safety first mentality. Buckles need to be buckled completely with the keepers and runners fastened. Girth billets must be tucked in.

If you go somewhere to get outside help - your horse needs to be well turned out. His/her mane must be pulled (or at least tidy), forelock out of their eyes and with a cooler or sheet for the ride home. If it is winter and they get sweaty - think about clipping well in advance and rugging up in the early fall and layering in the winter to help prevent the winter woolies. But bring a cooler and sheet even on a spring or fall day. Your horse is there to work and will be sweaty. No sense in having them catch a chill. Think of it as a show prep opportunity! If you have had a crazy busy life and haven't gotten to those things, I am not so strict as to turn a student away, but there are plenty of instructors out there that would send a sloppy dresser home without a second thought. Your instructor will notice and appreciate the apology if you are slightly disheveled. Think of it like going to a ballet lesson in sneakers's obvious that something is off, your instructor will notice, probably not comment and then see it as you are not 'excited enough' to care about your appearance and what you might learn that day. It matters to your teachers and is a sign of respect to have taken the time to groom yourself and your horse.

And finally just some general safety thoughts -
Wear a helmet. Wear a body protector on a strange horse. Or wear that body protector when you are jumping. Even on your own horse. Think of it like shin guards for a soccer player...they wouldn't go without, so why should you? Oh and put some boots or wraps on your own horse. Protect their legs. Think. Protect yourself. Mortality happens to everyone. Eventually. Prepare for a safe ride so that you can do it again tomorrow. Prevent injuries to your horse if you can. Protect them today too!

Monday, March 5, 2012

First photos of outside bred Waldaire offspring coming in!

This is Warrick at his first show of the year!

And this is Wafarer at his second hunt with River Hills Foxhounds!

And this is a 2007 Waldaire that I didn't know about! He's owned by K. in KY and this is what she said -
"2007 Waldaire gelding preparing for the 2012 eventing season! Please pardon the mud...KY is very muddy right now and we were just taking an informal picture after clipping him!"

Thanks to their respective owners for the images and best of luck in the upcoming competition season! :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Duell Anastasia (October 21,1980-March 2,2012)

It is with heavy hearts we said goodbye to our "Annie" today. She was a much loved member of our family for the past 16 years. Both Emily and Ellie earned their USDF Gold medals under her tutelage. A great many riders learned what one tempis felt like and the rudimentary skills of riding piaffe, passage and pirouettes.

Apologies to Annie for not locating more of her lovely photographs. They are on one of a dozen external hard drives!

RIP Annie.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Wally's birthday!!!

That's right! March 1st is his birthday! :)

No big celebration is complete without a good grooming, extra carrots and fussing over how special he is!

Continued thanks go out to Dana Fiore for allowing him to join our family!!!