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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tara Ziegler Clinic Sunday January 3rd Times

9AM Group
Jill Stover Whodini BN
Ashley Wars Wilson BN
Lex Simmons Tori BN
Shawna Simmons Rosalee Elementary
Cindy Simmons Cruise Elementary
Sam Columbia Dove Elementary
Melanie Tallent Dunlin BN 
Sara Gartland Wilona BN
Kendall Thomas On Point BN
Bev Strauss BN
Patty Clemens Moose BN
Charlotte Reagoso Ted <2 p="">
Chris Reagoso Syd
Robin Spitzenberger Peppy Belle Elementary
Sara Gartland Kitty Training
Melissa Gartland Wylie Novice
LizBeth Nauta Izza-Q-T Novice
215 PM
Cindy Gilbert Jonah Tadpole Group
Kelsey Roland
Penny Woolley
Kelly Conner

With the confirmed cases of EHV-1/EHM, in the Doylestown area we are asking our visitors to be vigilant and proactive regarding the health of not just their own horses, but those that belong to everyone around them. If your horse has been traveling a great deal, unvaccinated, or in contact with horses that are unwell, please be considerate and protect others by limiting their exposure to outside horses. Monitor their health and well being, booster vaccines and if you are unsure or questioning their overall appearance, please consult with your veterinarian. We are planning on having clinics and schooling shows throughout the winter, so there will be other opportunities for adventures and learning if you are concerned about the risk(s). Thank you.

Give yourself a great gift going into 2016! Lease a schoolmaster!

2 of our schoolmasters are available for on site lease as of 1/1/16! Their riders had life throw monkey wrenches at them, so they could not renew their contracts...very sad stuff, but these guys have plenty to teach new riders. They're going well 4-5 days per week doing their lateral work, changes, pirouettes, etc and need to keep moving to stay young and fit!

Price and Schedule for Lease Horses
$400 per month.
 Payment due by the 1st.
Which includes:
Saddle pads, girth & splint boots are required for their protection and will be provided.
Catching, grooming and blanketing
Their bridle (snaffle or double)
3 guaranteed rides per week with above services
Use of saddle that fits - yours or ours
2 lessons* per month @ $75 each are strongly recommended, but not required

Accessible hours for January & February  (weather permitting)
1-4pm, 7 days - unless clinic/show here on farm uses only available riding space *Lessons by appointment

Contact to make further arrangements.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Festivus!

This morning December 23rd, little did I know was the actual 'official' day of Festivus! So to my friends near and far, Happy Festivus!!!! If you have never heard of Festivus, please click on the link and take a few minutes to learn about this most important of Constanza Holidays.

Ok, some of you might not celebrate this time of year quite the way I like to - which is more than ok! Live and let live! Enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we're blessed with in whatever fashion gives you the most happiness!

Happy Holidays! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Florida North is all set!

The ring is set! The food is organized! The prizes are on the list and will be finished in about 2 hours!


Here is the order of go for tomorrow -
915 Gadwell Kimberly Pullen Training 3 
940 Chubbs Bev Woodside Training 1
1000 Dunlin  Melanie Tallent Training 1
1025 Chubbs Bev Woodside Training 3

1115 Winnie Linda Campbell First 1

1205 Peppy Belle Robin Spitzenberger Intro C
1255 Savannah Jen Carl Training 1

120 Delight Cindy Gilbert First 1

We are offering a Gymnastics and Cavaletti Clinic with Tara Ziegler on Sunday January 3rd for our second Florida North event. This is a super fun, positive opportunity for both horse and rider to get on track for the 2016 season. No restriction to ability, age, breed or discipline of choice! Groups will be limited to 3 horses. 

That will be followed up by a Dressage Schooling Show on Saturday January 9th. Unless this freaky weather pattern continues (we aren't complaining), we will be indoors for both of these events. 

The sign up process is much the same for these - email the form & waiver to Ellie and be sure to include the time of day that would be best for you. 

In case of inclement weather, the DSS will move to the 23rd. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Check out the new article on Ellie!

Big shout out of THANK YOU to Mary Phelps at HorsesDaily for the great interview! So excited for the future!!! :)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber WEEK Sale!

Cyber WEEK Sale!!

Buy ONE get ONE Free on our Frozen Semen Doses! S&H from SBS will be billed directly.
Adamant, Again and Again, Avebury WF, Showtime WF, Wizard WF, Waldaire and Dressage Royal
Contact for more information & order form. 

Paypal accepted. Sale starts today (11/30/15) and Ends Sunday December 6th at Midnight Eastern Time. (payment must be received by that time to qualify for free additional dose 1:1). Quantities are limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Florida North is up and running! Fix A Test Saturday December 12th

Introducing our Florida North Series!

Can’t get to Florida this year? That’s ok - we’ve got shows, clinics and training sessions to have you on the road to a brighter competition season in 2016! 

It all starts with our...
 Fix A Test  Saturday December 12th!

To enter simply fill out this information and email with a copy of your current coggins

Horse Name:_______________________________________________ Rider Name:______________________________________________

Test: ____________________  _____________________

Preferred Ride Time: ___________________________________
(please provide a 2 hour ‘window’ that would work for you and we will do our best to accommodate)
Fees: $40 per test

Approved helmets are mandatory for all riders at all times while mounted and exhibitors are to be suitably attired. Formal attire is not required. Costumes are always appreciated for artistic effort.
Negative coggins within one year required. 
If you cannot leave your dog at home, please keep it on a leash. 
Watermark Farm Shows are run in accordance with current
Scratch Fee $5 per test. 
Entries are only considered “complete” with full payment. 
Weather permitting, warm up is indoors (small arena), tests are outdoors (large). In case of inclement weather, all tests indoors.
Waivers will be available at secretary’s table and must be signed upon arrival. 
Times will be posted on the Watermark Farm Facebook page, blog and website. Times will also be emailed to the address provided. Fees can be paid via paypal, cash or check. Please sign waiver on last page.
Placings will be according to the Danish System -
USDF Score 
70% & above First (Blue) 65 01-70% Second (Red) 60 01-65% Third (Yellow) 55 01-60% Fourth (White) 50 01-55% Fifth (Pink) 50% - below Sixth (Green)
Our judges will be announced on a show by show basis. We offer all USEF Eventing tests, FEI Eventing tests, and USDF tests Training level through Grand Prix.  
Beginner Novice through Preliminary test A Eventing tests will be ridden in the small arena.  All other tests will be ridden in the large arena.

The undersigned, understand the potential dangers that I could incur in participating in the Watermark Farm Horse Show. The potential dangers include but are not limited to, being bitten, kicked, thrown, trampled and/or stepped on by a horse. I hereby release and hold harmless the show sponsors, Anne Rawle, William Rawle and Eleanor Rawle, trading and doing business as Watermark Farm (hereinafter “Sponsor”) and anyone
else directly or indirectly connected with my participation in said show which is to be held at Watermark Farm located in Oxford, Pennsylvania from any liability whatsoever. I agree not to hold them accountable or file suit against them on account of or in connection with any claims, causes or action of any kind or nature whatsoever, including without limitation, those claims based on death or bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of my participation in said show and the boarding of my horse on the grounds of Watermark Farm during the show. The Release includes any rights on the part of the undersigned to seek indemnity or contribution or to claim any liability from Sponsor for any and all claims of any nature which could arise from my participation in said show. 
The undersigned warrants that no promises or inducements have been made or offered for this Release. The Release is executed without reliance on any statement or representation of Sponsor.
There is absolutely no agreement, understanding, or reservation not expressly stated herein; and that the sole consideration for the within Release is the right for the undersigned to participate in the Watermark Farm Horse Shows. This Release shall inure to the benefit of Sponsor, their heirs, successors and assigns. The undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Sponsor from any and all claims, suits or demands made against them, their heirs, successors and assigns that may result from the undersigned’s participation in the show. 
Warning: Under Pennsylvania’s Equine Activity Immunity Act (Act 38 of 2005) law an equine professional and equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activites resulting from te inherent risks of equine activites. 
Any person who rides, drives or otherwise participated directly in equine related activities is regarded as a participant. 
I have read and understand this Release of Liability and freely and voluntary enter into this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. 
Signature _____________________________ Date: __________ 
Signature of Parent or Guardian if under 18 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Almost done!

Almost done. Maybe. Possibly. I think.

You see I've been working on the website for the past 2 days and I think it is almost updated. The old/sold/deceased horses pages need updating but the current riding horses pages are revised.

I'm still looking for updates on some of our SOLD horses. And the stallions offspring pages need to be brought up to speed...but the rest is pretty darned current! WHEW!!!

So if you have a youngster out of our breeding program or by one of our stallions, please email your photos (with photographer credit), show results, inspection scores, updates on training progress, general information...I'm all about getting this project DONE! :) If you have video clips but don't know how to stitch them into a Youtube movie - I can do that if you like/give me permission. The clip(s) don't have to be fancy - check out McDreamy's latest addition -

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where did the time go?

Holy smokes! It's the end of the first week of November. How did that happen????

There have been field trips, shows, video days, all sorts of shenanigans on and off the has been busy to say the least!  We've been showing our sales horses on a regular basis and then add in the "regular" training, maintenance and odds and ends of farm chores - it's been a bit hectic!

Some Year End results are coming in and I'll report on those as soon as I get my facts straight! The various Zones, Regions and National standings are too important for me to muddle them from a lack of caffeine, so I promise to get it all straight and then post an update with photos!

We've been adding videos to the Farm Page on Facebook every so often as well. You can go to the Page and check out our Videos page. It might give you and idea of what some of the horses are up to these days! In case the words, "You have so many horses" come to mind - every horse is for sale, so please contact Anne to discuss who has caught your attention and then we won't have so many. I am in the process of uploading all of the videos to our YouTube Channel, so they will be available there. Once those links are useable, I will embed all the videos on each horse's page on the website.

As far as training news - Wyatt and Wakanda are working through the entire Grand Prix now and Don William and Daylily (who is the only not-for-sale horse) are working PSG/Intermediare now. So have a look-see and check out the videos. Wyatt and Wakanda continue to make me so proud - they are trying so hard to piece together all they have been taught! They have the best minds - so relaxed and composed when it comes to the "hard" stuff. Things like that make every ride a joy! Add in their ability to be ridden by Adult Amateurs and go right back to their full program with no hiccups...and, well, I am like a proud mama! The younger horses are making big progress - and I should probably explain a "young horse" in my lexicon is anything under 8 years at this point. Our youngest horse is Wendolyn - and she is a 2011 - so not so "little" any longer!

I am offering my clipping services again this year -
thanks to Absorbine for the handy diagram!

Fees are as follows:      add legs to any clip +$75
Full (+legs and head) - $275        Hunter - $200                 Bib - $75
Blanket - $175                              Trace/Irish - $150          Strip - $100
Any variation of the above, contact me, we can negotiate a fee. 
My system for clipping for clients - 
1. Set up a mutual time that is convenient for us. 
    Roughly 2.5 hours for full body, bib or strip 40 minutes. 
    Clipping is much easier/faster if your horse has had a bath recently and the top of the rump is 
    scrubbed with soap. 
2. I arrive with clippers, an extension cord and blades and get to work. 
    Pre-payment is appreciated but not required. 
    It is helpful to be in an enclosed space with little to no wind. 
3. If your horse requires sedation, please have your vet on call to administer medication(s). 
4. If your horse is unruly/dangerous, I will not continue. 
5. When clipping is completed, you inspect, OK the work and I depart. :) 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Think positively. (right?)

It's that time of year...Dressage At Devon is in full swing. The BIG CDI in the area is in process and the big Breed Show is wrapping up. Oh and it's raining. And a forecasted high of 47* tomorrow (brrrr).  All of this seems like good stuff, right? After all, we had been really, really dry for several weeks and the rain helps the grass grow. The lower temperatures mean fewer flies and pesky bugs bothering the horses. But it also means I didn't get my big goal of 2015 off the list. No Devon. No qualifying shows/scores. But here's how I'm coping with this depressing train of thought...

Last year, I was struggling with getting solid one tempi changes on both Wendy and Wyatt. This year they're both rock solid and we're fine tuning the Grand Prix. Last year the idea of a freestyle was a punch line at the end of a joke. I'm now listening to music and playing it ringside to see if it "fits"gaits/movements. Last year I was doing the 'drudge work' of suppling, bending, stretching and not working on better execution or flamboyance with either horse. Both of their piaffe/passage transitions were on the weak/poor side as they lacked the power and good connection to do it in a 'show worthy' fashion. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what's better now for those two horses. 

Another positive last year vs. this year  - "Little" Liam (all 17.3 of him) was motoring through the Prix St. Georges work in a so-so fashion. He was only 7, so he gets a pass. Now he's doing one-one in a steady-Eddy pattern and his two tempis are very nice. The full pirouettes are coming along nicely and the quality of all 3 gaits has a whole new brilliance. His piaffe is getting stronger and he has a baby passage (well beyond half steps but not quite boing-ing enough to call it a 'real' passage - yet). 

Daisy and McDreamy are working on their changes, half passes and all the 4th level lateral work. The collection for high scores on their pirouettes will be solid in a few more weeks. Last year they were 1st level-ish. 

Oz is back in full training and better than ever. His self inflicted wipeout soreness is a distant memory and he should be ready to go out and show by spring. And that means a(nother) Grand Prix horse. Or maybe I'll stick to the Intermediate A & B, Intermediare II with him. Or he could do the Developing Horse GP...but I'm not going to push it. I'm just happy to have my guy back in work and happy about it! 

Dolce is a dream to work with and probably the nicest horse I've ever gotten to ride. Dru gives her a run for the title but my cup truly runeth over when it comes to the Talent in the barn. They might technically be "behind" on the age/training scale, but that doesn't phase me any more. No more fretting about "where/what they should be training" - they are coming along and will be ready when they're ready. 

So on a gloomy, chilly day like today - I'm counting my blessings that there are so many talented horses in good health (knocking on the dining table that is most definitely wood), I am still in good weight and fitness and tomorrow begins the big countdown to Dressage at Devon 2016. So onward and upward! Focus not on what has gone wrong today but what I'm going to get done right tomorrow! Train smarter for each horse's needs and work carefully towards the big goal - CDIs, recognized shows and making more FEI horses for the farm. Oh and teach and fundraise, apply for grants and thank all the product manufacturers that make it possible for me to do what I do! And sell some horses to fund all of this great stuff that is my life! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rain. Blessed blessed rain.

I know parts of the country (ok, the world too) are under constant deluges. We've not gotten real rain for well over 4 weeks and were totally baked out dry dusty hard ground everywhere. Yuck. At 4:04 this morning it all changed back to healthy greeness with a loud clap of thunder! YAY! Which means it will be great to be back in our outdoor arena again tomorrow!!! No dust! No glaring bright sunlight! Ahhhhh, bliss on horseback!

Speaking of bliss on horseback - the mid and upper level horses are making massive progress with better connection, softness in the bridle and increasing aptitude at the higher levels. Picture big happy dances for this acheivement! All the weeks of hard work and hours in the saddle really start to pay off this time of year! Hip hip hooray! So with steeper half passes, better collection, constantly improving flying changes and the piaffe and passage is always getting better - it must be time to show, right? Soon Grasshopper. Very soon.

First there will be video day(s). We need to have a bit of the luxury of shooting videos and still photos of the horses in action and make some minute corrections in their respective training before venturing out into the big world. But very soon - promise!

We have some fall lesson packages still available for September - October, so contact us to get in the calendar. We do not have any schoolmaster openings, however. If you can not bring your horse to us - get in touch - we'll try to work something out.

But enjoy the rain! It's so nice to be a tad cooler and not walking on cement covered with burned out grasses.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Catching up (briefly) and what's in store for Fall 2015

Dolce getting groomed to go work
OK, so I haven't been blogging or posting much lately and you might be wondering what the heck I've been doing...or not! But to sum it up - I've been busy in the barn! We're a tad short handed this summer in the rider department and after working through The List every day, well, I'm beat and opt for bed rather than coming up with witty comments on how fun it is to train horses day in and day out. But having said that - the horses we have right now are so nice, I'm not complaining (much).

Anne and Stella

On the competition front - we've been taking our beasts to schooling shows so as to gain mileage and experience at a lower price point than doing the recognized route. Daylily and Don William had their Third Level debuts at Blue Goose a few weeks ago and are quickly advancing from there. Both are getting very nice moments in the piaffe and passage - like big, fancy grown up horses have! All of this is very exciting - really really!
Liam and Stella at Blue Goose

Whodini and Wylie hanging with Anne
Wilson, Whodini and Wylie went to Fox Crossing for a Classic Oaks Horse Show (CCHSA) and were stars. Wylie was Champion of her division, Whodini brought home ribbons and Wilson did his first hack class in a big grass field and also brought home his first ribbon! Thanks to Melissa and Sara Gartland for the super riding!! All three horses would benefit from more outings and regular jumping training - the sky is the limit - but in the meantime, we will keep advancing their dressage training, as that is what we do best!
Wilson strutting his stuff

Wakanda has successfully completed 4 weeks of being the designated "Pony Camp Demo Horse" and is declared bombproof! Mini ponies, hordes of children in flight, hula hoops, costume relays, sparkly wands - she is fine with all of it while doing her Grand Prix work! There are not many horses that are willing to work at such a high level and then can be relaxed and trustworthy with small humans underfoot - but Wendy finds it fun! :)

Wendy and her kids

Liam says HI!
If you are wondering what the other horses have been up to - well, training is the best answer. There are many hours of (un)exciting or uneventful exercises that have to be repeated, fine tuned and repeated again until they are routine and repeatable without fail no matter who the rider is. Lots of voltes, shoulder in, haunches in, renvers, travers, half pass, leg yield, shoulder fore, transitions...I'm getting tired just typing it all out as so many horses for so many hours each and every day...well, it is a good life to be living! ;) The best part of the whole process is the hours of repetitive work are paying off as the next generation is climbing out of the Second Level doldrums and beginning the "fun" work of learning flying changes, piaffe and passage half steps. This is the best part as all the hours of strength training and suppleness work pay off and we get glimpses of what the future might be! (trust me - this is the most exciting time for a trainer/rider) I think we have 6 that are at this level, the 2 Grand Prix hopefuls and then 3 that are closer to PSG than it's a wonderful time to be in the barn all day, every day!

Tasker is retired but happy in his pasture
So having said that, we're looking to venture out to a few shows this fall - more in the recognized category as well as the schooling show variety. The lesson business is ticking along and keeping us on our toes with dedicated and talented horse and rider combinations. If you are thinking of taking a lesson on one of our schoolmasters - be aware we are limited to just 1 horse in that area, so advanced planning is a must! There are a few openings for new students (and horses) in our schedule and we love helping others. If you have a horse that you would like to put in training, please contact us to discuss that situation as we have a few openings.

As always, we do have a wide variety of horses for sale at this time - all ages, levels, prices and sizes, so if you are horse shopping, please get in touch with Anne to talk about what you would like to have in your next equine. We are actively seeking homes for 12 of our horses - so your next champion might be in our barn!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Show results! Show mileage! Out and about reporting!

 Wendy (aka Wakanda WF) has been our ambassador for the Pony Camps at Cold Spring Farm LLC for several weeks now. She has learned all about mini-horses, costume races, giant soccer balls, a pony cart and ponies in general! She is now extremely bomb proof and calm about all of the chaos that can come with 20+ small humans and their activities. Wendy is fully trained through the Intermediate Level - she just needs a confident rider to finish all 15 one tempis! Piaffe and passage are solid! She is for sale to an approved show home. Contact Anne for pricing and info.

 Don William and Daylily went to Blue Goose's Flamingo Show a few days ago with good rides at Third Level for both horses.
Liam is for sale and very appropriate for a confident AA rider with his exceptionally kind nature. He is very tall - so his gaits are on the big side but very soft and easy to sit.

Two pretty faces! Liam and Stella

 Whodini, Wylie and Wilson went to Fox Crossing's CCHSA show a few weeks ago. Wylie was Champion of her division (again) continuing her pattern of being a good obedient horse no matter what discipline is on the day's agenda! Wylie is for sale - contact Anne for info and pricing.

 Whodini was very, very good also - going calmly around his courses and handling the footing like a pro! He's ready to go on in whatever discipline his new people choose to pursue.

 Wilson went to the Leslie Ducharme school of showing! He hung out most of the day, watching and learning that all the things at a show (dogs, strollers, food trucks, traffic, etc) are no big deal and wrapped up his adventure with a good showing in a hack class out on the grass!

Thanks to Melissa and Sara for the great riding!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hip hip hooray!

Time to celebrate and get clicking through the website!!!

The computer issue(s) that have plagued me since March are resolved! Uploads to the server at Network Solutions are zipping along - which means pages are becoming current. Check out the newest listings, updates and revisions!

Now as I typed that, I remembered that I have to OPEN the files on the server, so that means an hour or two of going through the file list and doing that...but...they are there!!!!!! Ugh. Not quite done! :D

Monday, July 6, 2015

3 shows in just 3 weeks?!? Wow! Things ARE busy!

We've had a busy few weeks for the farm - and it's not looking like it will slow down much either! No complaining as we've got such super awesome students and really nice people coming into our lives with all these adventures taking place! The schoolmasters are quite busy these days - sharing their wealth of knowledge, so if you have been meaning to get some lessons on trained horses, don't delay! Call or email to schedule your training times ASAP!

Wyatt (Weltmeyer x Savannah WF by South American Way/Abundance) has made his official Intermediate B debut at both recognized and schooling shows with little fuss. He's as cool as the other side of the pillow and thinks all the hard stuff is quite fun! A bit more fitness and confidence should see him knocking out bigger scores shortly!

Wakanda (Waldaire x Abracadabra WF by Again and Again) has also come out at the same level. She has gone to her first schooling show at WindurraUSA (home of Olympian Boyd Martin) and did her classic mellow warm up and lovely test for a 65%. She is only hampered by her rider's inability to remember the test (that would be me) - so look for bigger, brighter and better scores from her as well.

There are quite a few other younger horses getting their miles logged in as their training progresses, too. They should be laying rubber down getting their initial travel experiences out of the way soon - so that means showing is not far away either for that group! :)

Wyatt at Blue Goose
Speaking of schooling shows, Planation Field is now offering dressage schooling shows!! On the Tapita footing in the big ring!!! First one is the 15th of July, so get your entries in QUICK!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Woot! Woot! Another super match!

Big congratulations to Jenny of NH on the purchase of Wall Street WF aka Hansel the handsome!

Best wishes going forward with your new partner!!! We're so happy you found each other!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Finding the perfect match

I'm sure most everyone has read a romantic story or watched a comedy which has a lovely story about 2 partners finding one another. One of those tale of how they get along like a house on fire and just flat out revel in being around the other person...well, every so often a horse sale goes just that smoothly and the horse adores their person from the first interaction! (and what fun it is to be a part of the process of matchmaking!)

So without any more fuss or flowery language, let's all congratulate Doug of Dark Horse Stables in PA on the purchase of Avebury WF!!! "Dillon" and Doug are building a big trust bond at the moment but the summer and fall will involve some jumper competitions and then there is a trek to Wellington, FL for the winter circuit!

Best of luck to the dynamic duo!!!!