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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photos from today!

Wallace WF (Waldaire x Aly Alice xx) had a first ride with Ryan today over at True Prospect Farm. She was a star - especially when you know it was her 2nd school over cross country obstacles!

Kitty (As You Wish WF) also went along to see and be seen. As one would expect, she too was a star. I had a blast and have promised mom to do flat work for the rest of the week to make up for so much time spent with my stirrups jacked up! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another awesome lesson over at Sally's

Karin and I took Adelaide and As You Wish over to Sally's for a lesson.

Karin was so excited to see her girl jump the bigger fences, well, she didn't always focus on Addie in there is just 1 image of Addie & Sally over a little(r) fence that turned out ok -

VS all the wonderful shots of Kitty!!!

So I now owe Karin a day of shooting her on Addie to make the exchange even! :)

All of the efforts of the day were closely observed by Jelly Bean - Sally's assistant trainer...

Fishy bailed on us early on but was quite photogenic for the beginning of the lesson.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Schooling photos from True Prospects

Avebury WF and Ryan had a lovely school today...and I'll do some thing different and let the photos do the talking! :)

Ruben WF also had a super day with Ryan!

Both horses schooled banks, ditches and water as well as the 'regular' logs and hogsback type of fences....such very good boys! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flora Lea Horse Trials Results

So Kitty (As You Wish WF), Mom and I scooted off bright and early this morning in the steady rain to go compete at Flora Lea in Medford, NJ. I will freely admit to having a bit of butterflies as it has been over 12 years since my last outing at a recognized event - ironically enough, on Kitty's dam Volante at Flora Lea in the spring of 1997...but without wandering down memory lane any farther -

The day was a HUGE success! The footing was definitely muddy and deep in many places, there was intermittent rain and many riders having difficulties...Kitty is the consummate professional to show! Our training focus for the last 45 days has been on knocking all the rust off of my jumping skills (thank goodness for Sally Cousins' patient instruction and fine training with Kitty), so our dressage test has to be improved, no question. That being said, Kitty and I are slowly building a good partnership in our dressage performance and there were a few 7's in the body of the test. So there is room for improvement but that is what the future is for!

The stadium course was causing many riders to have 4-20 time faults and there were several refusals and plenty of rails falling. To help keep our focus, Kitty and I would go for a stroll around the warm up in order to keep my mind on how Sally would have told me to ride the course - and it really worked beautifully! We had a clean round (very stylish & smooth in my opinion - not that I am biased or anything) with no time faults. The footing was certainly tricky and again I have to give a lot of thanks for Sally's constant emphasis on preparing for each obstacle and insisting on being fair in what I ask of Kitty. :)

Cross country was a blast!!! (now remember I am a dressage rider!!!!) The optimum time was 4 minutes 45 seconds with speed penalties for finishing in less than 3:42. Kitty and I were pretty conservative in our gallops due to the footing and came in at 4:11, so I am really pleased with how we covered the course. We had alot of really beautiful fences and she is a confident and easy ride...hmmmm, just 1 more Novice at Waredaca and then we will move up to Training. :) I couldn't stop smiling and will now openly admit that eventing is really, really FUN! (especially when you are sitting on a really nice horse!!!)

So we placed 3rd overall finishing on our dressage score and I am so proud of Kitty. She tries so hard to listen to my instructions and is a joy over fences. My undying gratitude goes out to Sally for all her patience and skill in building my confidence...considering how long it has been and how very little interest I had in doing this 'other' sport...she is awesome! (no other way to put it)

Oh and thanks should also go out to mom as she has allowed me to steal Kitty from Sally! It is a real treat to have such a lovely horse to compete. Without the strong support of my parents and Sally, I certainly wouldn't be basking in the glow of a really good day outside of the standard 20m x 60m ring. At times I am reminded of Kitty's dam and other times it is her sire...breeding on the farm with horses you've competed really does make the next generation quite exciting and fascinating all at the same time. :)

*happy sigh*

Friday, September 25, 2009

Multi-faceted horses with many jobs!

Well, if you would like to look and see a bit of a horse of a different color - here is "Al" also known as Abundant Legacy! He is by our Adamant out of his owner Antonia's treasured mare Legacy (1/2 Crabbett bred Arabian 1/2 Appaloosa). His trainer/rider Hoppy is a staff member of River Hills Foxhounds ( and she is thrilled with how he is performing in his first season...

This was Al's second hunt ever and this is what his trainer/rider had to say...
"Ellie and Anne, This was the 2nd time I hunted Al, and this time he did not have a buddy to take the lead if needed. He went everywhere, even pushing through the corn to get around a huge fallen tree. He jumped everything that got in our way, has figured out how to twist and turn on the paths at speed (I really like my knees- the 1st time I had to show him that straight lines thru trees was not in either of our best interests!) and we had to turn a hound back who was running heel and I could crack my whip on the run – he didn’t even flinch, never mind since the corn is still up you don’t know what is making the racket in there. You hope it is hounds and not a bunch of deer aiming for you. Just thought you’d like to know that Addy’s genes are doing a great job :) , Hoppy"

Congratulations to the entire staff at Whizard's Lair for raising such a lovely horse for Antonia! And our heartfelt thanks for sharing your happiness with us!

All photos courtesy of Janice Thompson.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Schooling videos and upcoming show info

I shot a bit of video from the cool afternoon over at True Prospects with Ryan.

Avebury -

Ruben -

Hoppy passed through yesterday and let me know that River Hills Foxhounds (PA) is hosting a fun schooling show in the area on October 24th. There is lots of information available here - So if you are looking for something fun to do and that soothes your competitive side as well, perhaps this is a place to go!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Schooling Photos from True Prospects

Ryan did another super job with Avebury WF and Ruben other way to put it.