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Monday, June 30, 2014

Show Results!

This poster/image popped up on my newsfeed on FB - pretty funny stuff!!!

But back to the regular scheduled horse/farm reporting...
Congratulations to the whole Twin Lights Farm group on a super successful weekend up at the Windswept Breed Show! TLF Wicked! by our stallion Wizard WF won the Two Year Old Fillies class!! Mary expects her to mature to 16.0-16.1 hands.

Winnie is for sale! Contact Mary for more information and pricing!

Our good friends, Sara and Melissa Gartland showed over the weekend at the CCHSA Hunter Show at Fox Crossing with primary colors! Here are a few photos -

Wylie (foreground) Wilona (background)

Congratulations to all!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lots of Videos are going up!

The weather has been fantastic! The horses are going really, really well and the hunt is on for more local shows for the green beans and some recognized ones for the more advanced horses! Hip hip hooray for summer!

Enjoy the videos of Hansel aka Wall Street WF & Felix! They're doing super together and Hansel would love to get into a situation that involves much more cross training than strictly "just" dressage! Talk to Anne about his price! She's flexible to the right home and rider! 

And Joy aka Westerleigh WF is going super too! She's ready to get her mileage over fences too! It would be a complete waste for her to stay in a DQ situation - check out her tick tock rhythm from today's ride...

Here are a few clips of Avebury WF with Felix - 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Westerleigh WF (aka Joy) footage!

Footage of Joy and Felix from today! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Website Update - Check! New videos - Check!

Ok, the website has some of the new videos added at long last and a few changes have gone on in regards to our Sales List. But in case you do not want to hop around on the internet, we will be offering our former 1* event horse Avebury WF for sale at this time. He is a Call for Price category, so please contact Anne for more information.


Drummond is off the market as we want to give him a bit more time to mature and develop before we actively market him further.

Aloysius and Wilson are well on the road to being back in full training. Westerleigh and Windrose are also in the rank and file system of becoming more educated equines. Wendolyn is not far behind in her education either - so the days are BUSY! If there is a particular youngster that interests you, please do not hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment to see them or to request updated video. There are currently 20 horses for sale, so we will try to get all requests answered as quickly as possible.

On the breeding news front - congratulations to HS in MD on the arrival of her healthy colt out of her Westphalian mare Calida by Calido I x Lanciano! He's a charmer for sure!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Videos of the boys

It's strawberry season on the farm!

Things are ticking along in getting the next batch of horses' careers. We have some changes to make on the Sales List, so check that on Monday for the additions and updates!

But in the meantime, take a peek at Aloysius - 

He is growing into himself and making lovely progress as a riding horse. Louie continues to thrive in the training program with his sweet nature and powerful movement. We're looking forward to putting up a small grid and letting him play with that as a "new skill" this coming week. 

Wilson is also making big strides in his future career. Check out the future hunter king - 

As an "around the stable note", Wilson loves to be fussed over and is very confident in new surroundings. He will be learning to loose jump this week and we'll add that footage ASAP as he looks to have a great deal of talent in that area as well with above average proprioceptive awareness.

Then there is Westerleigh aka Joy who is loving life now that she's back undersaddle - 

Last but not least is Drummond - 

Dru is currently off the market as he is in a huge growth spurt and needs more time to develop. Sorry to disappoint those who may have been thinking about pursuing him as a possible acquisition. He needs the opportunity to grow into himself before being actively campaigned and marketed. Embryos from his half sister, Wakanda (same dam) by Dressage Royal can be purchased if you would like to have a horse with a similar genetic background.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Training stuff

It has been quite some time since I had the opportunity to sit down and blog about what the horses are doing training-wise! Life on the farm is much different from the whole Florida experience - and I'm not just talking about the weather! ;)

To begin with - there are a lot more horses to work each day on my list! I have several "greener" horses in the 1st-4th level training system, instead of an FEI horse and a 4th level horse, so I've had to scale back my expectations and timing a bit! No complaints - just a statement of fact - babies (or horses that aren't quite fully fit) can not be expected to perform with the same precision as uber-fit and schooled beasties! Baby steps and microbursts of comprehension must be rewarded and reinforced at every opportunity...and that is part of what is making the journey so fresh and fun all over again! But the talent - oh my goodness...these are the future stars of the stable and it is going to be a fun, exciting and rewarding decade or two of adventures for us all! The tools and information that I gathered at Catherine's can not be properly documented - too much detail to just squash into a few words or paragraphs!

 Another change in the overall schedule and flow of each day is that we are still without a full time working student - so the mountain of tack to be cleaned at the end of each day is immense! Throw in all the laundry, bandages to roll and other details and, well, it's a challenge that is fun to meet head on each and every day! The weather is getting closer to "Florida" - which is making the process easier and more fun without so many constricting layers!

We also have 6 new sparkly faces in training! Louie, Dru, Wilson, Izzy, Bailey and Lynnie are all getting rolling in the program and making big progress! They are all super talented and looking for new homes with one exception - Dru will be staying with us for a bit longer as he is in need of the most time to develop and grow into his lanky frame. So if he was The One you have been keeping an eye on to purchase - check back in a year or so as we'll update his status at that point. :) The need to check our You Tube Channel and Facebook page for updated images and videos! They are special!

Wendolyn WF
Wyatt says hi to Wilson & Louie
Waverleigh WF
One of the biggest challenges is to find enough time and energy at the end of the day to tackle all the PR stuff - the website updates, the blog, loading videos to YouTube after they're eats away at the time which is supposed to be "free" to do other things. One part of the "education" in FL was to take a chunk of the day (an hour or two) to focus on something, anything, that is refresher for both the mind and body. It can be something simple like meditation or reading a book or complicated like learning a new skill or sport...anything that stimulates the mind and body into a different pattern of relaxation and joy - that is the important part of keeping things fresh and happy for both the horses and myself.

 So on that note, it is time to head out to the barns and get rolling on another super day! There are some new videos up on YouTube, so check them out!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some videos of the random variety

Some videos from the beginning of the week - 
First up - this one is still loading, but in case you're in the hunt for new footage of Windrose WF (2010, Waldaire x Wallstreet Rose by Wallstreet Kid), currently 16.0 hands with plenty of size yet to come. 

Then there are the boys being boys

and then this is what happens when I whistle at the end of the day to call them in for the night -