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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tara Ziegler Clinic Sunday January 3rd Times

9AM Group
Jill Stover Whodini BN
Ashley Wars Wilson BN
Lex Simmons Tori BN
Shawna Simmons Rosalee Elementary
Cindy Simmons Cruise Elementary
Sam Columbia Dove Elementary
Melanie Tallent Dunlin BN 
Sara Gartland Wilona BN
Kendall Thomas On Point BN
Bev Strauss BN
Patty Clemens Moose BN
Charlotte Reagoso Ted <2 p="">
Chris Reagoso Syd
Robin Spitzenberger Peppy Belle Elementary
Sara Gartland Kitty Training
Melissa Gartland Wylie Novice
LizBeth Nauta Izza-Q-T Novice
215 PM
Cindy Gilbert Jonah Tadpole Group
Kelsey Roland
Penny Woolley
Kelly Conner

With the confirmed cases of EHV-1/EHM, in the Doylestown area we are asking our visitors to be vigilant and proactive regarding the health of not just their own horses, but those that belong to everyone around them. If your horse has been traveling a great deal, unvaccinated, or in contact with horses that are unwell, please be considerate and protect others by limiting their exposure to outside horses. Monitor their health and well being, booster vaccines and if you are unsure or questioning their overall appearance, please consult with your veterinarian. We are planning on having clinics and schooling shows throughout the winter, so there will be other opportunities for adventures and learning if you are concerned about the risk(s). Thank you.

Give yourself a great gift going into 2016! Lease a schoolmaster!

2 of our schoolmasters are available for on site lease as of 1/1/16! Their riders had life throw monkey wrenches at them, so they could not renew their contracts...very sad stuff, but these guys have plenty to teach new riders. They're going well 4-5 days per week doing their lateral work, changes, pirouettes, etc and need to keep moving to stay young and fit!

Price and Schedule for Lease Horses
$400 per month.
 Payment due by the 1st.
Which includes:
Saddle pads, girth & splint boots are required for their protection and will be provided.
Catching, grooming and blanketing
Their bridle (snaffle or double)
3 guaranteed rides per week with above services
Use of saddle that fits - yours or ours
2 lessons* per month @ $75 each are strongly recommended, but not required

Accessible hours for January & February  (weather permitting)
1-4pm, 7 days - unless clinic/show here on farm uses only available riding space *Lessons by appointment

Contact to make further arrangements.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Festivus!

This morning December 23rd, little did I know was the actual 'official' day of Festivus! So to my friends near and far, Happy Festivus!!!! If you have never heard of Festivus, please click on the link and take a few minutes to learn about this most important of Constanza Holidays.

Ok, some of you might not celebrate this time of year quite the way I like to - which is more than ok! Live and let live! Enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we're blessed with in whatever fashion gives you the most happiness!

Happy Holidays! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Florida North is all set!

The ring is set! The food is organized! The prizes are on the list and will be finished in about 2 hours!


Here is the order of go for tomorrow -
915 Gadwell Kimberly Pullen Training 3 
940 Chubbs Bev Woodside Training 1
1000 Dunlin  Melanie Tallent Training 1
1025 Chubbs Bev Woodside Training 3

1115 Winnie Linda Campbell First 1

1205 Peppy Belle Robin Spitzenberger Intro C
1255 Savannah Jen Carl Training 1

120 Delight Cindy Gilbert First 1

We are offering a Gymnastics and Cavaletti Clinic with Tara Ziegler on Sunday January 3rd for our second Florida North event. This is a super fun, positive opportunity for both horse and rider to get on track for the 2016 season. No restriction to ability, age, breed or discipline of choice! Groups will be limited to 3 horses. 

That will be followed up by a Dressage Schooling Show on Saturday January 9th. Unless this freaky weather pattern continues (we aren't complaining), we will be indoors for both of these events. 

The sign up process is much the same for these - email the form & waiver to Ellie and be sure to include the time of day that would be best for you. 

In case of inclement weather, the DSS will move to the 23rd. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Check out the new article on Ellie!

Big shout out of THANK YOU to Mary Phelps at HorsesDaily for the great interview! So excited for the future!!! :)