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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mid and Upper Level Schoolmasters Available for Lessons and On Site Lease

Schoolmaster...such an interesting word! To me it means a horse that is confident in his/her training and execution of the exercises so that it can help a rider learn the timing without becoming rattled or upset. Most of them have a been there, done that attitude and are very sound. At the moment - I’ve got several in full work and they are available to be used for lessons and on site leases (showing is very possible). These horses have all shown above 4th level and have solid, easy lateral work, pirouettes and changes. They have been careful brought along to be shown and sold - but in the meantime, they should share what they have learned with other riders. All are over 16.2 hands with 3 correct gaits. Most are best in a double bridle - but that can be discussed as needed. Each horse has their own custom fitted saddle and bridle that can be used by a student.

Lesson prices start at $125.

Lease prices will vary based on the horse’s level of training and the amount of riding time that an individual can commit. A standard lease includes 2 lessons per week and the horse(s) will remain at Watermark Farm. At this time we are not offering off site leases but with a good match showing/competitions are definitely possible.

2019 In Utero Foals for Sale

Expected Foals for 2019

June Palomino Foal by Milky Way 

Wylie WF (Waldaire x Amelia WF by Again and Again) 
2006 15.3 hands

Wylie is trained through Prix St. Georges with a lovely passage and piaffe. She is a powerful mover with a superb top line and strong loin connection. Her gaits are expressive with an active hind leg. She has miles in the local hunter and jumper divisions as well as the dressage arena. She is bold and careful over jumps and has also foxhunted. Wylie is currently sound and could return to being a riding horse at any point in the future. Her foal should mature 15.1-16.0 hands. Wylie’s full sister is 17.2 hands. 

In Utero Price $7000 (foal only)
Mare and foal package $24500

Wei WF (Waldaire x Sabrina WF by South American Way)
2006 16.3 hands

Bea is a big framed mare with a top producing damline in multiple disciplines. She has powerful gaits with a strong top line. Over fences she is brave and very careful with good technique. Her beautiful face and very sweet nature mare her a joy to work around in the stable. She was started as a young horse and could return to a riding career in the future but would need an experienced rider as it has been quite some time since that was her job. Her full brothers have rated show miles with the AA/JR riders. Bea’s foal should mature to 15.2-16.2 hands. One of her full brothers is just shy or 18 hands. 

In Utero Price $7500 (foal only)

Mare and foal package $26000

Friday, August 24, 2018

Boarding spaces available 10/1/18

We have openings in the barn for new boarders and horses in training beginning October 1, 2018.

Space is available in the upper barn (attached to the indoor) where the stalls are roomy12x14’, fully matted with high velocity fans installed or in the cozy bank barn where stall sizes range from 10x10’ (pony size) to 14x16’ fully matted but the ceiling is lower.

Our pastures are well maintained and primarily fenced with 3 hole post and rain with electric running 24/7. There are security cameras operating 24/7 within all the buidlings and barns. There is a portapot located in close proximity to the tackroom and it is professionally maintained. Our wash rack is being redone at the moment but should be completed within the next 3 weeks. Individual paddocks range from 30x70’ to several acres. The indoor is 70x144 and there are assorted jump material that can be utilized. The outdoor is set with a measure large dressage arena with an exterior size of 90x240’. We also have a large portion of the upper farm available for hacking ~ 50+ acres. In addition to our own facility, we have good relations with a neighbor with an outstanding facility that can be used by appointment with a wide range of jump and cross country material - additional fee and waiver must be signed prior to a field trip.

Full care board is $850 with individual turnout, blanketing (as needed), customized feeding program, straw bedding with a clean stall, locally produced hay and 2 freshly scrubbed water buckets daily.

Self care (and this is on a case-by-case basis only) is $500/month. 

Field board (geldings only at this time) is $500 per month.

We also have a limited spaces available to accept horses in training with Ellie for $1900 for full care board. Show fees will be additional. Veterinary care, farrier care and any additional fees will be billed directly by the provider.

Monday, August 6, 2018

February 2017 seems like a long time ago!

By some magical event - the iPad has allowed me to log into Blogger!!! Cue the celebratory music! 🎢🎡🎢

Why the celebration? In my mind it is because this allows me to post about upcoming events and educational opportunities at the farm on a social media platform beyond Instagram and Facebook!!!


For now I’ll just start with the basics -

The website is being updated bit by bit. New pages and lots of new content will be added in the coming weeks. If you have updates on WF bred, trained or sired horses, please send the information and photographs (with permission and photo credit) to

We have 2 foals coming in 2019! Wei WF & Wylie WF are both confirmed in foal to Milky Way - German Riding Pony! That means we’re expecting two PALOMINO babies! They should mature around 15.1-16 hands and just be cute as a bees knees! You can see Milky Way here

My internet is spotty at the moment - so I can’t add ultrasound photos!! Boo!

Any way - we have training spaces and stalls available for boarding for Fall & Winter. 2 Working student positions are available also. We will have 2 clinics in October and December to wrap up the season. One is definitely a long lining clinic!

So I’m going to scoot before the internet takes a(nother) dive. Talk at you all later!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ponies! Client horses! Our horses! Oh MY!

January disappeared in the flashiest of flashes. February is almost 1/2 gone now too! Yikes!

But that brings up good things - the WF horses are doing really well in their training! We have sales horses in for clients and some very exciting prospects of our own to market in the mid levels of dressage. And school show season has begun!

Thank you to Darcy and her crew for running the Snowflake Series so close to our home base! It was a treat to take Kathy's Bickerdike Cracker Jack to his first show today! He earned a pair of 66% in Intro B & C, so we'll be moving along into some harder tests. Thank you to Kathy and Madeline for their support and grooming help today! Thanks to Linda, Mom and Melanie for the moral support and ground crew operations! An especially large thank you goes out to our Purina representative- Barb Goss - she comes out every few weeks and checks over our herd of horses, weighing, making feeding recommendations, offering input and her expertise...well, I think Barb is great! She came to the show today and was part of the cheering squad for Jack! So a big round of Thank You's to Purina for helping the horses (and ponies) perform their best!

Linda brought Wendolyn WF for her first show and they did really well! Scores were in the 60's with a full 5% improvement from the first test to the second! Congratulations!!

On the congratulatory front, we have a few clients with foals on the way for 2017! Confirmed so far -  Dressage Royal x Belissimo in TX and Waldaire x TB in VA! The tricky part of selling frozen by the dose - getting word that there is a baby on the way is like a nice surprise gift! You never know when word will arrive that there is a foal on the way!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Updates, news and such

So I finally managed to resuscitate my MacBook Pro! Now, for those of you who think, "Big deal, who cares?" Well, there are many things that can only happen on that shiny silver rectangular box of clicking keys and swirling lights - like working with this magnificent program called "Dreamweaver". Or better yet - "Photoshop". Now I'll stick to the first one tonight/today because it is more important to get revised text up on the Sales Pages and update what the offspring of our stallions have been up to lately. Doing the mundane resizing of images and then saving the smaller versions to the computer to then upload to the server which holds the real website - well, that gets to be on hold for a few days.

That means you all get to poke around on the website - let me know by sending a link to the page - if you find broken missing links, images, info, etc. That would be a big help - thanks in advance!

And on the news front, here is the run down -

Our training barn is currently full. We may have space available for a smaller horse (or a pony) in March. We have several new additions on the Clients Sale page. If you would like to see photos or videos, please visit our Facebook Page.

But in the meantime, here are the dry facts -
"Butch" -
15.2 2011 Gelding
Chestnut, flaxen mane and tail, 4 stockings
Currently schooling 1st level and in full work since the beginning of January.
Has schooling show mileage at Intro - 8 on gaits, broke 70%, been to Quadrille practice.
Confidence building type of ride, very grounded and sane - worker bee mentality. Very suitable for an AA to learn and have fun on daily. Good ground manners. Is a cribber.
Priced to sell at $7500 - will increase with more training/showing...and we're sending entries in this week! Make an appointment - quick!

16.0 2010 Gelding
Bay, star, snip, hind socks
Currently schooling 1st level, in full work since New Year's.
Smart, charming personality. Suitable for an intermediate rider due to his powerful gaits and strong push from behind. Very similar in type and movement to Verdades.
Price on request - please contact

Not officially on the market (yet) -
Mighty Max
2011 Dales Pony Gelding 13.2 hands
Sensitive, smart, bold personality who seeks a calm leader to be his partner in life's adventures. Max is very sweet and learning all there is to learn in being a riding pony. Big, scopey mover - naturally inclined to do clean changes, he should excel in dressage. Not suitable for a beginner rider at this time - very suitable for a smaller person to bring along through the levels!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

December Cavaletti Clinic Series

We're hosting Cavaletti Clinics in the month of December! All Saturdays - start time is tentatively 10AM for the first group of 4 riders.

December 3, December 17 and December 31st.

This is an opportunity to get some riding time with your horse in a fun and relaxed environment. We are focusing on safety, good riding and equitation while increasing the horses proprioceptive awareness.

$40 - make checks payable to Watermark Farm please.

Groups will be 3-4 horses, 1 hour total riding time.

Please bring a copy of your Coggins and proof of Flu/Rhino.

Parking will be on the west side of Watermark Road if the weather is wet. Driveway parking for those who are comfortable backing their trailers in moderately tight space.

Sign up by emailing or joining the events on Facebook on the Watermark Farm Page. Please include the time of day that works best for you.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Some current videos

Whodini had an impromptu school the other morning and we actually had a warm body to hold the iphone to shoot video -

And Wilson did the same a few minutes later -
He was working a more technical exercise vs. Who who was going through his repetitoire of tricks, hence the repetitive loop of rinse and repeat. But it gives an idea of what they're both up to these days.

Wizard also got to have a bit of fun with Melissa -

And so did Louie - 

We have another Saturday schooling from 12-3 (gotta get home before it gets dark), same rules/guidelines as last week. Hope to see lots of faces!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday - a day for reflection

So on Wednesdays here on the farm, our farrier usually arrives with a big smile and several hours of my riding time gets suspended so that I can go over each horse with him. We chit chat about politics, current events, family news and then get down to the nuts and bolts of how each horses is going, current training schedule, what their hooves look like and what their workload will entail for the next 4-6 weeks. Today was really no different other than he came about 4 hours later than normal. I had done the usual stuff and gotten into my riding list a bit, but it is the first time in many months that I got COLD while holding horses.

Which brings me to the current situation that is in need of some changes. There are 17 horses in work. Every day.

So here is the sales list -

Current (October 2016) Sales List

The following horses competed in FEI classes this year -
Wyatt, 2004 16.2 1/2 gelding by Weltmeyer. Showed Int 2 - limited by budget. Straightforward if you have a good seat, great lateral work, changes and easy piaffe and passage. Suitable for YR/U25/Gold Medal scores, etc. No issues, maintenance, good brain. *****

Wakanda, 2005, 15.2 mare by Waldaire. Showed GP - again limited by budget. Uncomplicated but is a mare, not a machine. Did the Two Tempi Challenge at DAD under lights with less than 24 hrs notice with little fuss. Good brain, smart, full brother is licensed stallion. *****

Ready to show FEI

Don William, 2007 17.2 gelding by Dressage Royal. 1/2 brother to Wyatt (same dam) Showed 3rd & 4th, schooling GP. Alfredo Hernandez - "world class piaffe". Elastic, good mind, no issues/maintenance. *****

6months out from being ready for FEI
Wylie 2006 15.3 mare by Waldaire. Schooling 4th. Has some sass but straightforward for light hands and good seat. Fun to work with as she has her quirky side but is a true to type Waldaire - the harder she works, the happier she is. ****

Whodini 2007 16.2 gelding by Waldaire. Schooling 4th-PSG. Full brother to Wakanda - longer legs, more modern type. Good talent to finish to GP. Ready to show and score well at 3rd now. No known issues/maintenance. ****

In the pipeline
Wilson 2009 dark bay gelding by Waldaire 16.2. Elegant, rhythmic mover. Good brain, learns quickly. Has single changes, learning to count and working on piaffe/passage while gaining strength and suspension in his half passes.****

Aloysius 2009 grey gelding by Avebury 16.2. Powerful mover, forward thinking, graceful type. Sweet, good mind, good feet. Working on single changes and lateral work as well as small courses of gymnastic jumps. ***

Artie 16.3 1996 Intermediare I who has been ridden by juniors and amateurs most of his life. No maintenance or vet issues. Has a mild club foot which he's had his whole life - maintained with 4-5 week shoeing schedule. Solid teacher of lateral work,'s in there if you have a basic understanding of how to ask. Extremely tolerant and forgiving. Half steps, piaffe, passage too. **

Atreo 16.3 1996 Intermediare schoolmaster who has taught many, many people to count their changes, relax and flow in their sitting trot and be calm & confident in their requests. Light mouth, superb mind. Gentle, tall dark and handsome loving horse that would like a single rider vs. being one in a string of horses at this point. Gets 1/4 tab of Previcox daily for maintenance - update - no Previcox since 10/5/16 and the eruption of a coronet band abscess and he's SOUND. **

Green and looking to do more -
Windrose 2010 16.3 black mare w/ chrome and style. Flashy, big buoyant mover with loads of suspension and extension. Needs patient program and experienced rider as she is athletic and lacks confidence. Front shoes. **

Needs a job -
Gretta 1999 former broodmare/former low level all rounder. Smooth gaits, excellent mother, easy keeper. Needs to go back into a program to be kid safe but once upon a time she was a go-to horse of a family. Could be sold w/ a breeding. Under 5k.

Prices are in * categories -
* - Under 10k
** - between 10-20k
*** - between 20-30k
**** - over 40k
***** - higher price class

No tire kickers please.
Prices subject to change with additional show mileage and/or training milestones.
Contact for appointments to try horses.